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  • so I have seen a lot of similar products to aneros latly and some with vibration. they are the same price or cheaper. i have been trying for years with no success with the aneros. does anyoe have any hisory with any of the vibrating prostate stimulators?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,775
    Sure do!

    Before I learned about the Aneros we bought a remote controlled prostate vibe as a foreplay tool. Wouldn't stay put and was an overkill on stim even though it had four levels of vibe. (part of the difficulty was my inexperience with anal play and prostate stim.

    Joined the Aneros crowd here and have been a happy camper every since. The vibe has no place in my journey sessions which are aimed at dry orgasm; or, those session when I'm just looking for pleasure. It's an overkill on stim.

    I think it does have a place in therapeutic prostate massage and sometimes use it as an adjunct to a weekly therapeutic massage with Maximus or Helix as a circulatory booster. (I have bph.)

    Were I to design a prostate vibe I'd like it to be variable in both frequency and amplitude. Might also like one that had a sound transducer in it to play music. Possible center channel to go along with a pair of ear buds. 1812 overture anyone? :) :lol:

    I think guys who have tried electro-stim have had better results during orgasmic sessions.
  • electro stim?
  • oh, and thank you for takin time to reply
  • PepnauticPepnautic
    Posts: 29
    Also, there is a bullet available on this website if one likes to have vibration added at the handle. Looks like the standard egg-type of bullet if you ask me. I guess the Aneros models may work with similar bullets too.
  • I have a great experience with the vibrating prostate stimulators because I use it. But I don't have any remarkable history.