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Strap-on vs Aneros
  • Liam9Liam9
    Posts: 25
    Hey there, I have yet to purchase a Aneros, but I am really considering it! My question is, how do they compare to a strapon emulating a 8" penis? the 8" feels great but I have yet to orgasm with it :(. Reading about this Aneros seems like it might do the trick. Any suggestions for someone more in the intermediate department, meaning any particular model I should aim for?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Liam, :)

    The Aneros prostate massager's are nothing like being penetrated by a phallic shaped device. So you won't find one that emulates your 8" strap-on dildo. But yes, they certainly have a very good chance of allowing you to learn to have dry multiple orgasms. Mind you, for most guys, this does not happen during the first session, or even the first handful of them. So patience and practice is necessary. If you feel you are anally experienced and can handle being penetrated by your 8" dildo with no discomfort, and you like larger toys in your anus, then the Progasm or Maximus are the two larger models that would be appropriate. Otherwise look into the Helix, MGX, or SGX in place of th MGX if you are 5'6" or less in height.

  • Liam9Liam9
    Posts: 25
    Great! I appreciate the info :D I think I am going to go with the progasm to start with, I can't wait to get a hands free super O ;D.

    This is a great site, I will be back.