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Has anyone tried vibrating prostate massagers like the Conto
  • I was curious if anyone has ever used a vibrating prostate massager like the "Contour T" before and how that experience went. I've read that guys have put vibrators onto the aneros and had some success, both with pleasure and with health. For only $10 it's gotta be flawed or have major limitations, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

    I found the device here:

    Thanks all.
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    That looks worth a try! :)
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    I tried this yesterday, bought it at a local sex shop for $18 (! ouch !). But its worth every penny. Let's just say the experience is a major major wow.. I'm still abuzz after it. AMAZING. My butt started munching on the vibrator as soon as I turned it on and then started making contractions exacly like I was cumming...

    That was just the beginning. After about 10 minutes the contractions spread through my tummy, I had an incredible hardon, and then I started feeling the contractions throughout my lower back, legs and tummy. I kept going like that for 30-40 minutes, the whole time I was having these contractions that felt like I was cumming. No relief or peak-then-relax, just all the time these contractions every 0.8 seconds or so. It was possible to stop the contractions by holding my PC muscle tight, but as soon as I let go and relaxed, they'd start over. In fact they build and build, if you just let your body do its thing.

    I could probably have kept going until the batteries would have run out, but I got a very strong cramp in my tummy and had to stop to go to the restroom.

    Lessons learned:

    * Attempt to take a crapper before session :)
    * This works very well, but its super-extra-hyper-intense
    * I now know what to look for with the Aneros, which kinds of contractions to encourage/let-happen and how to be (even more) passive
    * This is a very intense experience. This morning I feel like someone kicked my gut. I probably would prefer a less intense experience as one can get with the Aneros.
  • PanPan
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    Congratulations Joe!

    So does this mean you had your first offical Super-O, or did I miss a post somewhere?

    Also, were you using one speed setting the whole time or did you play around with the controls?

    And would you recommend this to newbies in order to get more from their Aneros sessions?

    Personally, I've never used any kind of vibrator with prostate stimulation, but your post just made me re-consider it. I think I might give this one a try and report back.
  • mu1timu1ti
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    I have a prostate vibrator. It feels great and is useful but I still don't use it a lot as I tend to find that vibration desensitises my prostate after a while.

    Joe good luck with this, it sounds like fun.

    A good question I think is if you use this one night are you then more or less receptive to your aneros the following day?

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    To Pan: I don't know if this is a super O (and I dont care :) ). Reading other people's descriptions, I'd rather say it was very intense involuntaries which basically settled on a rythm like during ejaculation. It was a very intense experience and I'm sore a day and a half after it. I used the lowest speed setting throughout, which was fine because the sensations varied wildly depending on which set(s) of muscles were contracting at the time and hence where the tip of this thingie was pressing. Very fun, but very exhausting. I don't recommend this at all to people who have no experience, on the contrary, I only recommend this for people who already are familiar with what anal contractions feel like. It's too forceful for beginners and will scare them, IMHO. It may prevent people from achieving enough concentration and detachment to experience the next step up (if that makes any sense).

    To Mu1ti: I havent tried yet with the Aneros, after this experience (see above, my muscles are simply tired out). Its a good experiment to try. I'll do it when I get more used to the vibrator, and report back.

    So overall, my feeling is that its a very intense experience in its own right, not a replacement for using the Aneros, and not the super-O (yet?).
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    I forgot to respond to Mu1ti's point about desensitization: I didn't experience that at all. I think the trick is that this specific vibrator is not thick enough to be stuck in one position. In my case the various different sets of muscles that were contracting at different times made the sensations completely different from one second to the next. I never knew what to expect next :) That was great but also a complete concentration/relaxation breaker.
  • I haven't received mine yet (I ordered it last week), but I am quite looking forward to it. I was thinking it might be good to use with a condom (or two) over it, to dull the sensations even more. I definitely don't want to desensitize my prostate. I'm also glad the handle looks small enough to use while laying on my back. I haven't done the handlectomy yet on my Aneros, but plan to sometime.

    I'll report back with my experience.

  • mu1timu1ti
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    Anyone found these mail order in the UK? Cheers
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    i happen to see this stuff in japan..

    maybe it will work like aneros and even better.. cos it has vibrating parts
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    It is important to remember that the Aneros has been designed to be responsive to your body's own movements and contractions. Vibrators while pleasant in the short term can, more often than not, tend to obscure the subtle sensations that are the precursors of the Super O. As I've said in the past, and others have stated more recently, vibrators can actually desensitize the prostate. They can overload the sensory nerves, causing one to have to apply greater and greater pressure to maintain the same amount of sensation. Under these circumstances it is even possible to (unwittingly) harm oneself.

    I will grant (as Fleshjoe has stated) that modulating the intensity and the contact position of the vibrator can mitigate these effects somewhat, but I maintain that the possibility of desensitizing the anus and prostate remains.

    Beyond this, one should not forget that you cannot slam yourself into a Super Orgasm! To develop this technique it is essential that one becomes MORE connected with their body's own responses. Vibrators, for the most part, with their capacity for producing anaesthesia , (and perhaps damage) are just not part of that picture. This is particularly the case for the newbies who are searching for the path....vibrators can simply obliterate it.

