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*Masturbating after a session - Who does it?
  • View Poll Results: Do you masturbate to orgasm after an Aneros session? Voters: 690

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    Yes 72 10.43%

    Sometimes 68 9.86%

    No 21 3.04%

  • Morn
    Posts: 52
    Just wanted to get everyones take on bringing themselves off after a session.

    I personally find that its a superb normal orgasm, but admittedly I have not been able to peak in terms of the super-o. I am at the gates looking in but can not go over the edge.

    Any comments welcome.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Good question Morn!

    I'm curious too. Initially, solo and with mrs. a, it was always ending a session with an ejaculation, enhanced and ultimately in SuperT form, which has its own merits!

    However, I felt that I was not making progress as hoped beyond the early involuntaries and sweet sensations, and I began resisting the desire for an ejac.

    That was also about the time I found relatively quickly that the Key Sound worked very well for me and the next day echo effects were powerful. Soon I found that I was getting strong day after effects from my Aneros sessions (Chairgasms!!! and Cargasms!!![but safely controlled!]) and that I could focus and strengthen the Aneros effects during an Aneros session by also using the Key Sound. This was mostly solo, but the effects echoed too from our sessions together.

    By this time, relatively quickly(!), the thought of needing an ejac was receding well away. Because mrs.a's adventure was focused on achieving female ejaculation, which is a wonderful shared blessing(!!!), we liked to finish our sessions still with me ejaculating too: SUPER-T after a "slow" two hour mutual prostates session!

    Now with our focus shifted to energies and energy sharing, we have extraordinary sessions together where neither of us even thinks about ejaculation. We also continue to have some sessions where one or both of us do...

    Further complicating the picture is that I still use my Aneros for its original medical therapeutic purpose: prostate massage to relieve BPH, and usually I do masturbate at the completion to "clear the pipes!". Thank goodness for Aneros in all its dimensions and effects!

    I guess you might have guessed, my vote was for "Sometimes"; but I would say less and less. And I think that that has helped with the rewiring and getting semi-permanently into a continuous O-zone.

    BTW, my first Super-O was from mrs. a giving me a finger massaging of my prostate, then from Aneros (and more fingering), now called up at will!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    There are advantages to ending an Aneros session without ejaculation. It should be experimented with. Sometimes it is a challange getting past that desire, but it is well worth it. My vote was "sometimes".
  • nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hi Buster,

    I have never ended a session without ejaculating. I have tried, but it is so difficult holding back. My sessions are usually less than an hour long. It all depends, but I usually will have several really nice super o's, then will edge my way along to the finale. Once I'm so close to cumming I never want to stop. I should try and see how it effects me. It might help if I would have more frequent sessions. Nood
  • GrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Not only after but before and during but usually without ejaculating.

    Simultaneous prostate massage and "Stamina Training" with the Fleshlight STU provides indescribably intense whole-body and whole-being ecstasy. The effect of the prostate massage is to help the body reabsorb all the juices and so reduce the pressure to ejaculate in the STU. This way I can enjoy over two solid hours of prostate massage and STU at a time without spending myself. The whole experience is out of this world, and it leaves me feeling energized and rejuvenated. Every couple of weeks or so I decide to go for a grand finale in which it seems the whole cosmos bursts forth with me!
  • OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I'd say I occasionally masturbate at the end of a session primarily to bring on a super T. This is usually after a long hands free Aneros session with many Super O's but no Super O's leading to hands free ejaculation. I look forward to those and strive toward them, but only get that about 1/5 or 1/4 of the time. They are great because they are like an intense Super O and even though there does seem to be a mild refractory period it doesn't seem to kill my energy and make me weaker as a regular ejac would. However usually I don't masturbate afterward because I either come to a hands free super O with ejac or I just get exhausted trying, or someone interrupts me. Typically I'll go with the Super T option when I am worn out and don't seem to be able to finish and ejac hands free.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    My vote was sometimes...

    With an Aneros, sometimes, it depends how horny I seem to be, but I try not to finish up when I have had a great deal of Super-O's.

