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Ok so im confused
  • Well first off i have to say that this product looks awsome. I am always up for discovering new stuff about myself and this looks like a huge breakthrough. I am confused about what model to get. I dont want to get The MGX only to want to replace it soon after i get used to it. I was thinking the helix might be a better buy for me , as i think i am only going to buy one, untill i can somehow tell my still new girlfriend about it. I really have confidence in myself to get this down with a advanced model like the helix.
    So what do you guys think? I really would like to see a vid on it to see how intense the orgasms are. Totally heterosexual but wanna check it out.

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    I think the model type selection may boil down to each individuals height???

    a survey of happy users giving height and model type they are using may prove this idea??? and be somewhat helpful to new purchasers.
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    seeing I suggested it.......5ft 8ins 190 lbs and MGX is great but the Classic is dynamite for me, the helix and SGX did barely 2c
  • hulahula
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    The mgx is fantastic FWIW
  • I'm not sure height matters. I am 6'9 and have a Helix and it works great. Of course, it took me several months to learn to use it properly.
  • Well im confused now, and i really dont want to buy one by trial and error. Im 6ft 260 athletic if that helps. I have played with anal some and it doesnt really bother me as far a size, so i dont know about the model.(in other words im not gonna get ripped a new one by it) Anybody??
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    First, apropos of your comment about being ripped a new one, you need to know that outside of the SGX (which is indeed smaller in length and girth) there is not a tremendous difference in size between any of these units. The Helix and the Maximus (which is supposed to be the largest) are actually identical in girth (thickness) at their widest points. The difference is that the Maximus maintains that width over a larger amount of surface area, whereas the Helix tapers down more.

    Yes, it's easy to be confused, seeing as there are variety of opinions on the subject...but then, that's life! The truth is, you can't go wrong with either the MGX OR the Helix really. I myself am partial to the Helix and have stated previously that I felt it was a good choice for newbies in that it featured a more agressive design than the MGX (see my sticky thread above entitled Next Generation reviewed). But know this, the MGX was the standard before any of these newer units came along and that there are many individuals (myself included) that became super orgasmic with it!

    When I reflect back on my own comments and those of others, (and this applies not to you in particular, but to the Aneros community at large), it occurs to me that as great as it is to have so many choices now, it is a curse for many. With variety like this, inevitably there is the tendency (for some) to become distracted by the advance of a new model believing that it will in some way bypass the need to for the self discovery and exploration that are in fact the most essential elements for achieving success.

    I should tell you that over time I have become orgasmic with ALL OF THESE UNITS! So in the end I think it matters less which unit that you start with, than that you begin the journey somewhere. Again, given your stature, the MGX or the Helix would be good choices to start with.

    Take the plunge!

    BF Mayfield