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Prostate Acupressure Point
  • I was looking into acupressure and acupressure points the other day and discovered there are two on the lower abdomen that can be used to connect with the prostate. The first is directly below the navel four fingers width down and the second is a point exactly between the first point and the base of the penis.

    I wondered what the outcome would be if I had an aneros session and used these points.

    You gotta try this. First I applied medium continuous pressure as per acupressure practice alternating at both points. Felt great. Magnified the involuntaries and accelerated the O. Then I tried alternately massaging the points gently. Even better!

    If you try tapping the points in time with involuntaries - get ready for the ride...!

    Anyone else tried this?
  • Crocus,

    Interesting. I LOVE to have that area stroked or petted by my wife after having prostate orgasms. It is calming and stimulating at the same time. It makes sense that those are accupressure points. I'll have to try more specific and direct pressure at those spots the next time. Sometimes I just have my wife rest her hand there when I'm recovering from orgasms. It is a warm feeling. Thanks for sharing. Update with more discoveries.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi crocus and brianadams!!

    This also relates to The Male Deer Exercise (do a Site Search here for numerous threads about The Male Deer and variations) and Mantak Chia's Stoking the Golden Stove variant in his book: Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. That book has many great suggestions and techniques to accelerate and complement your Aneros journey. Brian I feel your joy too when mrs. a and I are similarly playing!

    Nevertheless, THANKS SO MUCH crocus!!! These points are new to me and they work amazing well and have a kind of expanding power that needs to be carefully sensed so as to not leave a lasting discomfort in the nerves and tissues being pressed or massaged. In my first experiments with this great added external prostate massage power link, I completely agree with your description of the benefits/sensations!! You made my morning magnificently exceptional...

    Thanks again very very much.

    all the best endless explorations additions and integration of the multi-fold pathways to ecstatic pleasures and way beyond all

  • rookrook
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    Excellent points from all in this thread reminded me to share my mod to male deer.

    for gents who have a mid-line surgical scar between the navel and pubic bone....

    once you've got your prostate mildly aroused, carefully explore both left and right margins of the scar, looking for small spots where nerves have regrown. You may note some relocation of the accupressure points. when you find these, try a variety of stim techniques. I've found very tiny but super-sensitive points that substitute for conventional male-deer. Gentle stim with a fingernail is a direct shot to my Dan Tien and combined with nip stim a real blast for my prostate.