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Bliss Cocoon
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    I just posted this to the "my best orgasm..." sticky, but after doing so, I realized that I'd see quite a few "am I doing something wrong" or "I've been trying for weeks" or "I can't get to Super O" posts again. I guess some of us get weary of constantly replying with "relax" or "be patient" or whatever. For you, again, I say, relax and be patient. We're right on this, trust us.

    But, for those of you who ARE achieving a certain level of success, I realized that some of you may be SIGNIFICANTLY further on your journey than you think you are. So, see if this post makes any sense to those of you who don't think you've "gotten there" yet. You may be better at this than you realize.

    Try to take your conscious brain out of the way, and let your subconscious take over. Start to realize that you are unique, and as such, Super O or any other bliss state are YOURS ALONE. Own that as you experience your journey to Aneros pleasure.


    Let me say that I am fortunate enough to achieve this much sought after goal often. Often. Almost every session. But I have also come to realize that Super O is a different experience, not only different for everyone, but different to everyone. Just because you've seen videos or read accounts of full body orgasm or spasm-ing legs DOES NOT mean that your experience of extreme pleasure with Aneros is not a Super O.

    I have come to realize that, for me, Super O is more a combination of mind and body. I believe I have grown beyond the point of herky-jerky active-body Super O's and on to a more surreal version. While difficult to describe, I think the term "bliss cocoon" is more in keeping with what I'm trying to achieve when I do an Aneros (or even a non-aneros, for that matter) session.

    My "best" sessions are those in which I can achieve this bliss state. It's a continuous pleasure zone that waxes and wanes, that intensifies and degrades and then builds again, but it's constant and mind-blowingly great. Eupho is my weapon of choice for this excersize, and while in the "bliss cocoon" even the smallest of motions, the slightest of nipple stim, is able to magnify the intensity of my bliss. This like a warm cocoon of pleasure that envelops me and floats me along. Not Super O as you would imagine? Says who?

    So what I try to achieve is this sense of total immersion into my prostatic delirium. Now, unlike and active, legs-a-shakin' Super O, which, for me lasts only 10 to 15 minutes at best, my "bliss cocoon" immersion goes on for up to an hour and more. Seriously.

    My point in all of this is to encourage you all to seek the level of pleasure or bliss or whatever, for yourself. Don't let others' idea of Super Orgasm be your totem. Find your own level...develop your own style both of getting there, and more importantly, sustaining the bliss.

    On sustaining. Remember always, that initially, feedback from the prostate may be only a whisper of may be fleeting at first as well. Be "listening" for the first feedback, and don't expect the mountains to move. It'll likely be just a light tickle in your groin...or back, or feet...but be aware of where that feedback hits you. It may be different during different sessions...just be aware of what and how it effects you personally and then try to sustain whatever it is you're feeling. You may be able to do this by "freezing" your current body your ass up off the bed, are you tightening your thighs on one side or the other or both? Are you using nipple stimulation, if so, which nipple and what stroke, brush or pinch is working for you. (BTW, if you're not encouraging your body to respond to nipple stim, you may be missing the key to Super O, IMHO)

    Breathing is also important. Are your lungs full or empty as you start to get it good if you breathe in and hold, or is it better with your lungs empty...All of this matters. What is important is that you continue to encourage, sustain, whatever is making you feel good. Try to make it last as long as possible, because if you'll do this, you'll find that the stimulation will grow stronger, and you'll get better at what makes you feel good.

    Eventually, sustaining will lead to the non-stop, continuous pleasure that is a precursor to Super O, however you experience it.

    Don't be discouraged...this takes time, this rewiring process. Just remember to focus on the things that work and ignore the things that don't.

    Good luck brothers, and success on YOUR journey.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great Cockadoodle!! :D :D

    This state that works wonders for you, is very similar to my floating bliss, which is my favourite resolution following whatever Os may appear in the run up.

    Your advice on being observant, without attempting to take control, is also key, IMHO. Better observation, better memory detail, all stored in the memory systems!! Best of all, on each recall, all the muscles' memories repeat exactly what happened the first time, and if you are deeply relaxed, you can just be there again, or actually launch a very similar orgasmic event.

    Thanks so much brother C! The possibilities on the Bliss Plateau are truly astounding.

    all the best getting there and enjoying all there is there and beyond all

  • [QUOTE=Cockadoodle;89713]
    Eventually, sustaining will lead to the non-stop, continuous pleasure that is a precursor to Super O, however you experience it.

    Could you describe what you mean by the quote above? I don't think I've read about this "precursor" in any other post, and it does indeed sound like where I am right now (especially right around 6AM, when it wakes me up).

    Yes, I know -- I am finding my own level. But, it's also really interesting to hear about the path that others have already traveled. :-)
    It's the difference between exploring a new town without a map, and having a crudely drawn map that says "there's a great restaurant right over there, and if you can see the fish pond you're getting pretty close".

    Wandering around "by feel" can be fun, but I would like to try that restaurant. :-)
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Hi, CM...thanks for the question.

    Generally, for me, a Super O does not just hit me, BAM...I'm there! It's a building sensation, one that grows and enlarges...maybe surges a few times before really starting. During that "ramp up" period, I generally get a continuous high level charge of prostate enjoyment, and gentle urging in the form of gentle contractions, leg movements or breathing (in-out-hold) will keep it going and going.