    When I use the Peridise, I can have many Super-O's, but can almost totally restrain from going after a super-T afterwards.

    It just seems to be the difference of the type of super-O's and the type of total fulfillment I have at the end of a long session..
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,672
    I voted no.

    As I feel it is a hindrance to finding pleasure in the Aneros, and eventually achieving super-O's. The former of which I have found so far, but I'm well on my way to finding the latter also. What I'm trying to do is abstain from masturbation as much as possible. Particularly during and right after an Aneros session. Unless the Aneros happens to give me a hands free super-T. Otherwise if I really feel the need to masturbate, then I will keep it very much separated from my Aneros sessions.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 267
    This is evolving. As of Aug. 2009 Sometimes -- as follows:
    With the Eupho & Alana/Howell - NO :cool:
    With the Helix & 3R behavior (raucous, raunchy & reprehensible) - USUALLY :twisted:
    As an energy conservation measure... Progasm is taking the month off. :mrgreen:
  • I don't believe I've masturbated since starting my Aneros journey last May. Prior to that, I was going at it almost daily. With my wife and I sharing intimately almost every morning and evening, with at least a mutual massage, I haven't had the desire to masturbate before or after an Aneros session or any other time. About twice a week, after an Aneros session during the night, I'll arouse quickly with my beloved's slight touch of her hand and ejaculate during subsequent interourse. Then about once every week-and-a-half, my beloved will masturbate me to an ejaculation. With the rigorous waves of dry-O's that follow my Aneros sessions, often lasting off-and-on for two days afterwards, I am quite satisfied and very happy:lol: without my past sole focus upon always ejaculating. Now I've found there are many prizes in the bag to choose from!
  • I do, I find that my ejaculations are much more intense.
  • rickg
    Posts: 94
    Yes, pretty much after every session. I really feel the semen built up and want it to be drained. Dr. told me to cum several times a week and not let it build up.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All! :)

    Nothing wrong with Super-T-ing after a session for enhanced sex-oriented MMOing.

    For the wonders "Above and Beyond"; then the more sessions without that ending and the more MMO open-ended explorations, the more Calm Seas Super-Os, the fewer erections, the more flaccid to full penis retraction sessions, the higher more frequent the soaring and union-with-all, attaining the Spiritual Orgasms.

    I have Super-T-ed following a Spiritual Orgasm occasionally. I still Super-T to clean out after the BPH therapy session. That's where the Progasm Ice does such a thorough job of milking and building for the hyper-blow-out ejaculations!!!

    Being able to distinguish, separate, and choose between those two types of sessions is worth its weight in gold and so much more!

    all the best orgasmic navigating and voyaging all

  • I have just purchased my aneros and have only used it once and yes I masturbated as part of the whole experience.
    I thought it was part of the whole thing
  • [QUOTE=david59;85800]I have just purchased my aneros and have only used it once and yes I masturbated as part of the whole experience.
    I thought it was part of the whole thing

    I can't say I don't do it from time to time, I certainly used to A LOT more. Now, with Aneros, I'm so fulfilled after my sessions that ejaculation is not nearly as important.

    David59, this is for you: Penis, NOT (click on's link)

    No, not really, most here would not agree. Masturbation is not "part of the whole thing", IMHO. Now, don't get me wrong...if that's all you want out of Aneros, then gawd bless you, my son. Have at it. But after you've been around here for a while, I believe you'll start to realize that it's soooo much more. There's a truly amazing journey ahead of you, as you realize, I hope, that you'll be able to get a lot more out of your Aneros experience than just a quick jack-off session. Most unfortunately, there are a ton of bad Xtube videos incorrectly describing Aneros use. There are a couple of excellent ones, however...check this one out if you haven't seen it yet:

    Aneros beginner's guide

    This will give you some correct information as well as graphic assistance for proper use. You'll note that he never even touches his penis, nor experiences any ejaculation.

    Congratulations on getting an Aneros massager, and for joining the group. Now, read around, pour through the Wiki, learn a bit about the joys of our toys...(hey, that rhymes) and learn, hopefully, that there's a whole lot more going on here.

