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New MGX user explores inner space
  • subcdsubcd
    Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone,

    This forum is impressive, I visited as a guest a few months ago and signed up recently when I placed an order for my aneros. Really enjoy the depth of discussion in some of these posts. Your enthusiasm and knowledge prompted me to get one of these devices ASAP.
    I am a submissive crossdresser with an understanding wife who is coming to appreciate how my kinks bring so many benefits her way. We are exploring femdom and cuckoldry and that led us to the aneros. I collect captioned fetish pics and one of these featured a mistress making her husband submit to denial while she was satisfied by a larger lover. He could only cum by using the aneros. This may or may not be accompanied by enforced chastity at the same time. Well I had to try it and she seemed agreeable to swing that way so here I am.
    So anyways, I just recieved my MGX and I am liking it alot. My wife gifted me with a vibrating silicone butt plug previously and so I had an introduction to the practice so to speak. The aneros is clearly a superior tool. It stays in and never pops out for one thing. My wife wondered how it felt. I said it was like exploring inner space. I was going where relatively few men had gone before!
    She eagerly began to play with my cock which was actually far more hard and erect than usual. She lapped at the pool of precum gathered on the glans and sucked for more. There was lots more to come. We fell into a long stupor of extreme pleasure and fantasy until I finally was overcome by an explosive orgasm that was very intense. She loves to swallow and received one of the largest loads in recent history as a reward.
    When I woke up she was gone to work. I had to try it again. Wow, the first 10 to 15 minutes I took it slow and just relaxed, then I began the slow contractions just drawing myself out. I lay on my back then moved to my side for while. Eventually I got on all fours and rocked back and forth. My cock hardened and I began to ride long waves of pleasure. I was in no hurry and I often prefer to just edge myself while masturbating because once I ejaculate its over for a while. So eventually I had to get up and go to work but I had a great time and the benefits seemed to follow me the rest of the day. My cock seems to harden on its own all of a sudden with little exstatic twinges that strike without warning. Hmmm...this could be interesting.
    I hope to be able to experience hand free orgasms without ejaculation in the future. Things are progressing nicely. Inner space is the final frontier.
  • Welcome to the forum. You are lucky your wife is willing to participate in your "adventures" Be sure to have her post some of your experiences from her point of view.