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My big fat wet super-o
  • I know that I am going to have more posts like this because this little device never ceases to amaze me. Last Saturday I had a session. Started off with the Peridise beginner (largest). I like to start off with it because I can sit in my chair and watch videos online. So after I get a little worked up, I start the HypnAerosession MP3 on the stereo, then I usually switch to the Eupho, which has become my best performer.

    I start off on my side and wait a minute or so for the involuntaries to start. If you have never experienced involuntary contraction it is like an involuntary jerk that might happen when you are falling asleep and your body suddenly spasms and wakes you up.

    So after the involuntaries start I move to my back. The involuntaries always start off kind of violent and you have to focus them by moving them towards the groin/prostate area. I do this by opening and closing my legs, moving the knees closer or further apart. When I can focus the contractions to the prostate area then I start to move my knees further apart and place the soles of my feet together. This starts to focus the involuntaries even further, the rhythms of the contractions move in a circle; moving from the groin to the right knee, past the feet, to the other knee and back to the groin. Kind of like having an invisible hula-hoop in the circular area between your legs. I learned this method by watching one of Arctic Wolve's videos.

    Then I attemp to move all the involuntaries/rhythms to my prostate. I do this by flexing my feet away from each other. This seems to restrict the involuntaries more to the prostate area. I keep pushing the involuntaries back to my prostate with foot flexing. It is very hard to keep the involuntaries under control, they want to start rippling all over my body again.

    At this point in the session, once I have the involuntaries focused on the prostate I try to contract and direct the aneros to specific areas of the prostate. Moving it up and down till I find a sweet spot. It is usually up higher for me, which is why I like the Eupho, it seems to hit a higher area on the prostate that the other models that I have can't seem to reach. So, I am contracting to keep it in that area, meanwhile the involuntaries become so focused and fast that the aneros starts to almost buzz. Contract and release slightly to further move to different parts of the prostate and hone in on that pleasure zone.

    At this point the aneros is moving so fast than it feels like a hummingbird wing beating against my prostate. It is incredible. It defies words. It is like having the peak of your most incredible orgasm and holding it perpetually (that is if you can stand it). Each time I contract, the feeling is so massive that it is overwhelming. I held on for four huge waves of pleasure and i could take it no longer. I clamped down hard and had hands free wet orgasm.

    I wish I could have held on and stayed there forever.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,785
    congrats Bish !!! nice stuff

    Great reward for those months of dedication! ... rook
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Okay. I'm jealous.
  • Cool. Will try your invisible hula hoop. Focusing involuntaries on the prostate with contraction of the legs???? I shivered just reading all of this.

    ps. I'll have what he had.
  • Hey guys-
    Thanks for the comments. What I am trying to impart is experimenting is the key. What works for me may/or may not work for you. Just follow where YOUR body takes you. Relax and do what feels good.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    haha...good times.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    read my blog on this but I've had this happen however for me i t resulted in multiple wet orgasms, consecutively as well. I even had two dry orgasms as well, 5 in total in the space of a few mins.