    While this is generally the case, not always, for me, I can expect a very high level orgasm to follow. Is that a Super O? Probably, it sure seems like it to me, as I can expect it to last for quite a while as a result. Does it mean hip thrusts and leg shakes or whatever? Maybe, but more often than not, and again FOR ME, it's more the bliss cocoon I talk about in my first post. An enormously satisfying, uplifting, wrapper of peaceful pleasure that I can only say enfolds me and takes me somewhere else. Colors, imagination, free association, business decisions, family members...all kinds of pleasant and non-associated thoughts take me over.

    Artform has talked much about the spiritual aspects (non-religious, psychic spirituality) that can flow from such a state, and does, for me, to allow my mind to be free to accept much more about life, love and other aspects of my humanity. It's very addicting, by the way, and something that can, if I let it, get in the way of actually living my life.

    With that, I encourage you to work on peaceful, relaxed and quiet practice. You'll get there. Just don't expect too much along the path.

  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    Sometime back I read in a Sex Magick book that it's very important to isolate the sensation of an orgasm and learn to concentrate on the sensation in a relaxed, trance state. Of course the book was referring to a phallic orgasm and the necessity to separate orgasm from ejaculation. I think however that the same advise would help an aneros user discover the bliss cocoon that Cockadoodle is talking about here. I'm sure many of us are "edgers" in our traditional phallic masturbation lives. Take some time and self pleasure with your cock and stop one stroke short of of ejaculation and tune into the sensation of orgasm. Don't just pay attention to your cock, but rather the entire groin and your whole body. From there you will be able to recognize the bliss cocoon. I know I have. Don't forget (know it's trite, but still true) it's the journey not the destination.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Thank you all!!! Cool thread !!

    Absolutely great description; however (comma), it begs a question about my own orgasmic experience. Perhaps I've only been experiencing the precursor to something beyond my current 'visits.' Hmmmm........

    When in the orgasmic (or precursor) state, I've only selfishly viewed the scenery and cherished the experience and depth of the feelings. I've not yet made the spiritual connections back to my corporeal being. Darn you Cockadoodle and Artform you've given me more homework to do.

    ----edit --- @ artform, I'm finally beginning to understand what you've been talking about for the last year -- talk about being late to the party. .... Thanks guy!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Cockadoodle, :)

    Thank you for providing more details of this experience that you touched upon with me in the chat room. It's quite interesting to read. In the interest of not making more confusion of terminology for users here. Is perhaps what you are experiencing a calm-seas orgasm, or maybe a spiritual orgasm? Perhaps further detailed discussion with other advanced users who have experienced these things might clarify if a new label is warranted? Thanks.

  • Cockadoodle,

    Yes, thanks for describing your experience! I'm looking forward to finding out what it's like myself (patience...)!
    The "ramp up" experience sounds pretty close to where I am now, and I'm definitely enjoying it.

  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Hi, all...

    Love_is, I'm not really trying to apply any new label to things, just to simply describe what I feel and the state I reach, that's all.

    My point is that many of us mistakenly think we're not making progress, when in fact, we are. Everyone gets there, bit by bit, and I am simply trying to encourage everyone to quantify their OWN experiences and not to gauge their progress based on the experience of someone else.

    My "bliss cocoon" analogy is simply my term for what others might call a calm seas orgasm or whatever. I was simply sharing.

    De gustibus non disputandem. (Concerning taste(s) there is no disputing.)

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All! Thanks again C! for your report opening this discussion!! :D :D

    [QUOTE=Love_is;89745]Hello Cockadoodle, :)

    Thank you for providing more details of this experience that you touched upon with me in the chat room. It's quite interesting to read. In the interest of not making more confusion of terminology for users here. Is perhaps what you are experiencing a calm-seas orgasm, or maybe a spiritual orgasm? Perhaps further detailed discussion with other advanced users who have experienced these things might clarify if a new label is warranted? Thanks.


    Love_is, I appreciate your thought here, and at the same time agree with Cockadoodle. Historically, here at Aneros, Old Wolf first identified what he referred to as "Above and Beyond" orgasms that are calm, floating, full-body still events of bliss and varied forms of lightness and enlightenment perhaps. As with everything aneros, everyone's points of reference and life experiences and aesthetics and tastes vary too, along with vocabulary and expressive preferences.

    While first categorized as another form of Super-O, and that idea too is fine, this is a very different path compared to the full-body active pulsating etc. etc. many varied physical dry orgasmic Super-Os reported here (and I still get 'em and luv'em!!!). In the terms I have adopted, the Taoist Jing(Orgasmic)>>>Qi/Chi(Life-Force)>>>Shen(Spiritual) understanding of the full dimensions of the energies we are unleashing here, I would offer that it is a higher proportion of Shen(Spiritual) in the bliss mix that makes the difference.

    So, I would respectfully offer that the Calm Seas Super-Os are themselves Spiritual Orgasms in the gateway or foyer or foot-inside-the-sanctuary way at least, and varied as they are, can go much further. In my experience to date, they are also ideal launching vehicles for the Universal Union and far beyond Spiritual Orgasms or blissful enlightening travel through/with these energies.

    These are my experiences in my words, as C! points out quite rightly, and while I wish everyone equal access, no one will experience them through quite the same language. I used the term Bliss Plateau in the sense that we talk here about various plateaux along the journey, and I should adjust that to bliss plateau, since I did not intend to add to differentiated orgasmic terminology, just the common ground of the general experience.

    IMHO, this ability to open us up to what Old Wolf first identified as Above and Beyond is the most significant one for each of us as we develop with aneros, and for the much wider general male health improvement effects possible through this access to these healing energies.

    all the best orgasmic spiritual energies access, health and enlightenment all