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Infinite Super Orgams For Sale
  • I posted on the 'my first super o thread', but I am feeling that this should be discussed here also.

    Another milestone after 14 months of usage, and I can now say this is truly where my journey really has started. I have been very skeptical when I first encountered this website, founding it hard to believe that a device like the Aneros was capable of producing the things claimed on this website.

    After obtaining multiple super o’s last night, I can now analyze what has been blocking my progress all along, and I came to the conclusion that the term super o has been blocking me from being open minded to all kind of sensations. My anerosessions have became a routine, after a while, like masturbating has been for so many years. When I first started to masturbate, I did not know what to do, but I was open to all sorts of new sensations that came with it. When I finally got my first penile orgasm, it was clear what path leads up to getting this kind of orgasm, and almost instantly, orgasms are linked with ejaculation.

    I can understand from its unique selling proposition, that the term super o is a very strong parameter for its current success. I believe it is even so important, that the Aneros would not have became so successful as it is today, therefore, I don’t believe the term was an accident.

    When I now masturbate, I know in my mind what I will be getting in let’s say 5 or 10 minutes: a penile orgasm. I knew of the term super o when I first started to use the Aneros, and this has been my mindset all along, which is a wrong one. The mind is so powerful and crucial for this product, which I discovered in every session. I had been getting great results quite quickly in my journey, but there was always something in my head saying there would be an explosion, a payoff, a point of no return, a climax, an orgasm, a SUPER ORGASM. It is so important to see the term orgasm separately from ejaculation, and it has been the hardest thing in my journey to do.

    This week I discovered the secret of being able to distinguish an orgasm from ejaculation, and to my amazement, it’s very fundamental: masturbating. I found that I can only experience super orgasms if I stop my mind from thinking that an orgasm is linked with ejaculation. I promised myself not to masturbate for two weeks, to see what the results were in my Aneros journey, and they did not disappoint.

    Before I continue, I would like to note that I rarely use the Aneros now, as my prostate is awakened and giving me very strong responsiveness to my thoughts and mood. Therefore, I can build up orgasms whenever I want, if I let my mind.

    This week, my sessions have stopped from being routine-wise, they have been much more open minded, because I knew: I AM NOT GOING TO EJACULATE. As I find that a penile orgasm is very satisfying, I now somewhat start from a certain level, in which I don’t expect anything to happen.

    Last night was very special. I was laying on my side, listening to some music and I noticed my prostate was very ‘awake’. I could build up this sensations in my prostate by my mind alone. After a while, I laid on my stomach and put on an audio book from Kelly Howell: ecstasy. I started to feel very light as time went by, and my body was feeling like it was numb, my hands were feeling very tickly/itchy, as my arms and legs were as well. After a while I heard a certain noise in my head, feeling like you are being shut down from your surroundings. Now, I almost could not feel my body, I let it do what it wanted to do, being completely relaxed. Then, my body started to feel like it was being inflated, like an air hose is put on your anus. I got very strong muscle spasms in my groin, being accompanied by pulsing and throbbing sensations in my prostate. This is when my first super o occurred, and it feels like you are very special, a moment just for you, like someone is caressing your body and giving it immense pleasure if you want to. And I wanted, and this resulted in a very long and strong orgasm while having the sense that you are ejaculating. This orgasm lasted about 10 minutes, and when it ended, I had a very strong sense of wanting more. The next 5 super o’s were all different in it’s own way. The best one definitely was the second one, on which I got a very strong anal orgasm on top of my super orgasm. Before this week, my heart rate would be very high, and this would accompanied by shallow and fast breath. This time however, I almost could not feel my heart beat, and my breath was fairly deep.

    This week has been such an eye opener to me, and I can’t wait for my next session and all things to come!

  • KorkelzKorkelz
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    Beautifully written, very inspiring. I don't know how close I am to experiencing a dry orgasm or super o, but all the stuff you are saying truly resonates with me, such as the part about not feeling your body, just letting you body do what it wants, and all the sensations you describe. I haven't experienced any of this yet, but why does what you say feel so right to me?

    Right now I'm experiencing P-waves a lot of times brought on by just doing kegels. I am experiencing a lot of P-waves every day in fact.

