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Doing heavy squat exercise while wearing aneros
  • Hi guys,

    Squat is a very demanding exercise, so I normally don't look foward to the squat workout.
    Recently, I decided to wear my aneros when I do the heavy squat. The experience is very sensational , especially while I am in the full squat position and my butt is fully stretched. The sensation inside just make this hardcore workout more enjoyable.
    After each set while you are still in heavy breathing state, do 50 reps of PC exercise to massage the prostate with aneros. It will make the feeling even better.
    Now, I really look forward for the next squat workout.
    Some of you guys may like to try it and share your experience.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Sounds like an accident waiting to happen...good luck with that! I assume this is not done in a public gym? How would you explain it if the aneros shot out of your gym shorts!!! Lol.
  • Hi pnoman,
    I have a private gym, so I can workout without clothes. I have never experience the aneros dropping out. It fits nicely inside my butt.
    However, by wearing a tight underwear against the aneros, you will even get better sensation as the underwear pushes the aneros in further and give prostate a better massage.
    The best way to do PC exercise is in doggy position and squzee the butt very hard each time during the heavy breathing state. It feels like someone with big tool is riding on you.
    I can gurantee that you will never have problem with aneros drop out if you wear underwear and exercise pant in the public gym.
    Just try it before you make any funny comment, please.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Ok longyang- just be careful.
  • NeuroNeuro
    Posts: 42
    Sounds interesting longyang! I too enjoy lifting weights. What model do you prefer to use while squating? I am a little confused on how you do the breathing and pc squeezes in between sets. Are they 50 quick squeezes or slow? Also, I wonder if doing a wall sit with the Aneros in would produce invlountaries since leg mucles will be fatigued in the static position. Who says ya can't mix pain with pleasure! Looking forward to giving it a try this wkend.
  • Hi Neuro,
    I used MGX which fits well in my butt. Maybe other models work even better but yet to find out.
    If you workout in the public gym: after each set of heavy squat and in heavy breathing state, do PC squeeze till your breathing is back to normal and ready for next set. Do the PC squeeze when you standing against wall, as deep and slow as possbile so you will get the best sensation from the prostate massage.
    If you used home/private gym, best way to do PC squeeze is in doggy postion, your elbows and knees on the floor, and your butt is pointing upwards. It allows your leg muscles to relax , yet your butt muscles can squeeze harder so to get even better sensation. While doing so, imagine someone is riding on you. The sensation and the pleasure make this hardcore workout more enjoyable. Hope this helps.
    Let us know your experience and any suggestions are always welcome. Cheers.
  • Love doing the pc squeezes doggie position too, I use the progasm and it's easy to imagine someone is riding me. One reason I strive for a daily ride with my progasm
  • Hi muscleman,
    I think that aneros is a great tool for guys. It is handsfree, fits well in the butt, improves prostate health, safe to use and gives pleasure at any time/location.
    The combinations of pain and pleasures when doing hardcores exercise and wearing aneros is a major attraction to me. Talking about time saving by having exercise and sexercise together, nothing beats the aneros.