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Scratchy and Uncomfortable
  • Hey,

    I'm always keen to try new things and experience new sexual pleasures. I regularly use a rubber butt plug either to add a little something to my orgasms or just for the sensation. When it slides it my erection goes rock hard and I have barely voluntary sphincter contractions that bring lovely sensations from by butt to my penis. So, I'd think I'm the kind of guy who'd enjoy the Aneros.

    However, my experience has been all negative. I don't have any problem with my butt swallowing the toy but once it's in place it feels scratchy and uncomfortable. When I relax my erection dies. I've tried getting comfortable with it for up to an hour but the discomfort takes away any sexy feelings I may try to generate to get me into the mood. Large or small sphincter contractions just bring more scratchiness. Eventually I just have an irritated back passage and the need to take a dump.

    So, not the best $70 I've ever spent unless I get constipated. I really wonder why they didn't coat this thing in silicone rubber or something to make it smooth and slightly forgiving rather than the hard papery finish with a slight mould seem running the length of it. Nasty.

  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    More lube!

    Get a syringe, fill with lube, shoot it in, lube the aneros, put that in, and you should be good to go. I've never seen a comment like this (although I'm relatively new to the Aneros community.) I find the aneros to have a very smooth plastic.

    Need a home-made lube recipe? I use this exclusively:
  • Smudge,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I concur with Korkelz that you want to use plenty of lube while using the aneros. The scratchiness that you mention could be a result of not using enough lube. On a related note some guys will put a rubber bulb from a medicine dropper or the tip of a leather glove over the top of the p-tab to eliminate any discomfort experienced from the p-tab. You didn't specifically mention p-tab discomfort but I just thought I would add the information just in case.

    If you haven't already done so I would read the sticky thread titled "New to the Forums? Start Here!" (Its the third one down from the top). It contains a link to the aneros wiki which provides a great deal of information regarding various topics pertinent to aneros use: choice of lube, session preparation, technique, etc.

    Comparing a butt plug and the aneros is comparing apples to oranges. They are fundamentally different in the way they work so you won't get the exact same results from the aneros that you would from a butt plug. I have never used any other toy besides the aneros but I have gotten a great deal of pleasure from my aneros set over the years. Using these toys I have had the best wet orgasms of my life. So if I were you I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet. Give the aneros some time and I think you will be glad you did.

    Additionally the aneros can be used without concern for an erection. Using it this way is often referred to as going "hands free". Using the aneros this way it is possible to teach your body to have dry orgasms(the wiki talks about this). I recently starting exploring this aspect of aneros use and am enjoying it.

    Since this is your first post you will be getting an introductory message from the user named Rumel in the near future.

    Have fun!
  • Thanks for the input, guys. I have been doing my reading before posting but hadn't come across anyone else sharing experiences like mine. So I thought I'd turn to the friendly forum community. I hear what you are both saying about lube. I fully intend to explore those options more before thinking about giving up. My fear is that I have a defective unit. There is a definite ridge running the length of the inserted section. Almost as if the moulding was a little off. Hey, but maybe the right lube will make that a non-issue. I'm sure nobody wants me to try returning something that has been up my ass to the store where it was bought from! :-)

    I'm open to suggestions.

