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Prostate buzzing like a cell phone
  • I'm not sure that this has anything to do with the aneros. The last week I noticed that I could feel a buzzing the prostate area, not pleasurable, like I was sitting on a cell phone set on vibrate. It only happens when I am sitting. I cannot find any information online about this type of symptom.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    A unfunny sit u ation ?
    A bum call ?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello The_Bishop, :)

    This sounds to me like “butt buzz” as described in the Aneros WIKI Glossary section.

    butt buzz is persistent, even insistent, energy in your anus, rectum, prostate, perineum, scrotum/testicles area, sometimes experienced spontaneously apart from an Aneros session. Faint to mild muscle spasms leading up to an orgasm may also occur. “

    Glossary - Aneros Wiki

    I get this at various times throughout my journey. To me it's often a good indicator that my body is receptive to an Aneros session.

    Otherwise you should answer the cell phone and see what happens! LOL :D

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    @The Bishop,

    agree with Love_is on the butt buzz. Surprising thing is that you haven't experienced it long before this. you're getting ready for something BIG !


    just change the ring tone for all of your ass-hole buddies to 'silent'

    fun to all .... rook
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with
    'rook' and 'Love_is', this sounds like a case of "butt buzz". As such I don't think you have anything to be concerned about. I've also experienced this a few times in my 3+ years of practice, for me, it doesn't usually last very long, perhaps 2 min. max. It gradually intensifies during onset, stays for a short while, then gradually tapers off. As you said, it is neither pleasureful nor painful, just a curious nerve phenomenon.

    As both your fellow members commented, perhaps this is a "wake-up call" for an Anerosession. :)
  • Thanks for putting me at ease guys! I was a bit worried. I guess my body is telling me an aneros session is overdue! :)
  • This is one cold caller you can welcome Bishop as some hot conversation between your consciousness and your body should follow. I'm beginning to feel ecstasy is a new frequency and your body just has to go through stages to adapt to these levels of vibration (re)learning to accept them and evolve. The buzz will become part of your general background sensorium and something you can cultivate to develop mild orgasmic sensation when ever you feel.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks The_Bishop! And all you men!

    Agree! hapticbear, you have the whole extended story in very neat package!

    Go for a drive Bish! Butt buzz is often associated with Cargasms and Chairgasms. The right vibes (Eh rumel!) can take you up to an orgasmic level, an fun rewiring time on the experiential development path hapticbear outlines.

    all the best butts abuzz anytime all