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Energy!!! Want it?
  • Ok, in another thread, I talked about energy. Three people emailed me about diet and maca and stuff. So here it goes. I hope this is helpful to those that have been brainwashed by the diet industry.

    Here's a current pic of me. I eat tons of fat, tons of carbs. About 3-4000 calories per day. I'm 175 and 12-15% BF and 6'0 feet tall. I'm not tooting my own horn here. But I was 230 at one point and felt like a slug. I have educated myself. I read and read and read constantly on the latest and greatest information from unbiased sources and to put diet as simple as I can? DON'T EAT OUT OF A BOX. I made that pact with myself when I started reading labels on food packages. I started googling ingredients and was horrified. University study says causes cancer in lab rats, etc.... etc....

    At that point I learned why I was fat. Lack of exercise and chemicals in foods. I figured out why I had a lifetime of heartburn (high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils). I learned how to combat the heartburn by cutting out those ingredients. I learned the importance of apples and psyllium husk and bowel cleansing periodically. I'm not without my faults. I cave in once in a while and down a whole pizza. I still smoke a little bit too. Can't seem to frign quit, but I notice it's affecting me more and more as I age, so that's on the to do list as well. Anyhow I hope this helps people. It certainly helped me. It's hard core, but that's how I operate. I don't like to do things 1/2 assed and I also realize that to do something or change something, it takes 100% effort. NOTHING ON EARTH IS EASY.

    My main motivator is Jack Lalane and his philosiphy on exercise and nutrition.

    So sit down and read. This is my story.

    Here's a body pic to start

    Tongkat Ali - buy it at beyond a century
    MACA powder I usually get on ebay if mountain rose herbs is out. Don't pay more than $20 for a lb of maca. Anything > $20 is RAPE!
    Fast food = rubbish Soda = high fructose corn syrup, metabolized instantly to fat.

    Get off of soda plan:
    Here's what you do to get off the sugary drinks. Get some decaf tea bags. Use like 20 tea bags in boiling spring water. Boil the shit 2 minutes, let simmer 10. Then put ice in the pot to cool it and squeeze the tea bags with your hands to get out all the good juice.

    Get a hand lemon squeezer. Like $5
    Do 3 lemons. Pour the lemon juice and the tea into an empty 1 gallon apple juice or milk container.
    Next get some agave nectar. It's a low glycemic organic sugar made from the agave plant. Or get some xylitol, birch made sugar. Both of these blow that shit white processed sugar away. Also you wont be consuming high fructose corn syrup, which I think contributes to cancer based on my research.

    But anyhow, you'll have a nice gallon of home made ice tea. Sweeten however much you like it. This will get you off the fucking soda. That shit is terrible. Caffeine is shit too. Brings you up, makes you crash. Hey, I eat pizza too sometimes. I'm not perfect. But most of the time I "WILL NOT" consume anything in a box, except quaker quick oats (unsweetened). I do them with cold water. Oat meal does WONDERS for

    testosterone and libido. Do a 1/2 cup 1-2 hours before bed. You'll sleep like an infant and wake up with wood feeling refreshed. Don't eat sugar after dinner if possible.

    As far as the potato, I do that sometimes instead of oat meal 2 hours before bed. Don't worry about fucking carbs. This country is f**ked.

    We're all low carb, low fat, but we're the fattest f**kers on the planet. Here's the deal. Don't listen to what doctors, nutritionists and other idiots tell you, especially the news. Eat fat. Lots of it. BUTTER. REAL BUTTER though, not the fake chemical margarine shit. It's full of chemicals and if left out, bacteria wont even eat it. It will sit for months. What does that tell you.

    Here's my regimen
    AM wakeup
    1-2 tsp maca
    1/2 banana
    quality multivitamin
    100-200mg tongkat ali
    2-4" of RAW GINGER ROOT. Not the capsules, not the pills, or powder. RAW!!!!! Will do wonders for your Johnson. The thing will be swinging and singing in the wind like in spring.
    1/2 tsp of ginkgo leaf powder

    At work, 1 hour later.
    Blended shake. I buy a 5 containers of organic spinach per week. $20 I put 1/2 of it in the blender. Some red grapes $5 a bag and like 2 fists of carrots $cheap. 2 raw eggs (farm raised), water, mix and drink. It's gross but it's all natural. Not like breakfast at chemicaldonalds. After that, eat some fish oil. Carlsons is the best. 2tsp of that after the shake.

    Mid morning I'll usually have an apple. Nothing better for digestion. Or I'll have a fist of nuts. Almonds and walnuts. RAW almonds. Nuts are essential. Mix em with blue berries. Go nuts :) Buy organic if you can Almonds $6 Walnuts $5

    Workout 1 hour later
    5 solid minutes of stretching
    Elliptical machine (at work gym)
    I do 1/4 mile, then 20 pushups, 20 crunches
    another quarter mile 20 pushups, 20 crunches
    do that 2 more times till your done with 1 mile

    Do 1/4 mile and then do 20 pushups, 20 crunches, another 1/4 mile the same till your up to 1 mile
    Stretch 5 minutes. DONE

    Lunch. I usually get a tuna wrap, or turkey wrap. TONS OF MAYO. 2tbps. Don't let the IDIOTS tell you mayo is bad and fattening. These are the same low fat losers that eat nothing but low fat sh*t and drink diet coke and are still FAT. I don't mean to get down on people. I know it's tough losing weight. I was 230 once. I'm down to 175, and 12% BF. But it's all about EATING FRIGN FOOD. Not starving yourself till 8:00PM and then eating 4000 calories all at once. Your pancreas has other functions later in the day. NOT PROCESSING 4000 calories. No wonder people get pancreatic cancer. JEESH.

