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  • So have read a couple things, wondering, should i be using both the injecting the lube and putting vasoline on the aneros before the ky? is that the only place to use the vasoline?

    also, wierd though. i am totally straight, but did you ever have to go get like something from the store and enjoyed putting it in while you are out in public? is that wrong with the aneros?
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Haven't tried the public thing yet. Probably won't.

    I insert a lighter lube and then just coat the tip and topside with a heavier lube, and that works best for me. Too much is definitely better than not enough, while you're experimenting toward "just right."
  • ok yhanks. dont want to make it too lubricated on my prostate. i find the most irritation on my anus

    ignore the public part of post. sorry. trying anything.
  • [QUOTE=intrigued75;90216]ok yhanks. dont want to make it too lubricated on my prostate. i find the most irritation on my anus

    ignore the public part of post. sorry. trying anything.

    Hi Intrigued75 - don't ask to ignore the wearing in public part of your post. This has been covered in the forum before and one such thread is here:

    I often go out with my Peridise riding along. Which model(s) do you have? Some may be more suited than others for wearing during day to day activities.

    I have been out with my Helix but that is fully modded and has the whole tail removed although I prefer the Peridise for public duties. Having said that, going for a walk with a Helix is a pleasure experience never to be missed! The Progasm would need the K tab removed as well as the keel to enable you to sit down comfortably.

    To walk around a store, or better still attend a business meeting, whilst 'wearing' an Aneros certainly gives me a buzz and if it's a thought that floats your boat then go for it.

    Top tip - take some toilet paper and a sandwich bag so you can whip it out and wrap it up if you've had enough. When you feel you want it out then it's time to get it out before you get sore.


  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    To be clear, I wasn't disparaging the public idea, only expressing that it doesn't interest me personally. :-)
  • Well, this is very interesting as I sat around and had lunch with my wife with my anerous working! I love how it feels when I walk around...I was tempted to mow the lawn with it in, but decided against it...I did get into the vibrating effect of the handle too!
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Regarding lube, have you tried Slippery Stuff Gel? It's much better than K-Y, because Slippery Stuff has no glycerin, which causes the "urge to purge." And it's really long lasting; two shots from my Lube Shooter will last overnight and there will be plenty there when you purge out after a session. It doesn't last outside the body, though. I've found a very light coating on the anal opening with Vaseline does the trick.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Intrigued75, :)

    Yes, you should definitely inject lube within your rectum, and also lube the Aneros before inserting. Badger also has a good point about using Slippery Stuff Gel over K-Y. Another more natural alternative that I use and recommend is unrefined 100% shea butter that is pale yellow to white in color. I specifically use the Now Foods brand. But there are other brands out there that meet these criteria. Here's the main shea butter thread if you want to read about users experiences with it.

    In addition, here is the main entry about lubrication in the Aneros WIKI:
    Getting Started - Aneros Wiki

    Although I don't find myself to have any interest in trying Aneros in public. The following related thread may interest you of the potential of this practice.

  • I use a "heavy" lube (shea butter) on the Aneros itself, and if I feel I want to get things going a little quicker, will sometimes add a light "top coat" of KY. But if you give shea butter a few minutes to react to your body heat, you will find it has reached full lubricating capacity. I love the stuff.

    As for "injecting," Shea butter is so solid that you don't need anything more than you finger to "inject" it (as long as you don't mind the act of probing your anus with your finger). Just put a nice, pea-sized glob of it on your finger (it ain't going anywhere), locate it at the opening of your anus, and nicely/gently push it in an inch or so. Trust me, at 98-odd degrees, it is going to be the perfect consistency in minutes. As soon as I've pushed it in, I prepare and guide in the coated Aneros (again, gently/nicely) and then just go relax and let things warm up. MMmmm.

    See my other post, a response to

    Re: Public, as I noted in an early post, I have walked the dog with my MGX inserted and loved it. I swear, the sun was brighter and the sky was bluer! Interesting sensations. I have since removed the "tail" of my MGX and it's now an even better candidate for "public" use. I do occasionally insert it while still reading or working on the computer before a session, just to enjoy the feeling of it. However, I generally find that sitting puts more pressure on the prostate, and for me that's not a good thing until I've become somewhat aroused or "broken in."

    I have a Progasm, but as it is more prone to eject involuntarily (as some others on this Forum have agreed), I would not attempt its use outside of my room. In fact, if I am using it at, for instance, a hotel, I will even wear briefs as a guard to loosing it in the bed!!

    Have fun.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Hi, intrigued75. You will find many favorites for lubrication in this forum. Mine happens to be a thin coating of Vaseline on the anal opening itself for comfort and reducing irritation, then a thin coat of KY on the Aneros which I've pre-warmed in a styrofoam cup of warm tap water. I can't inject lube because both glycerin and non-glycerin containing water soluble lubricants act as laxatives on me.