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Body positioning
  • Does positioning of your body matters in relation to the use of aneros?

    If so, what positioning is the best? Lying on back or to left...?

    secondly, if i ejaucation, can i still get orgasim?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I get dry orgasms the best on my back, knees up and relaxed slightly apart, with a small pillow under my butt. And the dry orgasm is simply that, a prostate orgasm with no ejaculation.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    IMHO, Yes, it does matter what position your body is in when using your Aneros. You will most likely find some body positions are distinctly better for generating pleasure than others. This is an experimental process to go through as you try out various positions. The "best" position is the one which yields the most pleasure for you. As you can see from the user Poll - What has been your most effective/favorite position? - there are a number of different positions which users felt were their "best" ones. You may also wish to read what the WIKI has to say about Body Positions. This is part of your learning journey and adventure to find the positions which work "best" for you. You should be aware, however, a position that works well today may be superseded by a different position tomorrow, that is the evolutionary nature of this journey.

    For most men, an ejaculation triggers the refactory period wherein an orgasm is difficult or impossible to experience for a period of time. For young, vigorus, healthy men this time period may only be minutes (less than an hour), for older men this could be hours or even days. Everyone is different and other factors like fatigue, stress, level of sexual stimulation, general health, etc. can all affect the body's response cycle.

    If you do not trigger an ejaculation and therefore the refactory period, you may be able experience the dry-orgasms that 'slimjm' mentioned in his post. In this case multiple dry orgasms can piggyback into the Super-O.

    A word of caution about the word "best", that word is bandied about on this Forum often. There are some posters who claim their technique is the "best" one, and it very well may be for THEM, but it probably isn't for you or me. I would advise skepticism of anyone claiming this or that is the "best" or making statements of their opinion as if they were facts.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I certainly agree with everything that Rumel has written in his post. With respect to your question about being able to orgasm following an ejaculation, it depends how you are defining the word "orgasm" . If you take this to mean an you mostly likely will not be able to have another ejaculation directly following your first. As Rumel indicated, there is generally a totally loss of arousal following an ejaculation (refractory period). However, if you are referring to orgasm in the "non-ejaculatory" sense of the word, it is indeed possible to have this experience immediately following an ejaculation.

    That said, for all practical purposes this is more of an advanced users technique!

    BF Mayfield
  • thanks very much.