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Best lube / can be made at home / costs pennies / very discreete
  • Hello all,

    I thought I'd share a major discovery. I've had an Aneros (was initially purchased due to prostate problems -- all of which are gone now! Yay!) for a a couple of years now. I've seriously tried every kind of lube. Every kind. Name it, and I've tried it. Even the more disgusting combinations like Vasaline on the Aneros and a water-based lube in the butt. Some work better than others, some are just downright toxic.

    I finally discovered the best lube, it doesn't dry out easily, it is water-based, doesn't have a color/odor or any petrochemicals, has zero spermicidal agents, it COSTS PENNIES, it can be purchased discreetly, AND IT CAN BE MADE IN THE KITCHEN TO ANY CONSISTENCY!

    Seriously. I urge everyone to try it. I was blown away! lol!

    The next time you are grocery shopping (discreet, no? ;) ) visit the bulk bin isle and pick up one scoop of golden flax seeds. Whole seeds, they don't have to be organic, and they are golden in color. The dark brown ones will work too, but not quite as well I find. (The dark brown flax seeds make a lube with a slight brown hue and flaxy odor, the golden ones do not.)

    1. Put 2 cups of water in a pot on the stove (no lid), and bring it to a rolling boil.

    2. Add 2 tablespoons (not teaspoons! tablespoons are the larger ones) of golden flax seeds to the water.

    3. Turn the burner down to medium

    4. Reduce liquid, stirring every few minutes until you have 3/4ths of a cup of liquid left. You can just "eyeball" it. It doesn't need to be exact.

    5. Pour the liquid through (while hot!!!) a metal strainer into a some kind of container that has a lid and won't melt.

    6. Put the liquid into the fridge for 15 minutes, discard the seeds, wash utensils while hot (makes cleanup a snap).

    The clear (if you used brown flax seeds, you will have a brown hue) liquid will cool and turn into the best lube you have ever used. I promise!!! :D

    It is slightly tacky, very slippery, and it should be thick like most commercial anal lubes. If you like it thicker you can reduce it further next time, if you like it thinner you can reduce less. The consistency can be adjusted to your tastes.

    Remember: it is a natural product that has no preservatives. You must keep it refrigerated. It will keep for about 4-6 days. Store with the lid on, or it will thicken slowly each day it is in the fridge.

    This lube doesn't seem to dry out when in use. I've fallen asleep with this lube for 12-15h with the Aneros in with no discomfort in the morning. Hell, I can even pound out a super-O before I go to work with the lube from the night before! lol

    Anyway, try it! You'll be super glad you did! :)
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    Uhhh, didn't we already see this in Home Made Lube from Organic Flax Seeds and Water ?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Convinced2010,

    And welcome to the Aneros forums. :)

    You've re-discovered what "Little brother" previously posted about in the link that imp provided. If this works really good for you, then great! It certainly wasn't my experience with it. As I found that it most definitely dries out and gets absorbed internally. The one consistent thing I've found with all the anal lubricant discussions here, is that no one lube seems to satisfy all users. You just have to try different ones till you find one that agrees with you. And I'm glad you found yours! :)

  • schitzschitz
    Posts: 33
    Even though as stated by others here, that this is kinda like a repost, I praise your efforts for bringing this excellent alternative to the good people of this forum.

    I too found it incredible and a great alternative to commercial lubes.

    The consistancy reminds me of Probe-Rich&Thick.

    But of course, this being not only natural but cost efficient as well.
  • Sorry. I didn't mean to repost. I did search "flax" on the forums before I wrote that. :)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Not a problem Convinced2010. Unfortunately the search function in this forum has never worked very well for all the time I've been a registered user here . So I'm not totally surprised that you didn't find it. That's neat that more than one person thought of this though. What was your inspiration?

  • Thanks for posting, I probably wouldnt have found out about this if you hadnt