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  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    I don't know if I am doing this right or wrong. I am geting a push feeling so I do and it feels good, but when I stop pushing the good feeling stops. I get nothing but shaky legs when I hold it in. Am I doing somthing wrong? Please help thanks!!
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Hello, ssw1, and welcome to the Aneros community. If you haven't seen by now, you'll find this forum to be the source and answers for all things Aneros.

    Man, your post is like literally thousands we have seen here over the past years. No offense, but have you read the WIKI regarding getting started with our toys? How about the "stickies" at the top of the discussion board? Here you'll find the answers to all your questions.

    What you're experiencing is the beginning of your Aneros journey. This is for all new users when I say this, but dude, sometimes this takes a while...months in some cases, before you begin to experience pleasure from Aneros. The rewiring process is sometimes, unfortunately, a slow one. I don't know how old you are, but it seems that in younger guys the time is shorter...higher libido or testosterone levels...dunno. But the key thing here is PATIENCE on your part. Patience and practice.

    Your prostate has never been stimulated before, at least not in this manner. Even if you have some anal experience, your prostate needs some time to awaken before you'll start getting what I call "feedback" from it.

    There are some really good bits of advice here: for you to read and appreciate. Just click on the various links in this section of the site and you'll be moved through some of the very best thoughts of experienced users.

    Almost all of us who are enjoying the true benefits of prostate massage right up to our vaunted Super O experience started exactly like you! Nothing happens for the first bit of time in most cases. You're no different, there's nothing wrong with you, you're not using the wrong techniques. It takes some time.

    By the way, stop trying! Just put your Aneros in and let it be. Don't mess with your penis, don't do massive contractions, don't squeeze or thrust.

    The idea here is to coax your prostate, make love to it, soothe it, lightly tickle it to respond. And oh, by the way, the first inklings you'll get are very faint in most cases so if you're thrashing about or thrusting and squeezing, you may miss that first feedback. The best thing for you to do is nothing. Expect nothing, do nothing. Just let the Aneros work to awaken your prostate. Be patient. All good things come to him who waits.

    Believe me when I say this...the reward will far exceed your desires once you get started.

    Good luck, brother, and success on YOUR journey.

  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    So I should try not to move it at all? How long before I move it? I have read that you should not move it for at least 20 min. But should I wait longer? I am 36 years old and I have a hard time keeping an erection that's why I am trying this. Thanks for all the help so far .
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    6th try and still nothing!! Still not sure if I am doing it right but I will
    keep trying.
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    I think i am giving up I just don't get anything out of it. I have done everything I have read and still nothing. I have had about 20 Trys !!!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Remember that when born, our eyes present a blurry image to our brain and it's upside down. The brain picks up on the sensory input, combines it with some touching objects and rewires its' connections to get things right side up. Takes weeks for that to happen. Then we get accurate with our reaching and grasping and eventually shoot hoops and hit baseballs.

    I went into this without having any significant prostate stim since I stopped rubbing my pubic bone for pleasure and orgasm in my pre-teens. For over 55 years I hardwired myself into orgasm that supported monogamous breeding. Took me 44 weeks and >100 sessions before my brain connected prostate sensations with sensuous experience and wired into the means to generate those sensations.

    Very honestly. It's worth it. Hang in there guy and pace yourself for a marathon, not a sprint. There are a lot of pot holes along this path and some deep ditches alongside the road. Most of us have encountered those. We believe, otherwise we'd not hang around to help.
  • wreckindwreckind
    Posts: 21
    ssw1, there are multiple ways to reach what we all want but each journey is specific. So the 'do nothing' method for example can be really effective to some people and not for others.

    You have to take your time to listen to your body during the sessions but also to read the several reports available on this site for example.

    Read the general forum, the sticky threads, the community polls sections, and the wiki resources.
    It took 2-3 years for me (and took 1-30 days, even a session to some people).

    some advises (As we know that each journey is specific some concrete parameters play a role in the active (opposed to the 'do nothing' method which can also be successful) super O building )

    To begin, see by yourself that there is no rules about the success time*how-long-before-your-first-super-o-11045/

    Read on the wiki page or search on this forum what muscles are in action during the journey (in others words search for the key expressions "rectal contractions", "pc contractions", "anal contractions" "sphincter")

    Practice the Kegels exercises (search/learn what is their action) and eventually (with the Aneros in) what CaveOfMystery described in that thread :

    read this thread about the penis fixation

    read how people reached their first/best super Os (only too take some keys and see that there are multiple ways and parameters in game)

    the BM Keys

    do a research on the forum about

    -the Lubes (types of lubes, quantity used)
    my combination is Slippery stuff (water based, without glycerin which can give the urge to defecate) for the Pre-lubrication and KY gel on the Aneros

    -the different body positions. Here 's a poll to begin*what-has-been-your-most-effective-favorite-position-11129/

    -the nipple stimulation (according to some experimented members there can be very important and it is what i personally added to my pleasant sessions to reach the Super O)
    I described it here :
    in response to MacPC who had a similar experience to mine (2 years of pleasant sensations)

    -some feedbacks about the Rumel's hypnaerosession CD (i didn t used it but it has some good comments and can be effective on you)
    (note : most of the feedbacks aren t in this thread)

    additional links :

    -A scheme to situate yourself
    -a PDF made by FrenchBoy in french which you can translate using google for example.

    One more time the main keys are to have an opened mind and the patience. Thera are very much infos to read in the links i posted and even more in the forum but it's not a race. So take your time to learn them at your own rhythm.

    PS : i ve just seen that most of what i said is in the thread, that Cockadoodle gave to you

    So my main advise is : read this thread !!!

    Good luck !!
  • i to am a rookie. i have read the forums for advice. relax,contract your sphinster muscles slightly and concitrate on your feelings around your colin area. the first feeling i got was my penis starting to stroke on its own. i also lie on my back with a pillow under my cheeks and my legs partly spread eagle and feet flat. at this position my penis and balls are not in contact with my legs as with the side position.