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Aneros fixes my erection problems
  • For the past few months I've had some erectile isssues during sex or masturbation, some of it attributed to my use of opiates for my chronic pain. I either lose erection soon after penile stimulation or go flacid very quickly between changing sexual positions and find that I am unable to get erect again no matter how long I try afterwards.

    So during one of my loss of erection moments I decided to just quit halfway into the masturbation and pull out the aneros isntead, I also added a small vibrating bullet to the tail, to my surprise the anal stimulation gave me an erection again at which point I stopped and continued the masturbation succesfully. So now I have made it common practice to use the Aneros whenever I lose an erection, but my question is how does this work ?
  • That's interesting, Aneros tends to kill my erection. I really have to fight to keep it going if I decide to throw the MGX in.