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Do you need imagination?
  • When aneros is insert (MGX), do you need to imagine about sex or you can just play PSP and wait?

    I used twice without success.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Yes you need plenty of imagination.
    The more intense you can make your fantasy the better it gets.
    You need to be able to concentrate on it.
    It is something that I still struggle with.

    Peace and quiet with a hot body running around inside your head.

    What's PSP by the way.
    The best of luck on your quest.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Perhaps the question in this link (why would anyone want an X-rated game on their Playstation?) has been answered.

    -- X-Rated - Forums --

    Cleaned up, it might be a cool item for the Aneros store to carry : lol :

    If so, how about an Aneros compatible game for the Nintendo DS ??

    Seriously though, some of the stuff out there appears go beyond porn into the region of sick/immoral/illegal.

    Lacking a stainless Peridise I'd be very tempted to drop a few bucks on an interactive version of Alana for the DS.

    @rumel how about selling the rights to EA and live off the royalties? Meanwhile, copyright a script guy.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=cyrez;91091]... snip... You can even get a peridise in titanium or any other exotic material, maybe something in 100% silver or gold...if it strikes your fancy =)

    Or perhaps diamond like carbon (DLC) a material with a friction constant extremely low, you'll never have a more smoother ride...u don't even need lube,it's so slippery it lubes =P

    I'm really hooked on the finely textured surface on the larger Peridise Beginner. It stims my butt right off the chart !!! Great with SS-gel lube -- absolutely divine with a thin coating of shea butter.
  • I like the Peridise Beginner set too. You can get jolts when you least expect it. I was already rewired when I got the Peridise though. I lacked imagination so I vaped weed.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    The wife is away at the moment.
    I had an offer from a couple of women yesterday.
    I turned them down because it was too close to home.
    I let them run around in my head last night and again this afternoon with my Ice on station.
    No cigar but a lot of very nice sensations.

    Tonight Miss Pennyfanny ?

    Yes your imagination is required.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Indeed Voyager!

    Cyrez,very imaginative statement of your situation as we discussed in last night's chat here! I agree about not trying imagination's gifts outside in the particular real mesoworld of classical Newtonian physics, yet you have just demonstrated your abundant linguistic/conceptual imaginative mind above and these are living treasures just as real!

    Voyager, your language talents and imagination are manifest! And very much appreciated. Try the new "left bank" free form of choice, Always Searching Sidebar in the Haiku Chain thread!!

    cyrez I invite
    your talent Haiku can light
    join us on the Chain

    join us on the Chain
    Voyager. Literary
    fun awaits there too

    fun awaits there too
    freedom in the sidebar now
    5-7-5 Chain'd

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Cyrez, you are getting there indeed. And... patience is always, throughout one's practice, a key virtue! :D :D

    The next level treasure is what your aneros practice can unlock in you whole body/mind, your world-view, your sense of yourself through your renewed orgasmic energetic body out into the everyday world and beyond. An awakened prostate is the gold, the philosophers' stone, that works this brave new WHOLE MALE ALCHEMY.

    Ask not what your imagination can do for your Aneros practice, ask what your Aneros practice can do for your imagination!!!

    johnny we hardly knew ya

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    [QUOTE=jackfood;91087]When aneros is insert (MGX), do you need to imagine about sex or you can just play PSP and wait?

    I used twice without success.

    Only if playing FIFA Football-like game or a Mario Brothers-like game turns you on!
  • On the top of my head, I doubt that playing a videogame can be combined with the physical relaxation required by a prostate massager. You are welcome to prove me wrong of course...
  • You're not wrong...

    image :)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Some of us aren't yet blessed with the sensual and cosmic communication skills needed for success in the Full Moon Club.

    Having a PSP/Nintendo networked game or even a chat tool could act as training wheels for cosmic success. :rolleyes:

    And with the new audioaneros we could all march (make that, contract ) to the same beat.