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What's a good lube to use?
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Is astro glide good to use? I just got the sublime set and I am going to try it out tonight just not sure if I have the right lube!!
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Welcome to the Aneros forum ssw1. Try and Search "lube" and you will get your answer.
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Thanks I will do that again. Everything I find you have to order online. So more waiting!! lol
    I just want to try them out but I want to have a good first time.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    [QUOTE=ssw1;89419]Is astro glide good to use?

    It depends. Some folks do not tolorate certain ingrediants well. I personnally can not tolorate glycerin, after 15 minutes I'm heading for the bathroom for an immediate bowel evacuation. Glycerin does that to most people, but some folks need more (such as a glycerin suppository), I just need a little and I'm done with my session very quickly. I have tried lots of products. I understand there is a newer product out that Aneros (tm) sells that doesn't contain glycerin, but I don't have the name at hand (which I haven't tried).

    What works for me? While some recommend a rectal bath in product to float the stimulator, I don't require that. Granted I enjoy squeezing cc's of lube in there and feeling the squishiness of copious amount of lube inside, for me, it's not needed. After working the angles of lubes I have found that petroleum jelly (PJ) works well. I coat the device with a fairly liberal amount of PJ, finger the rectum well and slide the device in. Be it the MGX or the Progasm, both slide in easily and I can maintain them in there for quite a long time. Once I napped for about and hour and a half and the PJ was still active and lubricating well. Water based products may have dried out over that amount of time, or been absored and the extraction could have been dry and uncomfortable.

    Some forum members discourage PJ and it is petroleum based, but until I find another adequate lube, this is what I am using. One member highly recommends shea butter. I haven't tried it but it sounds interesting so does the flax seed recipe, but again, those have yet to be tried by me. As I said, this is a project in the works for me and these are my findings so far.

    As one respondant to your thread has suggested, search on "lube" and there is a wealth of information. Also read the Aneros Wiki, this too has a lot of good baseline experience in a good condensed format.

    All the best.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    i was 'put onto' olive oil by another member when i first began my aneros journey. at first, i thought this would be somewhat strange as a lube, but i have found it is actually an excellent lubrication, as it's oil based (lasts forever) and it's also 'body friendly', in that we can ingest it with no ill effects. insertion is done with a small syringe, ie a medicine dropper, and i recommend 3-5 cc. after your ride, simply push it out over the toilet. 'extra virgin' is not needed vs. plain olive oil. look for the cheapest you can find.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Olive oil is a very good lube! But be careful with clarity and look for particulates suspended in the bottle. I say this because I have many years of chef experience and have noticed that there can be tiny seed pieces in the oil, very small and probably not a problem but these do exist.

    Now, for quality: There are unversity students/groups who have gone out and actually procured varioius off the shelf products and tested the DNA of these products to confirm labeling. I have read some research on this and one can google for results. Some unscrupulus olive oil importers cut the olive oil with canola (rape seed) oil or other oils such as vegatable etc... to bring production costs down. This is unsatisfactory and violates consumer protection laws (probably). Beware, go for upgraded virgin/cold pressed products. Shop in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco (and others).

    Additionally, FYI other findings of this research was that goats milk cheese was only cow milk. Ground round purchased at major grocery chains who procure their products from large corporate packing/slaughter houses had over 100 differing cow's DNA in the packages. Over 100! That was quite surprising to me.... but I digress.


  • Geezer UKGeezer UK
    Posts: 61
    I use Maximus, it's water based, glycerin free and feels great.

    I'm curious about trying olive oil sometime but wonder if the clean up will be a bigger task, Maximus is just so easy to wash off.

    Some guys also like to put their toy in a condom.

    Whichever way you go be sure to relax and enjoy the ride.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    My personal favorite is Slippery Stuff Gel. It's super thick, and stays slippery a long time; in fact, I've used it overnight, and it's still there the next morning. It was designed for medical anal probing. It's also the only anal-safe lube found in this test:

    AEGiS-CATIE News: Intriguing findings from study on lubricants - March 29, 2007
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello ssw1, :)

    The majority of sex lubes you will find at your local pharmacy will contain glycerin. Astroglide is one of them. That was what I used when I first started. It made me need to poop not long after injecting some in me, and also irritated my inner anal muscle ring, which made the Aneros being inside me uncomfortable. These two problems are terrible for Aneros first timers, as it can give guys the wrong impression about these prostate massager's. I suspect this is part of why my first year and half of Aneros usage was infrequent and intermittent.

    My long time choice of lube is 100% unrefined shea butter that is pale yellow to white colored. Specifically the Now Foods brand. But there are other brands that fall under that category. This stuff never dries, so I've never needed to re-apply more lube. Even for multi-hour sessions. And it causes no internal irritation or problems. If I had to choose a specifically manufactured sex lube, then Slipperystuff Gel would be it. (It's glycerin free) But in my own opinion, it does not perform as well as shea butter.

    Here's a few informative links:
    (This link talks about a lot of different lubes, including Rumel's natural jelly recipe that a lot of guys like and use. While a lot of guys like "Probe Thick & Rich", it turns out to also have glycerin in it.)

    And the Aneros WIKI entry on lubricants:
    Getting Started - Aneros Wiki