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Do "super 'o's get better and better? Or....
  • Do "super 'o's get better and better, or do you need to have a 'trad' o every once in a while, to "stock up" or "clear the pipes" so that you get optimum results in the dry 'o's department? Sorry if this isn't clear, or maybe it's been answered somewhere else. Are there any comments about this?
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Well Master Bately, what's the superlative of a Super O?
    For me a Super O morphes into different manifestations everytime I have one, and since there's nothing really prior to compare that manifestation with how can it be better? I don't try and reproduce previous ones, I just go with whatever my body and mind are ready for at the time.
    I've had purely energetic Super O's, sentient Super O's, visually guided Super Os,etc and a more recent phenomena: the plug and play extravaganza!!
  • Yes, I see your point. I mean, there are really good, one way or the other, Super Os, and then there are the more dud-like sessions. What I mean is, if you hit a high, a super O, is it unlikely you'll hit a better one till after you're tradded out, with a trad ejac? Is it like after a high, a really good super O, it's all downhill from then on, till after you've had another trad O?
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Perhaps with others it's different but with a Super O I really don't feel the need for a traditional orgasm. It's more like an emergency kind of thing coz ejaculating(draining of your bodily fluids)makes me lethargic, so I use it if I've been cumming for hours and it's say 6:00 am and you feel you really need to get to sleep.
    After experiencing the intense-and whole body fullness of a Super O an ejaculatory orgasm is very lame indeed, IMO a Traditional O is for pussies!

    (BTW for those who think I'm being unkind to the gays, I'm not, men are perfectly capable of craping out pieces of shit on their own)
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Hey, Bill. I don't notice any relationship between the two. I enjoy dry orgasms with the Aneros on nights my wife isn't interested in sex, then enjoy traditional orgasm even more when I can be with her. Developing the capability to have prostate orgasms has made traditional orgasm longer lasting and more intense for me. Hope that helps you.