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*What ends your sessions?
  • View Poll Results: *What ends your sessions? Voters: 14

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    I run out of time. 11 78.57%

    I run out of energy/tolerance. 14 100.00%

    Things just calm down and stop. 23 164.29%

    Wet orgasm. 22 157.14%

    Other (stipulate) 4 28.57%

  • QuoVadisQuoVadis
    Posts: 30
    Interested in what ends our sessions. This came to mind when someone posted that great comedy video of the tantric guy with continuous orgasms, eventually saying, "just shoot me!"
  • My sessions end with sweat, pre-cum puddles, exhaustion, contentment, and a BIG smile!
  • my wife takes care of my needs she loves to watch
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    Can't give just one reason an aneros session stops for me. Night time sessions usually stop because I fall to sleep or things just calm down and stop. My morning sessions either stop due to time or my Beloved awakens --- whereupon we pleasure in each other's presence.
  • carjockcarjock
    Posts: 14
    Its usually time that determines the end. Most of my sessions are in the am before work.
  • Ah, trapped farts. Such an inconvenience. Fortunately this doesn't happen often with me.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Great poll and grand comments so far. Voted for "running out of steam--exhaustion--fatigue"; however, almost as many sessions, initially aimed at orgasm(s) die a quiet but pleasureful death and, are 'cancelled for lack of interest on the part of dame Aneros." Those do "check the box" for bph therapy and are not a total loss. As tig woods might say, "it's all good."
  • [B]time circumstance and obligations end most sessions ...

    however the AM BM also can interrupt a run of o's

    ... especially an early am cup of coffee seems to trigger the gastrocolic reflex and the shit cums down from the colon entering a previously empty and clean rectum and necessitating removal and a good scrubbing of yer butt-lovin' aneros

    - rip
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    More recently wet orgasms. Get a little friction on the penis (not by hand) and *pop*!
  • DamienDamien
    Posts: 1
    I chose 'Other' since my sessions never seem to end as of late. I use my Aneros every few days to keep my prostate humming nicely but all the time in between i am able trigger the affects without the Aneros inserted. I try to keep from ejaculating even after an Aneros session which helps build up my sexual energy and makes these feelings easier to recreate. Although at times that can really take some self discipline.
  • I chose "I ran out of energy/tolerance". After about 4 to 5 hours my pc muscles were getting worn out and I'd had enough of the body shakes so I decided to finish myself off the good old fashioned way, lol. I must say it was pretty damn intense though stroking my cock and cumming while the Aneros was inside me. I'm thinking this might be the way all my sessions will end...