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A very strange sensation...
  • I've been using my Aneros for about 8 months, and just the last couple of sessions, I've been getting this feeling like my prostate is swelling like a balloon and trying to escape through both my scrotum and the base of my penis. It's the most wonderful, yet a bit alarming, feeling that I've had since beginning "The Project", as I refer to it. Anyone else felt this? I don't think I want to know if I broke something, but apart from that, I'd appreciate any thoughts.

    "I found out something about myself when the dentist was doing that. I found out if I was ever paralyzed from the knee down, I'd be able to walk with my behind." - Bill Cosby
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Yes I feel this especially when I massage my nipples'
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,742
    I'd not sweat it. Just enjoy! You're doing fine!

    You'll soon absorb this newfound awareness/sensation into your overall being and it will become a normal part of your core feelings -- part of the rewiring-growth process.

    Same experience here; however, I'm slow and it happened about 12 months into my journey. The onset arrived as a serious 'prostate horniness' (far more pronounced that the butt-buzz that most guys have when they first awaken their prostates.) That major sensation of prostate swelling and sensuous warmth persisted for about 3 weeks. Felt 'all-consumed' by a near constant desire for a session and felt that I had lost control over my "Aneros libido." Clearly, 'considered intent' was overcome by 'growing lust.'

    The Journey leads us to undertake different Aneros activities, explore new stim techniques and discover new sensations. As we learn to relax and meditate our threshold of sensitivity increases. Very small changes in the tissue and chemical makeup in our pelvic organs are really amplified and move to stage center. Our brain re-discovers nerve endings that it has ignored for years. Once we accept the 'itch' as normal, a couple of innocuous anal contractions can satisfy the itch and allow us to get back to the work at hand.

    The worst and most persistent issue for me has been an increasing need for regular nip stim. I find frequently find myself reaching to flick/rub my left nip. My wife immediately seized on this action and was quick to offer that it was, "as inappropriate as public crotch scratching." After catching myself attempting nip-flicks during business meetings, I've solved the problem by carrying a piece of cardboard and a couple of business cards in my shirt pocket -- sort of an innocuous 'chastity belt' for the nip. :-)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Shy/AssholeConfusion, :) (What a name! LOL)

    This is quite normal what you are experiencing. I get this quite frequently in Aneros sessions during high arousal, as do other users here. You're on the right track! Keep going and don't be afraid of unusual sensations you've never felt before.

  • Thanks, Love, it's from a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, where Larry and his wife are discussing a mutual acquaintance:
    Cheryl: No, he's not shy, he's an asshole.
    Larry: You have shy/asshole confusion.

    Thanks for the reASSurance, everybody! Now I just need to curb my growing desire to ride my plastic pony all day long! Maybe I need to mail it to myself every once in a while, to give my poor bottom a break for a couple of days. Anyone know how much postage for a Helix?