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Lube alternative to Marksman
  • Looking for a product that will do the samething, but a bit cheaper & available locally so I don't have to wait on shipping. I am having a great time and going through the Marksman quicker than I thought. Also what type of device do you use to get it in place?
    Started with the MGX starter kit, after several weeks upgraded to the helix, which felt great. This am started a session with the helix and after a very pleasurable 90 min switched back to MGX-oh boy did its p-tab hit the right spots, much more so than in the beginning & better than the helix. What an interesting journey this is.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Have you tried Slippery Stuff Gel? It's glycerin-free, tested anal-safe, and lasts a long time. Can get for around $15-20 for a 16 oz pumper, with shipping, if you really shop.

    You can try Lube Shooter, or Lube Launcher; just Google them and you'll find dozens of places you can get them. They were designed specifically for anal insertion of lube, with no sharp edges and simple, straight lines. They could hold a little more, though.
  • My preference is coconut oil which I purchase from a health shop. At room temperature it is a solid which can be inserted before use along with a smear on the device for easy insertion. At body temp it is very slippery. Coconut oil is used in cooking and eating so I assume it is safe for you bum...
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Aneros_user41648, :)

    Badger and calmer have both offered good suggestions for lube alternatives. The Slippery Stuff Gel is likely to be the most similar to the Markmen you've been using if you liked how it performed. My preference is unrefined 100% shea butter that is pale yellow to white in color. Specifically I use the Now Foods brand. Although there is bound to be other brands that meet this criteria, but it may require some research and experimentation on your part. It's much like coconut oil where it is solid at room temperature. And it melts to an automotive engine oil like viscosity at body temperature. It's very slippery and I have never needed to re-apply more lube during multi-hour sessions, as it does not dry out or absorb easily like water based lubes. It's a more natural alternative than manufactured lubes from synthetic compounds, and used for a variety of purposes. (See the following link)
    Shea butter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In the USA, you can usually find it in the hand/body moisturizer sub-section of the cosmetics section of your local health food store. Although your selection maybe limited and more expensive than buying over the Internet. Just make sure not to buy a scented variety, or one that has other additives. Here's the main shea butter thread if you want to find out more information from other Aneros users.