    For the Aneros or Super O vet, it may be a slightly different case. That is, if one has their technique down, one may in certain instances use strategically applied vibration to enrich the experience (as I've done on occasion). But, in such cases it is always the technique that generates the Super O, NOT the vibrator. (As a matter of fact, I only use it once the Super O is underway...)

    With respect to the link to the Japanese vendor offering an Aneros-like vibrating unit, it should be said that the Japanese market has been flooded with Aneros knock-offs. Some of these units look very similar to the Aneros while others are bizarrely shaped creations that are absolutely not fit for insertion! Many (as in the case of this one) appear to be fabricated from hard injection molded plastic. Such manufacturing has the tendency for producing seams and burrs which must be meticulously removed in order to make such products safe for use. In the past having actually obtained one or two of these knock-offs I was dismayed at their poor quality. So buyer beware. With regard to this vibrating model, I find their own diagram (the one showing the cross section of the unit inserted into the rectum) to be rather illustrative. Oddly, they show the TIP of the unit contacted and buried deep into the prostate (their way of showing that tip is the area that presses in. If this is so, then what are all the contours about? Knowing how Aneros functions, this diagram doesn't make very much sense to me. Also, look at the size and depth of the ribs at the base...not very inviting! I have my doubts about this one.

    In a nutshell, vibrators of any type are certainly no short cut to the Super O. But as I write this, I know that many will still have to experience it for themselves to be convinced. If so, just remember to be careful!

    BF Mayfield

  • caltoncalton
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    (this post was edited 2005-09-06 16:45:55)

    I strongly agree with BF Mayfield. By the way B.F.M - are you writing your PhD on the use of the Aneros?! Your experience and encouragement are an enlightenment!
    Anyway - back to the use of vibrators on the prostate ... as I have experienced in the past myself, the feelings initially may seem great, the idea that it can offer anything like a Super O is, as just outlined, not worth the effort. Although the idea sounds good, the prostate area is heavily supplied with nerve endings and is more likely to respond to sensitive touch. The vibrations kind of "hammer" the prostate and I guess bruise the soft tissue - hence the feeling that others in the thread relate. The end of the session used to provoke a numbness in the prostate, similar to the idea of anaesthesia described by B.F.Mayfield. Initially intense, the numbness means that you cannot feel what is going on in reality, and start increasingly more vigorous movements with the vibrator in order to try and to provoke an orgasm - an ever escalating, self-defeating chase. Thinking of it in erotic massage terms, you wouldn't start off with heavy pressure, this only destroys any chance of pleasure from lighter touching later.
    This said, I can remember my first experience with the family Pifco electric massager (purchased genuinely for back muscle massage) when I used it extremely excitedly on my penis, lower abdomen and perineum . I was about fifteen at the time - but I still have memories that I kind of felt numb "down there" for a few days later. I can remember taking extreme care to put it back in the box exactly as it had been, in case my parents might notice someone had been using it and ask questions! Ah! - the quest of us all in the search of sexual Valhalla!
    I have not indulged in penetrative vibrator practice for a long while now, nor would I want to but I used to think that the feeling for days after was just not good - similar to those following a blow to the testes.
    The other thing, again in agreement with B.F. Mayfield is the quality of the finished surface. New technologies of silicone have largely eliminated this and prior to the Aneros, I used to use a string of flexible silicone balls to provoke prostate/sphincter sensations.
    This is a long way of getting to the point - I recently came across, on a trawl of the net , The Prostate Probassage System - The Prostate Power Probe. It doesn't suggest that it is powered in itself. I am not canvassing the use of this product rather just passing it on. It is sold with the idea of self-milking the prostate which does interest me. Would be interested in others' experiences on this procedure.
    If you want to give a look on Male Pro website Still About Probassage.html
    My suggestion - stick with the Aneros! It is a continuously changing, delicious experience. And I say that after only using it for a week!
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    In case I wasnt clear, I too agree with Calton and BMayField. The vibrator experience is a much more intense, forceful one than the Aneros. Since you can't slam yourself into super-O, what's the good of that?

    That said, it was a lot of fun and not numbing. But certainly exhausting.. :)
  • PanPan
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    I'm somewhat on the fence here. After reading Fleshjoe's first 2 posts, I went ahead and bought one for myself for $20 at my local adult supply shop.

    It looked good at first glance, but once I took it out of the box and checked it by hand, I found it does indeed have a mild seem right along the centerline of the insertion prod. I'm hesitant to insert anything inside myself that isn't completely smooth. So at the very least, I would only use this thing with a condom buffer.

    And of course, there is the question of whether direct vibrations may be harmful. I have no idea. Although I've always had an adventurous spirit when it comes to sex, I'm not sure I'm willing to risk the health of prostate for a possible new thrill.

    Besides, I'm already quite happy with my 2 Aneros models, plus the Crystal Wand. So maybe I shouldn't be taking any unnecessary chances. It's just that now I've got this new toy sitting in my Box of Goodies, and sooner or later my curiosity may get the better of me...