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Aneros and the Miracle ball
  • shyzenshyzen
    Posts: 54
    Just want to let everyone know about this great combo i have discovered ,
    it all started last week when i tried lying on my stomach
    and using my fist pressed against my pubic bone
    to generate a great intense session and i put a post up about it ,

    some one mentioned using a tennis ball and this gave me the idea to try my miracle ball ,
    which is designed as a kind of accupressure ball ,
    The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress: Elaine Petrone: Books

    well , it is getting better and better ,
    today i not only used it against my pubic bone ,
    but also on my back with the ball pressed against my mingmen accupressure point ,
    because the ball is designed for this kinda thing it fits perfect ,

    also it was my 2nd time with the eupho which i got yesterday and it is making an excellent combo ,
    i have had more sensations and orgasms in the last 2 days then in nearly a year with the helix,
    although lying on my stomach with the ball does trigger the helix ,
    ust wanted to let you all know something different for you to try
    hope you get some great sessions out of it !
  • Thanks for the tip. I've found lying on various shaped cushions and pilades accessories to be a fantastic way of enhancing my experience. I'll definitely try the ball.