    So you said "I promised myself not to masturbate for two weeks, to see what the results were in my Aneros journey, and they did not disappoint." Did you not masturbate for two weeks as in no traditional orgasm for that long?
  • Really nicely written, Milfer. Yes, it is a hard thing for guys to separate orgasm from ejaculation because they traditionally happen simultaneously. Once that wisdom is earned, a whole new world opens up. My favorite part of the Dry and Super-Os is when you have the orgasm and it seems like you are shooting a load, but it doesn't happen. There is NO recovery period, which means that you can have many, many orgasms without the post-ejaculation "sleepies." I, too, have reached the place where I don't need the Aneros in to have my amazing experiences. I have great sessions almost every night. The only problem is keeping my wife awake with the shaking bed! By the way, our sex life together has greatly improved, well beyond where we ever were before. It's a win-win!
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    having read this post, it reminded me of a post i'd made some time back...this post had to do with how could this be so easy , just laying back and relaxing......'and let it come to you'. with the post by 'milfer' showing up, he has pointed out a really good point to all of us....'orgasm > ejac' and 'mind > orgasm' is the basis for the split of what we learned in our early teens...most of us can remember very well our first 'producing' orgasm which lead to a wet ejac......WOW !!...that was a great feeling, and now that those who are reading this on the aneros forum must understand, the term 'orgasm' needs to be expanded in definition...l have had, as have many of you, 'orgasms' which do not include the prostate or penis...these orgasms (rhymthic contractions of a muscle group) can occur just about anywhere on the body...i've had these 'orgasms' happen with pec muscles in the chest, arm muscles, stomach muscles ( one of the more common areas to orgasm, and known as 'stomach involuntaries') and also in the legs....when you learn that the term 'super o' does not mean 'i'll ejac or have a ''final explosion'' of some sort, then you can begin to just enjoy what's given to you, and accept it.....this is where your journey, imho, will truly begin........chuck
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Great stuff Milf!

    Your post made me think of the major waypoints along the MMO trail that I have so far encountered:-

    Super O's with the Aneros - Device-free Supers without the Aneros - Unlimited Supers - Zone of Continuous Orgasm - Full-body Supers - and then.....Complete-body, mind-gripping Hyper-orgasms, effortless and just for the wishing!

    The latter are not of this world.

    Amazingly, the trail doesn't seem to stop there!

    Good luck on your journey - there's much more to come.

  • [QUOTE=Korkelz;92291]

    Did you not masturbate for two weeks as in no traditional orgasm for that long?

    I promised myself not to masturbate for two weeks, even if I was having an anerosession without Aneros, so to speak, going 'less'. I also promised myself not to use Aneros for two weeks. This has eliminated the things described I was hoping for to happen all along, and created a much more open mindset to these wonderful new sensations I could have without Aneros. The fact is, after not masturbating for two days, I got my first super orgasm, that quickly. This shows again that it is all in your head that can make the difference.
  • I think we'd all admit that a lot of this whole process/journey is counter-intuitive in the beginning. It is the relaxing through that is counter-intuitive - IMHO that is the basis for the "re-wiring." AND I think we'd all admit that the re-wiring is DEFINITELY worth it! Relax and enjoy!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Sometimes it helps to think like a woman. Then you realize you need time to get in the mood, you need foreplay (use your imagination and such), you need slow, gentle, and long stimulation before any kind of orgasm, but at the same time you can remember than women feel intense pleasure before the orgasm, tingles and P-waves going throughout the body. Enjoy what you are feeling, don't strain to feel more, just keep gentle stimulation going and simply keep a look out for new and more intense feelings.

    I was expirimenting with this; pretending I didn't have a penis. I did kegels that only contracted anal muscles, I tried my best not to let anything touch or stimulate the penis in the slightest. I began to think of the penis as simply a tool for women. I just have this thing just incase my wife really wants to play with it. I could care less (thinking to myself). I don't need it, it doesn't give me any real pleasure, and if you stimulate it too much, you explode all your sexual energy out of you and are left completely and utterly drained. I'm tired of that, it's time I explore the female-like side of my body which all women are lucky enough to not have to search for.

