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Lube worries...
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    l have a small question in regards to lube.. currently l use a glycerine(sp?) based one tho l have ordered some new stuff which is free of it, however in the past month lve had two blood tests one of which was two days ago and l have been asked in for another tomorrow as there are strange results with regards to live based tests they are doing.

    my question is do glycerine based products cause liver problems? while l have found information online l dont tend to self diagnose allot and lm sort of embarrassed to ask my doctor about it and admit Aneros usage however if the lubrication l am using is causing the issues then its worth trying to verify here, because l admittedly use my Aneros models allot instead of cracking one off manually :p lm not exactly sure how different my results are from my original blood test from earlier in the month however l guess l will find out more tomorrow and next week.

    another thing of interest would be "can the choice of lube affect the journey to the Super-O? or can that be obtained no matter of the type of lube you use just as long as the dynamics of what the Aneros is supposed to do are met regardless of what you use"
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hmmm... interesting and may offer some enlightenment regarding a variation in my bloodwork last year. At the time I just getting started, and over-lubing with a glycerin based liquid. I was also on the road for several weeks and, without my spouse's daily suggestions regarding diet, was probably abusing good beef.

    Here's my anecdote: I had a marked rise in LDL and total Cholesterol on a routine annual liver function and serum test. My doc upped my Niacin by 50% for several months and ordered a retest in 90 days. At the same time, I gave up ID Glide because of an IBS-C attack and made the move to Shea Butter.

    Next check my bloodwork was AOK and I dropped back to my old Niacin dose. Case closed with blame cast on my road-warrior diet.

    Glycerin is used with water by some tri-athletes to 'super-hydrate.' There's been a fair body sports-med work done on the topic. Checkout link: -- UltRunR - Glycerol / Glycerine --. You might want to consider glycerin within that context. Remember that you are absorbing it directly into the bloodstream without subjecting it to digestive juices so YMMV from sweaty sports..

    I'm sensitive to any anal lube with glycerin. More than occasional use triggers an IBS-C attack that can last for two or three weeks so I avoid glycerin. I prefer vegetable fats. Shea is first choice now but I'm attracted to the idea of Flax gel.

    If you are getting freedom of movement from your lube you're gtg for orgasm. My own lube test is for the Aneros tool to move just from gentle breathing and without any voluntary contraction. ...hth
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    All Aneros users need to be aware of the fact the rectal membrane is very permeable. As such it readily absorbs directly into the bloodstream the various chemical components contained in any of the commercially available 'personal lubricants'. As member 'Virg' has pointed out in several threads, the long term consequences of our unique form of usage has not been studied, to my knowledge, only a limited number of lubricants have undergone any scientific scrutiny.
    I don't know if there is a correlation, but approximately 9 months into using my Aneros massager along with a generic KY jelly lubricant, blood work revealed extremely high triglyceride levels, subsequent testing also revealed the presence of suspicious fatty deposits in my liver. I have embarked on a regime of using omega-3 fish oil, as recommended by my doctor, to help lower my tryglyceride level (which also happens to align nicely with 'Zaneblue's orgasmic diet). I have also switched to using 'Natural Jelly' as my lubrication of choice. It remains to be seen if this will affect the liver and blood conditions.

    Functionally, I don't believe your lube of choice makes much difference on the path to the Super-O unless it causes you some distress during usage.
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    this is a pretty interesting conclusion, l only thought about it as my diet was always um sorta crap and lve never experienced anything apart from the usual "eat healthier food" statements from the doctors.. l had blood tests prior to moving to the glycerine based product but there didnt seem to be any issues, as for the new stuff it states its free from it...

    one thing of particular interest is rumel's reply, specifically the statement "subsequent testing also revealed the presence of suspicious fatty deposits in my liver." while l dont know for definite about the particulars (they werent exactly explained in great detail) the jist of the conversation with my doc indicated tho the results werent exactly "high" they were not in normal ranges so he wanted to observe the situation however that being said from what the doctor did mention was something along the lines of something to do with fat in the liver, which could correlate with your experiences, l guess the best way to test the theory is to change lube once my new pot arrives, tbh the glycerine based stuff is closed to finished after a few more uses.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Went back and pulled copies of my old lab reports. During the two months in question my Triglycerides rose from an average of 115 to 250. LDL rose from an average of 58 to 153. The increase in med dose seemed to lower them back to my prior average. HDL stayed in the low 70's. Quitting the glycerin was co-incidental with the med change. I also cleaned up my eating act and strengthened my exercise routine.

    With this many variables it's difficult to draw any firm conclusions; but, our similarities are, "striking."
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    lve changed lube myself, in fact l seem to get a better feeling from the new stuff which is glycerine free and it looks more like a cream.. this new stuff is called Man Grease (lol) and seems to last a while too, the old stuff seemed to absorb too quick, regardless tho lm sure l might be called in for more blood tests unless they have found the underlying cause from the 4 samples they took on thursday, still l shall update this thread with the conclusion so lm hoping lm not prescribed anything between now and the possible next blood test so l can see if the change of lubrication changes the results as it could be useful others out there.
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    as stated, l said l would update this thread as soon as l had more of an idea what the issue was..

    my blood tests came back today, from the tests that were ran it seems my iron levels are extremely high so there is a likelihood l have something called hemochromatosis.. from what l have read up there is a high chance l will be getting a liver biopsy so the original assumption may be just pure coincidence at least in the respects of my assumptions.

    still if its anything like l have read lm not looking forward to the treatment, having to get rid of a pint of blood once a week just doesnt sound like a nice prospect.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Earlier this year, several posts in the forum addressed possible effects on blood lipids. Several of us shared information.

    Here's my update, generally supporting my use of natural lubricants.

    Generally, I've used more lube over the last six months. Probably due to more tool swapping during sessions and the routine use of a Maximus to start sessions and support Super-T finishes after therapeutic massage. I'd surmise that the larger surface area of tools like Progasm and Maximus would result in more systemic absorption of lube components.

    The balance of my other blood work runs right down the center of the 'normal' range except for a low WBC which is the reason for the large number of blood draws this year. The doc is 'ruling out' some rather nasty afflictions. So far the only thing we know for sure is that I'm not HIV positive.

    ============= ============= ========== =========

    Read numbers across: Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL

    Baseline: (prior to Aneros use)....................................... 168, 115, 79, 53, 23
    Early Aneros use (water based lubes--mostly glycerine)..... 175, 250, 74, 153, 18
    Three months after switch to Shea Butter based lube:...... 151, 109, 64, 65, 22
    Aug 2010 --- 9 months after switch to Shea Butter based lube..... 162, 77, 64, 83, 15
    June 2011 -- Shea half the time, Slippery stuff the other half ..... 135, 86, 66, 52, 17 **

    **Note: In late 2010 I started using Crisco as a 'base lube' on larger tools like Progasm and Vice

    =================== ================================== ======

    Without reading too much into these results, the resemblance between my Triglyceride history and rumel's experience tends to stand out.