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Tightness an issue?
  • Is it important that the sphincters be loosened to some degree beforehand with a bigger object, say, a butt plug or a dildo? it always seems that regardless of how much I relax, i'm clenching onto the helix. Is this a relaxation problem or a 'stretching' problem?
  • Relaxation. You do not need to stretch out before use. Focus your thoughts on your tail bone....there's no muscles there, but it might allow you to relax if you can distract your mind a bit.
  • rumelrumel
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    I agree with
    'waveseeker', what your are experiencing sounds like a relaxation problem. There is absolutely no necessity to force stretch your anal sphincter muscles. Trying to do so may actually injure yourself by creating small tears in the anus. It is much better for you to take the time to thoroughly relax yourself before attempting to insert your Helix. Various methods have been suggested to help accomplish this, such as taking a hot shower or bath, soaking in a hot tub/jacuzzi, having a partner (or self) perform a massage of the buttocks/anus area, a glass of wine or a beer, just listening to soothing music, whatever works for you.
  • rookrook
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    One more vote for Relaxation.

    I've been very fortunate and for most of the year have been able to achieve what I thought was very deep relaxation. Recently I've been attending my HMO's monthly meditation class. (based on Zazen). Now, sitting I can attain far better states of relaxation. And some of this has carried over into my sessions since I have a better relaxation standard than I did before.

    If you are interested in Zazen, it's very simple and here's a link -- Meditation 101: How to Start --

    Four tips my HMO teaches that aren't in 101:
    1) Allow about 20 minutes for a Zazen session and start by taking 4 slow giant breaths
    2) Don't think about anything other than your breathing.)
    3) Avoid falling asleep
    4) When you cease meditation, stay seated for one minute to stabilize your blood pressure.

    hang loose, stay loose, enjoy rook