  • A couplevof suggestions...
    1. If there is truly a ridge, you can return the unit for a new one and you should. The Aneros should be completely smooth, except for the MGX which has ridges at the base (which provide sensation on your anal sphincter). High Isalnd Health has a 100% money-back replacement guarantee. I know. They've honored it for me for a defective unit.
    2. You can use very fine grit sandpaper to smooth it down. I'm talking the about the kind used to polish guitars...1600 grit or finer. Of course, if the thing really has a ridge, you need to file it down with a Dremel unit or something, again, using a very fine sandpaper. It's probably better to get a new unit.
    3. Use a little Vasaline just inside the rim of your anal sphincter. That's really the only area the unit makes contact other than up further in your rectum, over your prostate. You may have some small tears or abrasions there and this thin coating might keep them from being irritated.
    4. It might also be you're using a lube that doesn't agree with your body. Try a water-based lube as the glycerin lubes tend to make many feel a burning sensation which can also feel scratchy.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    A molding seam of this magnitude is a "major" defect. Hold on to the bubble-pack package and contact customer support for return instructions. < [email]SUPPORT@ANEROS.COM[/email] > They will make it good.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    Regarding lube, make extra sure it doesn't contain glycerin, or you'll be shootin' a big load out the wrong end with the Aneros leading the way. Slippery Stuff Gel is made for medical anal procedures, and is tested anal-safe.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    Smudge, some users, like myself have to put a condom over the part of the Aneros unit that goes "up there". I do not have free access to a bathroom coz I live at home, so can't be washing the Aneros downstairs near mum, etc. I simply take the condom off, throw it in the bin, and put the Aneros away.
    I've experimented with putting the condom over the P-tab, as well as the up-your-arse part of the unit, so the condom is stretched in some kind of L shape. But that can be a bit chafing. Experiment for yourself.

    I've had one of the hardest journeys you'll read on here:
    - thought I was heterosexual up til age 14, thought I was gay (constant OCD-thinking), and was suicidal from aged 14 til about 25/26, with panic attacks and overnighting in a mental hospital;
    - no pleasure from masturbation, except the orgasm; low libido; randomly ended up with a girlfriend aged 25ish; performance anxiety or wondering if I was just gay; no pleasure during sex except the orgasm; had a blood-test and everything: nothing was "wrong".
    - jealousy of female sexuality and pleasure (constant OCD-thinking), to the point where my girlfriends pleasure would make me panic, depressed and jealous; hygiene OCD slowly comes to forefront, gay OCD takes a backseat slightly; broke up with girlfriend coz of her pressurizing me to be a stepdad to her kid, etc.

    So, with all that shit going on, it's been hard to make progress. And my progress has indeed been slow. But a few weeks ago, I had a good session where the Aneros was doing its own thing inside there. And it felt better than sex. Not hard to "beat" sex for me, but for me to have pleasure not associated with an orgasm is a big step. I am far from where I wanna be with the Aneros, but I can't give up. I've glimpsed its potential.

    I just wish I could have pleasure with the Aneros on a constant basis, rather than 4 dull sessions followed by one semi-decent one.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    MyTurn, I feel your pain man! It makes me truly sad to hear of any man who would become depressed about the ability for a woman to experience pleasure. It really hits me deeply, because now we know the truth (we are so lucky) and there are other men out there that are still feeling that depression and anxiety.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    [QUOTE=Korkelz;92608]MyTurn, I feel your pain man! It makes me truly sad to hear of any man who would become depressed about the ability for a woman to experience pleasure. It really hits me deeply, because now we know the truth (we are so lucky) and there are other men out there that are still feeling that depression and anxiety.

    Thanks Korkelz. It was one of my OCDs that had been brewing up for a while, through seeing porn, etc. Yes, porn is exaggerated, but women generally moan, many have multiple orgasms (my ex girlfriend did, which gave me an anxiety "spike" (increase)), most like to be passive and accept pleasure (like my ex). My OCD mind latched onto this. But for years before this - from 1997, I thought I might be gay, and feared getting a girlfriend incase I realized I was gay and had to "hurt her". I summoned up the courage to get a girlfriend in spite of this in 2008. When I witness a woman's pleasure fully, that's when the "jealousy of female pleasure" OCD went into overdrive. I broke down at work and had to see a psychiatrist.

    I had to see a psychiatrist for the female sexuality OCD about a year after I spent a night in a mental hospital due to a panic attack that I was gay or would sleep with a man. So, my mind has taken me on a pretty fucked-up tour of life. In spite of this, I managed to scrape through university.

    The Aneros has really helped me deal with those feelings (panic, anxiety attacks) and emotions (depression, jealousy).