    I like a snack after lunch. Usually I'll do a granola bar. Usually an organic Kashi pumpkin spice bar. Sometimes with organic peanut butter on it. Sometimes with organic jelly too. Idiots at work always try to sway me with the chemical cookies they bring in. Loaded with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and hydrogenated oils with screw up my stomach beyond belief.

    Couple hours later another blender shake.
    Before dinner, 2-4" of RAW ginger root

    Dinner. NICE BIG PIECE OF MEAT. No veggies, no potato (complex carbs compete with protein for uptake). Some disagree with this, but I find that not mixing different types of foods works best for me and my stomach. Plus, you already ate all your veggies. So sit down with 2 chicken breasts or a big porterhouse and EAT!!!!

    After dinner, if your still hungry, have another granola bar or some more nuts or an apple. ANYTHING BUT SOMETHING OUT OF A BOX. BOX = CHEMICALS. Get it through your head. Don't worry about calories. I have been eating about 3-4000 calories for years. Look at my pic, from 2 months ago. I eat lots of meat, lots of fat.

    Other tips.
    Apple cider vinegar. The dirtier looking the bottle the better. Helps with muscle aches, digestion, and many other things according to lots of people. I don't know, I find it works best for pains and aches. I'm 40. I get aches and pains.

    Before bed. When you sit your ass down at 8pm to watch TV. Not too much kids, 1 hour a day of dead mind is enough, make yourself a potato.

    Any type will do. No sour cream. Boil it, microwave it. Don't fry it in oil though. Eat the skin too. If you notice, there is no milk in this plan. MILK IS FOR COWS. You don't drink cats milk do you? Do cows drink human milk? NO!!!! I was on milk for years and got nothing but ENDLESS SINUS INFECTIONS. I would get post nasal drip and that tickling cough for 2 months after a cold left. Colds would last weeks. Now I knock them out in 2 days with mass doses of vitamin C and D and staying away from milk. MILK = RUBBISH. Especially low fat milks. The way milk is processed (ask any knowledgable chemist) that low fat milks turn into sugar in the blood. YOur better off with organic milk (WHOLE). Try this if your a milk junkie. Drink organic milk for 2 weeks. Then go buy some no name chemical milk and have a big glass. I guarantee you will BARF. That's how bad it is. Especially if you switch to organic. Then you'll realize how chemicalized the regular non-organic milk is.

    The potato will help raise your serotonin levels and also decrease your craving for sugar the following day. Think I'm lying? Try it. Also if you have a propensity for becoming depressed, it will do wonders for you. Google potatos not prozac. Believe me, the last thing I want to do at night is eat a frign tater. Sometimes I substitute it for oat meal, which does wonders for libido as I mentioned. Plus the oat
    meal converts into argenine in the blood as well I believe. Google it.

    Be a scientist in your own life. Don't listen to idiots on the news. My wife went to a dietitian recently. They gave her a list of food. ALL CHEMICAL RUBBISH. Foods laced with aspartame (don't even get me started on that) and high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils. These people go to school for nutrition?????? OMG!!!!!! I'm just your average Joe that decided that I was going to figure out what makes me feel like crap. I stopped the Morning Mountain Dew and my panic attacks went away. I use to have to get out of the car on the way to work and pace around for a 1/2 hour till my heart stopped racing. So now I don't do caffeine / HFCS soda drinks. I do still get a little anxiety here and there. I manage that with maca. Also at my age, I stopped giving a shit too. My motto? Nothing is going to get in my head and make my body suffer. Stress? Stress = YOUR REACTION to environmental factors. There is no stress. Only your reactions. Do not let anything in.

    Finally, this is not a diet. It's a way of life. Food is a necessity, not a luxury. The sooner people realize that every meal does not have to taste like cherries and chocolate the better off you'll be. Exercise. Start slow. Do what I said, but do it for 10 mintues if that's all you can handle at fist. BUT DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Get it in your head. "I'm going to exercise, every day." Pick a time each day and do it. My regimen takes me 35 minutes. I do it fast and I look like I'm about to puke when I'm done. Pouring sweat, but I like to do it fast because I do not like working out. I just do it. Plus, working out will help your metabolism and your sleep patterns immensely.

    Good luck.

  • Hey Kevin, that's awesome. I bet when most people see how you eat they think you're crazy but the funny thing is you know THEY'RE the crazy ones!!

    I got some Agave and then started reading about it. It's processed and it's also over 90% fructose syrup, some people are starting to think it's not any better than table sugar.

