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Male/Female Orgasms
  • Can men have orgasms as intense as women? This is a serious question.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome blender!

    Intensity is a subjective experiential term on the one hand, but some comparisons are possible by a neutral scientific observer. From personal experience, I think the answer is YES; comparing one single orgasm event to another!

    Intensity can also be tied to frequency and the focus here is on achieving multiple orgasmic capabilities/intensities women enjoy, for males, by gradually shifting focus away from ejaculation and its joys and limitations to multiple dry orgasms, without any ejaculation, and often with a flaccid penis. This is our "rewiring" journey, which each male experiences differently and can take many different routes. BTW, this also creates a reassuring variation: the highly improved and intensified rock-hard Super-T (traditional) ejaculatory orgasm too!

    These dry multiple orgasms can go on for very intense long stretches of time, as women can, and occur at many levels of intensity from faint subtle helloes, to pleasure waves, to mini-Os, to bigger dry-Os, to the many variations on Super-Os (see ArcticWolves and Darwin video dem-Os!) and beyond, to Calm Seas Orgasms of pure bliss and ecstasy that far surpasses the physical bouncing around in intensity for both males and females.

    Rewiring tends to build (often slowly) from very faint to gradually increasing levels of intensity over time. Patience is a virtue here. Generally, most find that you get there faster if you forget about what you "want", and let your body go ahead and find what it wants. It's all good!

    Again, welcome! Hope this helps. Check out all the sticky treads here full of great advice and insight, as well as the Wiki for more answers to your questions. See also anerosmith's thread "female orgasm" just below.

    After all, men and women share the same chassis, with only some relatively minor, if essential, variations in components/arrangement to facilitate reproduction.

    all the best with your explorations and your aneros journey

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi blender,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    While we may never get any resolution to the question - “Can men have orgasms as intense as women?” , this topic has been explored in some threads in the past. You may wish to check out this one which touches upon it in particular - , it was a pretty lively discussion.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Artform, you are on a roll with these posts of yours. Thanks for taking the time to give them such detail.

    Many men want to end every session with an ejaculation which is great and can be some of the most intense orgasms I have ever witnessed (Super T). However, striving for that higher plane of orgasms that last as long as you want requires experimenting without ejaculation. At least that is the case with me.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092

    Apropos of Artform's comments and on the basis on my own experiences I think the question should be.....Can Women have orgasms as intense as Men? lol

    As I asserted several years ago I truly believe that both men and women are wired for this experience from birth. In the case of men, this capacity often lies dormant like unused pre-wiring in a ones home. In essence, the pathway is there waiting for a connection or two and the voltage to light it up.

    While it might seem that men are somehow deprived at birth, I should add that there are many women as well who are unable to experience orgasm of the intensity that we're discussing here. The terrific thing is that this is available to us all if we give it the time and space to develop.

    This forum stands witness to the fact that men can indeed have orgasms of high orders of magnitude. Orgasms that are just as, if not more intense than a woman's. But then....who are we to say? For more information on this topic check out the WIKI.


    BF Mayfield
  • Hi all... The answer is yes we can. If you are willing to take the time to discover yourself, experiment and listen to your body, the orgasms you are capable of achieving can rival any woman's, in intensity, the amount of fluid ejaculated, even having multi-squirting orgasms is very achievable. I believe most men don't achieve almost 85% of the sexual experience that nature can provide. These threads are a testimony to those who want to push the envelope, those who have, and those who will, so don't stop trying, you have no idea the monumental heights of pleasure you can achieve, alone or with a partner. Please also remember, it's very important, anal stimulation of any kind should be done with great care and respect, and that it is greatly enjoyed by heterosexual men too, and does not mean your gay if you enjoy anal sex. The sky is the limit, go find your euphoria, I did.