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Does size matter for Dry O?
  • I have been trying MGX, Helix and SGX for a while now, and I've always got to a point where it feels really good, but never had experienced Dry O, but then couple days ago, I started the session with MGX, then went to helix, and then to Nexus G-rider for the second time. At start it felt really uncomfortable because of the size, and couldn't even get it in, but after a few seconds, I had what I thought to be my first Dry O! I don't really know what it was, but I think I had an orgasm and didn’t ejaculate, so I think it was dry O.

    The key difference with G-Rider with all the other prostate massagers is the size, without any doubt G-Rider is much bigger than Helix and MGX.

    So, the question is does size matter? Does anybody have an experience with larger size of massager providing better chance of Dry O? Do you think Progasm is a good investment?
  • I think this question could have been answered with a few searches in this forum, but I'll answer from what I know/learned in 3 months of use and reading this forum. I started with the MGX, and like you, didn't get to the big-o. So, like almost every aneros user here, I bought another model before giving the first model the time required by my body to enjoy it. I bought a helix. I immediately felt more from the helix, but quickly realised it was all in my mind. I had my first super o from the MGX, and despite many great sessions with the helix, I've yet to finish with it.

    Sure, theres nothing stopping us from buying every model HIH offers, but I think there is a common rule that anyone can follow -

    If your current model makes you drip "precum" within 15-20 minutes, then that model is doing what it is intended to do...the rest is up to you and your mind/body connections. The only real worry here is, are you following all the guidelines to get there? Simple things like, no masturbating during or after a session, and give your body 3 days between sessions. Understanding what makes an aneros get you off is key. Read these forums as much as you can stand, and you'll get there.