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Proud new Progasm owner
  • TymmanTymman
    Posts: 1
    Finally, after months of waffling, I went out and bought an Aneros. I had almost purchased a Helix online as I could not find a local retailer but I went out on a mission today and found a store that had both the Helix and Progasm. I like that the purchase does not go on my permament record.

    My expectations were immediately deflated when I saw the size of the Helix. I have used much larger toys and have enjoyed the feeling. But I really wanted to enjoy the special engineering of the Aneros so after a few moments consideration, I picked up the Progasm. I was ready to go!

    For many years, I have practiced achieving "no touch" orgasms brought on chiefly by kegel/anal contractions with sometimes help of external prostate massage. I have had some great orgasms. I am almost always successful when lying on my back since my cock lies on my stomach and gets some stimulation from the twitching. There is nothing better than the slow, spontaneous contractions which eventually lead to ejaculation. It is through constant tensing/relaxing cycles that I can create an almost out of control internal twitching.

    I have tried to accomplish the same lying on my side but have not quite got there. However, I get some great spontaneous contractions/semi-orgasms resulting in pre-cum. I sometimes lose much sleep with these exercises.

    With all this in mind, I selected the Progasm. It is more of what I expected although I do see where the Helix wins its admirers. I am looking forward to my first slow session with it and will report back with my experience.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Have fun Tymman and welcome to the Forum.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 200
    Good for you Tymman and welcome.

    I ordered a Progasm Ice last week and I am awaiting its arrival.
    Let us hope that we can give a good report.
  • Yes welcome indeed Tymman - you may want to experiment with your Progasm as a means to enjoy a range of orgasmic pleasurings which do not necessarily end in ejaculation, in the end if your goal is rewiring with always an ejaculation termination of pleasure you may feel cheated - see the current thread:

    Enjoy the journey.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Welcome to the Aneros forums Tymman. And congratulations about your Progasm purchase. :)

    Hapticbear covered one of my thoughts, so I don't need to repeat that. The other though is not to judge the smaller Aneros prostate massager's prematurely. They work just as effectively as the larger ones. I own both the Progasm and Helix. And had a period of time where I only used the Progasm for almost a year exclusively because it pleasured me so damn reliably. And then at some point it stopped giving me pleasure. So I started experimenting with other models, and found my Helix to be my current main stay of good old reliable pleasure maker. :D As your Aneros journey progresses you may find yourself favoring certain models due to how well they work for you.

  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 200
    My piece of Ice arrived this morning.
    13 days from order to its arrival in my corner of the 3rd world.

    Wow what a beauty!
    The moment of use is imminent.
    Wish me luck