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Hmm, little confused, do i contract my PC muscle/butt cheeks/roll my back? or all?
  • Hay all :-)

    Just a little confused on how to use the anerus (I have the maximus).
    I have no problem inserting ect but im not 100% sure which muscles im supposed to be "moving" the aneros with once its in there.

    Lemme know if I have this right:-
    i insert the lubed aneros and then use some muscles to move it back and forth inside me to "massage" my prostate which will (eventualy) cause a prostate orgasm by my prostate pulpitating or pulsing or tensing by itself which causes some kind of feedback loop, which i dont control and causes an orgasm. right?

    Which muscles do i do this massaging with?
    Do i use my pc muscle? (and by that im speaking specificaly about the deep transvere perenium muscle(pelvic floor muscle ) which is the one that you feel that "lift" effect inside your where your perineum is when you tence it). Isnt that the muscle thats supposed to pulpitating or pulsing or tensing by itself when this feedback thing starts? if so, then does it sort of take over by itself so i dont tence anymore coy its all happening on its own?

    I have heard talk of using my "anus muscles", which are those?
    Do i do the tensing with just my butt cheek muscles?
    Do I use both?

    I think its more of a clarification and specification of which muscles im suppposed to be doing all this with that i need more than anything.

    Thx alot all that can help :-)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    All your Pelvic Floor muscles may be voluntarily employed in the development of arousal during an Anerosession. You may employ any variety of combinations of muscle groups, of varying intensity and frequency, for varying time durations. There really are no RULES or "right/wrong" choices, rather, the choices should be made on a basis of effectiveness. I advise you follow the path that leads to increasing pleasure, this requires you experiment with various techniques to find the ones which are most effective for you. We are all unique individuals here and the variety of stimulation combinations is indefinite, the adventure is to explore along the paths which please you.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    Can I first off say: don't be expecting a prostate orgasm. Try to enjoy whatever you can out of the session. It is not unheard of the people to be on this rewiring journey for many months before experiencing anything close to a prostate orgasm.

    Read up on rectal, PC and anal contractions and muscles and how to differentiate them all (cutting off stream of wee = PC muscles, etc).