    I can relate to your story.

    I was 24 with great genes but Prehypertensive, Prediabetic, my testosterone levels were less than half normal, I had erectile dysfunction, My corisol levels were flat instead of raising in the day and falling at night, and I was in lethargic and horribly depressed. I was messed up.

    Natural eating, fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, and legumes, gave me my life back.

    What got me there is I had force fed myself fast food, boxed pizza, and microwavables to bulk up while lifting in college. It worked, and although I was still lean and looked very healthy I felt l terrible inside as confirmed by the labs and wanted to die.

    I thought, "I'm not going to die of a disease right now so I'm fine." as I started eating a crappy diet, but watched as the quality of my life went to hell.

    Anyway, cool thread. Love it.

    Cardio and resistance training work wonders, or some sort of cross training program like Unconventional is doing.

    Exercise and diet > medications.
  • Yep, I get shit at work, shit everywhere I go about how I eat. But to tell you the truth? I can't handle eating shit anymore.
    Damn, I just started reading all kinds of horror stories about agave nectar. Jeesh, when I started taking it 2 years ago it was God's gift as far as a sugar substitute. I think I'm just going to go back to raw organic sugar. See, nobody really knows anything man. You've got to be a scientist and experiment. So I stand corrected. Agave nectar is now bad for you.

    Now this week, eggs are good. But only the yolk. The white is no good. But last week the whites are good and the yolk is no good. But wait, new report in next week. The white and the yolk are bad. That's the F'N media for you.

    But here's my take on eggs. It comes out of a chicken and besides what the chicken eat. Man really can't fvck up an egg. Haven't figured out a way to screw it up. They will though, give it time. Or you can buy the liquid chemical eggs at the store, for those lazy fvckers that are too lazy to crack a damn egg. HAHA! I hate this country. Seriously.
  • BadgerBadger
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    Have you guys thought about honey, and real maple syrup for sweeteners? High-fructose corn sweetener is so horrible, that it makes processed sugar look good. I'm quite elated that several pop companies are selling pops with sugar instead of HFCS, but they are not marketing it right. I found that I can drink Mt Dew Throwback without getting caffeine-induced anxiety attacks, but a lot of ignorant people look at it and say, 'Ew, it's got sugar! That's bad for you!" If they only knew....

    I believe that sugar, real sugar is not so bad for you, just don't go crazy over it. I also agree that natural saturated fats like beef tallow, palm oil, coconut oil, lard, and butter are much better for you than hydrogenated oils, and if you value your manhood, stay away from soybean oils.
  • [QUOTE=Badger;92318]Have you guys thought about honey, and real maple syrup for sweeteners? High-fructose corn sweetener is so horrible, that it makes processed sugar look good. I'm quite elated that several pop companies are selling pops with sugar instead of HFCS, but they are not marketing it right. I found that I can drink Mt Dew Throwback without getting caffeine-induced anxiety attacks, but a lot of ignorant people look at it and say, 'Ew, it's got sugar! That's bad for you!" If they only knew....

    I believe that sugar, real sugar is not so bad for you, just don't go crazy over it. I also agree that natural saturated fats like beef tallow, palm oil, coconut oil, lard, and butter are much better for you than hydrogenated oils, and if you value your manhood, stay away from soybean oils.

    Word, my energy levels, even with the natural sugars is low because I eat too much of the crap. I always have a drink with me. Protein drink or my iced tea. So I know that even the better sugars are only good in moderation. I'm with you on the fats. The body is made of fat, the brain. However when they go and screw with oils, in order to cheap out and make more oils (hydrogenation) they cause problems in the body. I don't know if that's the reason that they hydrogenate oils, and I don't care. All I know is if eat a doughnut, I'm hosed for at least a day as far as my stomach.
  • They hydrogenate oils to preserve the self life.

    It's crazy how when you learn about nutrition and what we should be eating you walk into a grocery store and realize that 85% of the stuff in there isn't good for you.

    I also don't want to become obsessive over my diet and that I won't die in the next decade from eating chips but the vibrancy you feel when eating good stuff can't be ignored.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello Unconventional and Buttmasterflex, :)

    You guys are right on with your ideas of eating healthy. I learned how to eat healthy over three years ago when I went vegan and stopped eating pure refined sugars, salts, synthetic sweeteners, and chemicals from packaged foods for the most part. Healthy living comes from naturally grown foods, not chemicals and canned or boxed food. I concur with your fears of agave nectar. I never purposely used it because it seemed no different than any other pure refined sugar(cane sugar, high fructose syrup and such), just a different plant source. If the sweetener is pure sugar, and no nutrients, then it is not healthy. There is a lot of information on the Internet about the health dangers of eating pure refined sugars. Even then, I purposely try to keep use of the less refined sweetener that I use, natural maple syrup, to a minimum in my diet. It's healthier to get your sweets from fresh fruit. My approach is to get all my nutrients from a healthy, organic, and balanced vegan diet rather than adding supplements. Everyone has to find their own way. But Unconventional is so right that when you start reading ingredients on what you eat and researching the health value of them, it really opens your eyes!