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first super "o" with helix
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    first of all im not new to anal play,but (no pun intended!!!)i was alittle sceptical untill i actually had a super o with my boyfriend....needless to say i experianced my prostate for the first time(about 1 yr ago.)I never knew that the human body was full of so much pleasure!!!!anyway i bought a helix and tryed it for the first time tonight...well here are the results........
    I did all the preps ahead of time, got relaxed no pressure or worries(this important!!)i cleasned my self out good then used the lube injector i bought from the web site and injected about 10cc of KY jelly in to my my ass then pushing the helix firmly in me ,once it got past the first ring of muslces it just got sucked it,like my ass WANTED IT!!!well i just relaxed and all of a sudden after doing about 15 contractions i felt a very good feeling in my ass then a HUGE wave of pleasure then i noticed as my orgasms got more intense the tighter my ass would grip and contract the aneroes!! I coulnt stop the waves of pleasure!!!!!( not that i wanted too!!!!)but the experiance is so in tense its hard to explane. these waves lasted about 25 minutes i'm so worne out but in a good way!!!!( anreos!! thank you so much for unlocking the sexual animal in me!!!!!!THE orgasmes are yummy and VERY satisfiying!!!!
  • no precum yet but I plan on regular use and will let all the critics know whats going on!!!!take care and have FUN!!!!!this massager is THE real key to unlocking the orgasms in you!!!!THE ORGASMS ARE ENTOXICATING!!!!!AND FUN.
  • session 2 intense orgasms but as my body would contract with pleasure it would PULL the aneroes deeper in me just from the anal contractions and am guessing they were involentaries as i was shaking on the bed so bad getting hit with waves and waves of pleasure.I had to put a pillow over my face to quiete my moaning god it was sooooo intense!!!!but after awaile i was sore from the contractions had to quit but theres alway tomorroww!!!!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Congratulation brut2333,

    Seems like you were almost pretuned for the Super O. Question; did you find yourself going to a similar place as when you've had intercourse? Or was this different? (Having read one of your previous posts you had made mention of an intense orgasm that you experienced during sex.) I would assume that the sensation of a penis is completely different, but I'm curious about the orgasm itself.

    BF Mayfield
  • (this post was edited 2005-10-01 08:32:13)

    The orgasm with my boyfriend and this one were VERY similar, his penis was curved tward his tummy and the aneroes has about the same curve.
    I would have to say YES!! the waves of pleasure built up about the same.and it was a intense feeling of pressure and tingling deep inside of me.then the waves!!!!!
  • just had another session.
    altho not as intense as my super o last night it was awsome.
    last night there was no precum with this session there was LOTS!
    Things are improving nicely, have fun!!
  • brut2333brut2333
    Posts: 38
    tonight had a session after many months of  not using it( my helix)  well tonight i cleaned myself out real good, injected alot of virgin olive oil in me and after fingering myself inserted my helix and laid on the bed tummy down and hugging pillows, relaxed and started the contractions, about 5 MIN went by then BAM!!! first intense orgasm  was grabbing the corner of the bed as it washed over me,m then subsided........till i decided to draw it in.... contract!!! OMG my body took over from there! I counted about 15 orgasms in about 1.5 hrs i just let it happen...THIS IS THE POINT WHEN YOU MUST JUST RELEASE AND TRUST YUR BODY!!!! LET GO AND LET IT HAPPEN!  I guess i was alittle loud cus when i went out for a smoke my upstairs neiboure  asked if i had a good time, i told him the history about the male g spot and he said (no way dude)  well i guess he will be missing out on all the orgasms he COULD have!!!!  told him to explore his sexuality but he thinks im a not but his loss!!!!!!! and hes gonna hear me again and again!! he has NO idea of the pleasure!! and never will.