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is it just me?
  • momomomo
    Posts: 23
    Ok, It seems that I can't produce that shaking mini o's or super o's(not sure since i am not rewired yet) after having it a day before. I need two days gap in between those orgasms to get the next sets of orgasm. What I am saying is that let say if I have orgasms through helix on monday, I dont orgasm on wednesday through helix but instead of thursday. Am i the only one who is experiencing this?
  • CyrulCyrul
    Posts: 21
    Hi Momo,

    Although I haven't reached the point of experiencing Super-O's regularly, your situation is much like my own. It's almost as if my body needs time to recharge between sessions. I've read a few other member's posts (those much more experienced than myself) mentioning, actually, recommending this rest period. It's difficult to hold back though; usually the day after a great session I'm wanting more... now !!

    Take care,
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    I agree. Two days or more is best.
  • momomomo
    Posts: 23
    LOL, I can understand how you feel cyrul. I kinda would like to do it at least 4 times a week and have that feeling
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    Yep, agree as well.

    Another thing is that if I'm able to reach a dry orgasm during my sessions (which btw happens completely random, it seem like I don't really have any control whatsoever) then I won't be able to do it again in the same session.