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Maximus over Progasm for Smaller Individuals?
  • Hello everyone! Well after having the Helix for a little over a month possibly almost or around a month and a half, I am looking to get another model. I have been making great progress with the helix in my opinion especially combined with the Hypnaerosession using around 4-5 times a week. Each session seems to become more and more pleasurable and unpredictable whilst learning different effective ways to use it...I digress.
    In deciding upon a good second model, I decided to go for diversity. Peridise and eupho models seem to be heavily about the mobility factor such as the helix, i'm not sure what to think about the sgx/mgx models except that they are kind of the "typical model for beginners who don't know what to decide upon" (though I could be very wrong). The progasm and maximus appeal to me mostly because I feel they would provide another range of sensations due to their differences to the helix, those being girth and prostate contact.
    While at first I was very attracted to the progasm (especially the aesthetically appealing progasm ice version), now for the passed 2 weeks my thoughts have been more towards the maximus. This change stemmed from taking note of the undeniable fact that...i'm a small guy (5'4). I have heard of some smaller people having issues with some of the longer models due to location of prosate and seeing as how the progasm is 4.5in and the maximus is 4in which is the same as the helix which works nicely for me I would hate to spend that amount of money on a non-returnable progasm to simply have it over-shoot my prostate and become useless to me.
    I would like to ask for anyone's opinion on the matter as i'm sure I am not the only one with such questions. Maybe some other guys of similar height actually have the progasm or maximus and can offer some insight? Or maybe my opinions of the other models are incorrect seeing as how I have only had the helix?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Generally, most of us would suggest you stick with your first tool for at least 3 months before you add any 'confusion' to the game; however,....

    If you haven't downloaded the comparison chart yet, that might be a good place to start. -- Comparison Chart - Aneros Learning Center --.

    Note that the un-tapered but angled stem on the Helix allows it to adapt to various canal lengths. Not so of the Maximus, MGX or SGX where the tapered stem tends to force the tool inward. As rumel recently pointed out though, the SGX has an "effective" length somewhat longer than the Helix due to it's tapered stem. The SGX stem is also ridged which gives you some "purchase" on it and a more anal control over it than you've had with Helix.

    The Maximus stem is tapered but not ridged like SGX and MGX. I'm about six-weeks into Maximus and I fit onto it like a tailored glove (6 ft x180 lb.) My hunch is that you'd have pretty constant force against your prostate or bladder neck from a Maximus and not much mobility to support involuntaries until you build a lot of muscle (Maximus might be a more interesting tool for you in a year or so.)

    Your best bet might be an SGX from the Aneros shop. (Check and see if it's still a returnable item for a refund if you are unhappy.)
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Just to share a different POV, but I ordered a Eupho a week after getting started with an MGX, and I don't feel it confused my game at all. Rather, I've found switching between different tools helps me learn each of them better, and therefore learn more sum total. Six weeks after that, I got my Helix, and now (a year later), I still learn so much by having different options.

    So not to disrespect Rook above, but my experience benefited from adding an option. In fact, I'd be sure that my second device made all the difference.
  • derickderick
    Posts: 12
    I am 5'9" and am new to the Progasm, IMO I would not want to be any shorter and use it; it is long. Also from what I have read, the progasm does not move as much as other models due to the wider base..
  • Thankyou for your feedback! I went ahead and ordered the Maximus, and am looking forward to trying it out! If it's not for now then i'd certainly want to keep it around for later harm in having options available as I can stick with the helix if maximus proves to be too much at the present time.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Good choise, coz if you'd die tomorrow, you would never have known heaven alive
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    You did the right thing! I now call my maximus "The One." You WILL love it.
  • Well, after trying out my maximus for the first time, I have to say that I am VERY happy with my decision. Insertion wasn't hard after relaxing my muscles beforehand. From the instant it was in, I noticed the different sensations, the 2 big ones being the feeling of fullness and the constant pressure on the prostate. Just relaxing with it in was immensely pleasurable. Unfortunately, it seems that the p-tab on the maximus presses significantly more on my perineum than does the dime styled one of the helix. While I love the added pressure on that sensitive area, it seems that my skin did not because during the first few contractions (which were great while they lasted) it made a light scrape there which resulted in that sharp-scraped feeling when contact was made. Putting a tissue under it made it have a softer contact on my skin, but the damage was done and I had to end the session after an hour because I couldn't ignore the sting. Woke up fine this morning so it is not like it was significant and I was able to heal easily. I suppose for future sessions I will have to be sure to soften the p-tab contact with the skin. Regardless now with my new toy I can add some exciting, rewarding diversity to my sessions probably using it about one of the five sessions a week I typically do...or possibly switching it up during sessions!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Congrats on the Maximus AllInTheMind and enjoy,

    The 1:5 ratio and a small pad sounds like a great temporary solution to the issue. You should be out of the woods on this in another month. You'll then run without the pad on successive sessions.