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new models
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    whatever happened to the stainless steel peredise im still waiting was suppose to be april
  • [QUOTE=toker;91611]whatever happened to the stainless steel peredise im still waiting was suppose to be april

    Agreed. Very frustrating, and I've lost respect for the company. I thought it was a pretty stand-up company before the Vice launch failure (and lack of information/false promises) and no information about the stainless steel peridise. I've started looking at prostate massagers from other companies, and almost want to boycott Aneros out of spite. Just a little info, that's all I'm asking for. If they said, "well we had issues with the manufacturing process" or whatever the case may be, that's fine. Just communicate with your customers, as the company seemed to have done in the past like a good company would. And I would think someone from the company or one of the people who test the products that reads this forum would most likely know something, but for whatever reason won't share it. They built up the expectations by the initial announcements and estimated dates of those products and now this just feels like a letdown. It almost feels like "vaporware."

    I have been a loyal Aneros customer for like 7 years.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    While I can understand your frustration (and believe me....I can), your reaction is a little bit over-the-top. It isn't as if you paid the company and they failed to fulfill your order or the merchandise you received was defective or you had some customer service issue that wasn't resolved. In essence you're angry because the company hasn't released any new products recently. For the record, the company never committed to a release date on any of the new products publicly. I will admit that I did in fact make several posts about them myself that were premature. So if you want to be angry at someone, be angry at me. The fact is, Aneros has generally had a product release just about every 2 to 3 years. By that reckoning they are still in line. If you count the Progasm ICE in there, it's been about a year and half ago since their last release.

    With respect to the VICE that was previewed at an expo this summer, this was a limited production run only. This much I can tell you, there will be a product release very soon. How soon? At this point, from what I'm hearing, it should be before the end of the year. But honestly, I don't have a release date. Once I get wind of it, I assure you, I will post on it here in the forum.

    One thing is for sure, the company will release the new products when they are ready. I urge you to be patient a little longer. With respect to resorting to buying off-brand product, that is your choice. But it occurs to me as if your biting off your nose to spite your face. Seriously, those folks aren't innovators (they're copycats) and IMHO they have never turned out quality gear.

    Hang in there,

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    In defense of 'B Mayfield', I do not recall any posts wherein he promised anything specific. While new product releases are usually fun events and anxiously awaited, there can be a multitude of reasons for introduction delays and none of those can or should be attributed to Brian. There is a huge difference between "lying" (intentional falsehood) and relating misinformation as was the case here. Very often companies do not pre-announce new products at all for this very reason, unforeseen delaying conditions. HIH was and is under no obligation to inform us, their loyal customers, of the reasons for this product delay. Perhaps we should heed 'ArcticWolves' tag line "To be upset over what you DON'T have is to waste what you DO have."

    This situation brings to mind the Carly Simon tune - "Anticpation"

    [CENTER]"We can never know about the days to come
    But we think about them anyway...

    Anticipation, anticipation
    Is makin' me late
    Is keepin' me waitin'...

    These are the good old days
    And stay right here 'cause these are the good old days
    These are the good old days
    These are the good old days
    These are the good old days
    These are.....the good old days"


    Like most things associated with Aneros practice, patience is necessary to derive the most pleasure, besides you still have a stable full of good trusty thoroughbreds to carry you forward until the new filly arrives on the track.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Wow, what's with all the hostility? The products that are already out there are great and more than enough to get any man to where he wants to go with a little patience and experimentation. The expanded offerings will come when they have been properly tested. I am sure that Aneros is not holding them back to piss anybody off.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Hello Toker, Anonymous,

    We understand the frustration you are feeling. We did make mention of new products in one of the chat events so we undrstand we created the anticipation. Next time we won't "put the cart before the horse." However, we won't put something out until we feel it's perfect and this is the reason for the delay. We have been behind schedule but are getting close. We won't promise a date, but it will be soon, so please hang in there.

    Please note though, while we do read through the forum, this is not the place to send questions directly to us. We can provide you direct feedback if you email us directly at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL].

    Aneros Support
  • Thanks everyone, this has given me responses that I have desired. That in itself is all I was looking for. Wasn't trying to get everyone all riled up, just some answers and a little info.

    I do believe that this Facebook post seemed a little misguided. Although I really don't know if it's an official Facebook profile done by the company.

    ANEROS Next up: AVN 2010 in Hollywood, FL 08/05/10 to 08/08/10. Official Aneros 'Vice' launch and preview of the Peridise Steel. Who's goin?!

    July 1 at 4:33pm"

    Guess I figured that an "Official Vice launch" meant it would be available to order everywhere. Also, did they every preview the Peridise Steel at AVN 2010? I would figure at least an enthusiast from here would at least say something about it. And I'd figure at least one person would say something or first hand experience with the Vice. Was the AVN 2010 like empty?
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Hey, is there anything new cumming down the pike? If so, what is it, and when?
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    What I'm left with after reading this thread is: We're all human. You, me, all of us. Perfect in our imperfections.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I know there are things in development, but at this point I think it's best to be cautious about discussing this stuff. Lemme do some checking and I'll see what
    they say.

    BF Mayfield


    Spot on!
  • Trying to imagine what it'd be like to work in Aneros R&D. Someone's got to test these things. Rough job!
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    My wife and I made our annual trip to London on Saturday to the Erotica show.

    As Aneros were exhibiting there we went to their stand and was recognized straight away by C T with a very warm welcome, he showed me a couple of new products which can’t be a secret as they were on open display on the stand.

    The first was a small massager which I thought was about the size of an SGX but might be slightly larger made of silicone same as the Vice but with a plastic insert to stiffen it up and a red curly tail.

    The second one was a shiny Black Progasm Ice, I said you won’t have to spend hours polishing it now.

    I suspect that some of the experts may have tried these already.

    Thanks again to C T.