    Enjoy your's just begun.

  • Vinestal
    Posts: 48
    Ive actually found that the sensations I get are enough to satisfy me really. I masturbate a lot less since I got into the Aneros
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great pattern Vinestal!! :D :D

    Congratulations. This is by far the best early course on your journey.

    all the best sensations and pattern sensing and memory building with gratitude all

  • I love the feeling of the session, but almost always find i jack off as the feeling intensify.. I can only control it for so long. Can't say if thats a good thing or a bad thing.. The end results in a pretty intense mind blowing orgasm.. and stroking off just adds to the pleasure. I let the aneros bring me to the edge.. i experience those deep intense feelings, but almost always clen the pipes... after all.. even plumbers tell you you need to keep your pipes clean. LOL
  • I I am not masturbating presently as I am trying to take my life to another level. I have had some mini-O's and find the session pleasurable enough. I do notice that I am refreshed and highly aroused the morning after, so it's important to manage that energy, i.e. exercise, meditation.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi steveg2611 and aneros_user41042!! :D :D

    Welcome to this Forum and the Polls, and the opening of your Aneros journey.

    AU41042, IMHO, you will get there faster with your approach from the beginning. SG2611, you are fine Super-T-ing, butt you want to be able to go frequently enough without ejacking the end of your sessions, in order to have your body be able to learn the difference, and then be able to trigger the choice at will. It took me some months to learn that lesson and gain the self-discipline to get to cut back enough on the Super-T sessions, and then reach that glorious stage. All journeys are unique. No expectations. Just be open, allow, and give yourself the chance.

    all the best early steps, listening, learning, opening, allowing and awakening all

  • JayT
    Posts: 14
    I voted sometimes.

    At first I sealed the deal after every Aneros session. When I realized that it was not helping me succeed in my ultimate goal of the Super-O, I stopped.

    I haven't ejaculated for a couple weeks now and to be honest, I don't really feel the need to.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I used to think I didn't need it, but now as I progress I recognise it's a hardwired desire that occasionally you need some penis play. Before I bought the Aneros I rarely masturbated, Aneros has turned me into a sex-addict. First I bought a fleshlight, as I never particularly enjoyed my 5 minutes of fun with my hands, but although the penetration is different and especially the one I've got (STU)is in many ways more pleasurable than a real vagina, I have to stand, whereas I prefer to sit.

    If you're from the states you'll probably be amazed(Darwin even talked about the foreskin conspiracy)that I never masturbated with lube, but today after my Maximus it's getting so late and I'm dying for release, and I really didn't want to stand. So I lubed my dick with my Fleshlight lube, SOOOOHHHH MUCH BETTER!!! Perhaps because I've awakened my prostate and my whole pelvic region is hypersensitive....I could have masturbated on and on, but I didn't want to go on too long stroking my dick this hard(luckily coz my dick feels severely abused)

    So yes, I'd say, not as a routine, but your body will tell you if you're needing it!
  • I don't masturbate after a session because typically I am very satisfied and don't feel the need to. That being said I usually hold back for a week to a week and a half having about 5-6 sessions in that time span, building the tension all the while. After the time has passed I like to take a day to spend about an hour or two keeping myself on the edge all the while until I finally end with a regular (amazing) orgasm or if i'm in the mood/state of mind ill apply a manual prostate massage to finish it off and empty myself entirely. My thing is that I don't want to associate the aneros itself with a traditional orgasm and would rather have it focused on prostate pleasure (and associated phenomena) alone.
  • I rarely masturbate after a session, having no need to do so because I feel amazingly satisfied. Yesterday, however, after a nice set of Super O's I showered, had something to eat, and then went back to the bedroom to masturbate. When I came it was an intense orgasm. When I opened my eyes and looked down at my penis, there was cum all around, drooling half way down my dick. AND there was a nice puddle on my stomach. It was a LOT of cum. Probably two or three times as much as I used to before Aneros.