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The transcendental benefits of Anerosing
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    I would love to go into detail and philosophize but time doesn't permit that, so I will be brief.

    I was thinking of Aneros sessions - Anerosing - compared to regular masturbating. I am someone who has not experienced the full range of what there is to experience with the Aneros, but I know it is possible. With regular masturbating, at least IMO, there may be the goal of making the experience last as long as possible - perhaps even trying to edge. But it really is centered around one main end-goal: to orgasm-ejaculate. After this, the session is clearly over, and cannot go any further.

    But with the Aneros - even taking away the potential P-waves and Super-Os - because I've never had a Super-O and don't think I've had a P-wave - there seems to be other benefits.

    I am unsure of the word for this, but it is like why people bought Ipods in 2005-2010. It wasn't just coz they were the most user-friendly or best looking, or robust, etc, mp3 players/phones out. There was a transcendental, non-describable benefit. The word is on the tip of my tongue. Please help me out. A general, non-specific benefit.

    There is this transcendental benefit to the Aneros too.

    Excluding P-waves and Super-Os, what are the "transcendental", hard to describe, almost "side-effect like" benefits of the Aneros to you?

    Some ideas:

    - The opportunity to be passive.

    - The chance to use your imagination.

    - The fact that you don't know what to expect with a session or where the peak in pleasure will be (whereas masturbation = expect pleasure peak, then ejac + refractory period). - This, I would say, is what I would consider a transcendental benefit of the Aneros, even though I am not rewired fully or even by half yet.

    - The feeling of not manipulating yourself directly, but allowing yourself to be manipulated.

    - Being turned on by pleasure itself, also, as opposed to just by visual stimuli.

    - The feeling of being "naughty", indulging in a taboo, etc.

    - The eroticness of a part of the body that is your secret pleasure-giving part.

    - Autoeroticism.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Just thought of another one. With masturbation, if I wanted to be "at it" (doing it) for longer, I would have to pace myself, like, sort of ration out the strokes (TMI?), trying to hold back the urge to orgasm and get that peak pleasure, so as not to finish too quickly, whereas with Aneros, I am inviting more pleasure in. No peak is too high for me, as no peak will finish the session!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I think Aneros practice encompasses all of those topics you listed and more. You may be interested in reading the Transcendental Meditation thread recently posted by 'Pommie'.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    I think Aneros practice encompasses all of those topics you listed and more. You may be interested in reading the Transcendental Meditation thread recently posted by 'Pommie'.

    Thanks for the link, but this wasn't an attempt at an Aneros-Spirituality post. This was just for non-Super-O/P-Wave benefits for us to discuss.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    My Turn,

    This is a notion that has rolled around in my head from the first time that I used the Aneros. Where you equate this with the cachet of owning an IPod, I see it quite differently. While the Aneros, as a device or product is indeed something quite unique, ultimately it is our body's response to it that is the wondrous thing. In essence the Aneros is the catalyst or as I wrote long ago...a Key to unlocking this tremendous potential within ourselves. That ineffable quality that you speak of, is (for me) a sense of empowerment that results from the knowledge that I can go to this special ecstatic, rapturous realm. Going there as I have over the last 7 years has filled me with a sense of awe and delight and a feeling of connectedness to something far larger than myself. I and others have discussed this (in other threads) as a spiritual or metaphysical component and I will once again attest to it's validity.

    I should say that my thinking on this has evolved somewhat since my earliest days. Initially, my focus was the Aneros itself, but once I began to have these blissful, exalted experiences without it, I realized that there was something much more complex involved. Something that called upon me to shift my frame of reference once again. That having been said, I'm not taking anything away from the Aneros, it IS an amazing device. It's just that I don't regard it in quite the same way as any other belonging in my possession. It's more like a special, precious piece of knowledge or insight that has been shared with me. One that has opened up whole new levels of awareness.

    BF Mayfield

    p.s. It's kind of difficult discussing the transcendent aspects of Aneros use without including something regarding higher state of awareness and/or spirituality. The title of this thread would definitely lead one in that direction. While the events you've described are without question laudable milestones in ones journey, I don't think that the term "transcendent" (beyond or above the range of normal physical human experience) really applies.

    Maybe what you're talking about are Aneros Perks or Dividends or Bonuses?
  • Amen BF Mayfield, great source of inspiration.

    I dont know why the discoveries of aneros (and others) are not clearly out there. Aneros Isnt the magic pill, there is normally some exploration and personal work that has to go with it, so dont ask people to put something in their ass for a few months until they can understand your experience. Meditation is the same, to understand what it's all about you have to practice for a certain amount of time, discipline and technique to get it down and wonder why everyone else in the world isnt doing it.

    Aneros definitely is a dive into altered states, and a quite impressive one at that. When you hear what other people tell you about their tantric practice, you realise that your actual experience is much stronger than what the majority are going through.

    I've always wondered if aneros could be a practice instead of a self-centered goal. Two times a week, lie down, breathing and relaxation exercises, work with the aneros and close. The work you can do with the aneros can be very meditative.
    - Suspend expectation
    - I don't do I am being done
    - Just enjoy things for what they are
    - Don't stay attached to a particular sensation
    - Don't label things as good or bad during the experience
    - Circulate the energy through the body
    - Breathe, and be breathed
    - Surrender to the great mystery
    - Loose your self
    - Said it before, will say it again... The Tao of aneros
    A lot of benefits are reaped even if you dont get to the P.Wave or Super.O phases.

    All say yes to the stainless steel version of the peridise.

  • I find Aneros to be still a work in progress for me. Sometimes I have had wonderful blissful mini-O's and other sessions I go for hands-free ejaculation, which isn't as fullfilling. The transcendental aspect is that I am paying much more attention to my body and the sexual energy cycle. I love playing with my nipples, as I find moderate nipple play and contracting connect beautifully. However my nipples do get a bit stiff, hence best to give a rest period of 3 days or so. When I jump back in too soon, I go for the ejaculation since the stimulation from my nipples is not as strong. Interesting. Still much more preferrable to regular masturbation. I feel the longer a rest period, the better results I may have. I may go for a week.