    Doing that seemed to cause my penis to become ultra sensitive and it became difficult to completely isolate it, like it was throbbing to be a part of the stimulation. It was all good though. I got lots of P-waves that night. I'm at the point where I feel like even a little P-wave is far more pleasurable than penile stimulation, mostly because I know it eventually leads me off a sexual cliff, falling all the way back to the bottom of the mountain, which I then have to climb again and again.
  • Female orgasm 'overwhelms'

    This is a recent report sourced originally from the UK Sunday Times:

    Female orgasm 'overwhelms' | Perth Now

    Interesting quotes:
    In the first film of what goes on inside a woman's brain as she approaches and then experiences orgasm, researchers recorded how sexual arousal generates a cascade of events that, at its peak, involves 30 parts of the brain.

    A woman not only experiences longer and deeper orgasms than a man, but they so overwhelm her nervous system that they leave her temporarily impervious to pain, the film shows. "In women, orgasm produces a very extensive response across the brain and body," said Barry Komisaruk, professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, who oversaw the research.


    Other researchers have studied what happens in men's brains during orgasm. One study at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands showed "extraordinary activation of the ventral tegmental area", another part of the brain's reward circuitry.

    The early evidence suggests this effect, while similar in nature, is shorter-lived and not as strong as the sensation experienced by most women.

    "In one experiment we asked women to self-stimulate and then raise their hands each time they orgasmed. Some women raised their hands several times each session, often just a few seconds apart," Professor Komisaruk said. "So the evidence is that woman tend to have longer orgasms and can experience several of them."

    My vote is to put mog in the MR scanner next :)
  • I had somewhat the same discovery. I posted it here too, a while ago. I discovered that I had to consciously tell myself to have no other expectation than a "dry-orgasm". Any other expectation was amiss, i.e. a "wet one". When I leaned this, it turned the road for me, I had much more success. Now I even tell myself, over and over, as it''s a hard habit to break, only a dry, not a wettie. It really works for me.
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    >My vote is to put mog in the MR scanner next<<br />
    Hi Haptic!

    I've already been in one , but for other reasons:)

    But I have done a study of orgasms/minute and session totals at home using a tally counter.

    If you're interested:

    How many? - Last longer in bed using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™

    I'm also currently checking on blood pressure and heartrate.

    Thanks for the interesting link:

    >A woman not only experiences longer and deeper orgasms than a man..................<<br />
    That, I feel, must depend upon the woman,,,and also the man! It would not surprise me to know that a man's experiences in a fully-matured MMO practice can equal that of the most erotically-charged woman.

    Most women seem to require vigorous stimulation to masturbate to orgasm. If they were to train themselves up to achieving orgasm just by submissive thinking it's possible that they would find the experience enhanced immesurably.

  • artformartform
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    Milfer!, Korkelz, brianadams, chuckjoe2000, mog, hapticbear, Bill Bately !!!!!! :D

    What a key thread! Great story opener Milfer! Great Scale of Orgasmic Events by Sir Mog of MultiOrgattainia! All the responses. Korkelz, your P-waves can get you there as you relax and let them fill you and express their wide-ranging potential. This is THE KEY and the fuller sense of the real Aneros potential.

    all the very best energetic orgasmic and beyond ecstatics all to/for you deeply relaxed, open, receptive, fully awakening prostate autopilots all – to the universe and beyond all

  • In the last couple of weeks in my sessions (or even outside them) there will times when I get a pleasurable feeling(feels like a pwave but not a wave) that will last for a second or two that is accompanied with my abdomen and/or hips spasming. If I'm understanding the info in this thread the events I'm describing are orgasmic in nature and can thought of as microgasms? A pwave and the muscle spasm that causes it can be thought of as an orgasm? So the sensations you feel are part of an orgasmic spectrum?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    The sensations you receive outside of Anerosessions are (from the WIKI - Glossary) Echo Effects - Echo Effect™(Jack Johnston) or after effect, spontaneous body sensation(s) felt after an Aneros session, these may include chair orgasms, mini-o's, butt buzz or other minor sensations.I believe you are correct in interpreting these sensations as "...orgasmic in nature..." and that they are, indeed, a part of an orgasmic spectrum which may range from the subtlest P-waves to full body shaking spasms of intense pleasure. I am happy to hear you have grasped this fundamental understanding of orgasm and can therefore appreciate more fully your responses to not only Aneros use but sexuality in general. I think far too many men hold narrow definitions of orgasm to the point they view any response short of ejaculation as non-orgasmic.