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My First Anal, Prostate, Aneros session
  • l17daysl17days
    Posts: 18
    Hello to everybody.
    After a long time, reading, seeing and thinking about having an Aneros device, last week I decided to order one.

    After talking with a friend of mine that owns an MGX and the Hypnaerosession CD, I decide for the SGX, because I'm novice with anal play and so this will be the first time I will insert something in my anus.

    So yesterday evening, after my friend gave to me the CD, I decide to test it for the first time.

    I decide to follow all the instruction / advises that Aneros Learing Center can give to me.
    I cleaned my rectum with a rectal syringe and did a relaxing shower, focusing on my cock, perineum and anus. Just for getting a little bit horny.

    Then I went on my bed and applyed lubricant to the anus and on the Aneros Massager and the lied on the right side and pressed play to my audio player.

    The first thing I feel was the presence of the device in my anus, probably because I never put something in it before yesterday evening.

    I start to relax following Alana voice. And something happend, I don't know what it was but i feel my heartbeat very clear and going on with the session I feel it in my belly and anus. Sometimes seems that the SGX start to moving at the heart beating without contracting volountary the pc/anus muscles. This thing happend during all the first part of the session.

    During the first 30 minutes i feel the need to contract my muscles: sometimes I controled this, other not and when I squeese for just a little bit I feel something strange moving on my whole body, a sort of Shiver. And to changing my body position from my right side to the left.

    The sensation of having a foreign object in my anus never passed and probably I did something wrong because It was completely inside me and the P-Tab press always on my skin very hard.

    I decide to go on and to follow Alana voice till the end of the first CD.

    When the contraction part of the CD arrived I was really relaxed and aroused in a strange way. Now i decide to move my body to lying on my back. I put a small pillow to raise my ass and let the aneros free to move.

    During this phase I seek something new to me. When I squeeze my muscle i feel uncontrollable vibrations in the legs that never stops after squeezing, but continues for just few seconds. I feel my cock strange during this time. It wasn't hard but seems to pulsating from inside my belly. It was strange but pleasurable.

    I finished this my very first session without a hands free orgasm but with a lot of new kind of sensations never felt before.

    At the and I was touching myself on my hips, nipples, belly, groin, ball and at the end on my cock. I gently passed my hand on my gland and I start to come, a lot. And this is another new sensation for me.

    So, what do you think? Should I have to do something different during my next session?

    To all of you, thanks and Happy "O"

    PS. Sorry for my english. I hope you will understand all the things I write and apologies for silly phrases If I eventually written.
  • l17daysl17days
    Posts: 18
    Hello to Everybody...

    Yesterday evening I did my second journey with my aneros.
    This time I decide to do it alone, without the training of the CD.
    I inserted the SGX more gently than the first time, let him entering slowly and gently and this also was appreciated to my body that this second time didn't feel the Aneros so present in my anus.

    The only strange thing that I'm thinking about is that when it slide in, the perineum tab presses my skin even if i don't contract my muscle. So my question is: do you think that sgx is too short for my body, or this is normal?

    I lay on my back and afer a 10 minutes or more of relaxation i start to squeeze my muscle, but this time i try to focus the perineum muscle insted the anus. This was very pleasant and exciting for me. My legs start to have a slight shaking motion, but controllable my me.

    I did this repeating a sequence of squeezing and time for relaxing and I start to feel now my prostate.

    I change position a couple of time, on each side, on my back than I try a "doggy style".

    I start to breath and I understand now that I can do another thing with my aneros: trying to release the tension from my anus after a squeeze. This thing move just a little bit outside the SGX and produce a more intense massage to me.

    I came back to relax and lay on my back, I start to touch my body and a shiver spreads on my body.
    I touch my balls and I found my dick really wet.

    I continued to do a sequence of contraction and relaxation.

    All the session was about 2 hour long and, I must admit it was more interesting than the first time.

    That's all. I wait your reply and comments.

  • l17daysl17days
    Posts: 18
    Hello Everybody...

    Let's talk about third journey with my aneros.
    First of all yesterday evening I decide to listen again the CD, and to follow the sensual Alana's voice.

    I did all of my session on my back and decide to start focusing on the breath, slow deep inhale (nose) - wait for a second - slowly exhale (mouth). I found this very, very, very relaxing and after 10/15 minutes my legs start to have shaking motion, but this time I can't and I don't want to control it and go on focusing on the breath exercise: from this moment to the end of the session my legs starts shaking then stop for a while and start again a lot of time. I close my eyes.

    More I breath and more my legs shake and also started my whole low waist to vibrate. I can feel this tingle sensation also inside my belly and I can feel my liquid starts to flow gently from inside out to my penis. But, as Alana says: "don't touch for now".

    I continue to Breath and lost all sense of time: I never look to my player for understanding how long I was riding.

    And now something strange and very beautiful new sensation was added to my body: I know i was lay on my back but it seems that my body starts to swing slowly just like a leaf slowly falling from a tree but never touch the ground. I was just like a baby cradled. It was amazing. And more I intensify my breath, more I found my body swinging free. I open just a little my eyes: I was firmly on my bed, but when I close my eyes everything seems to move around me.

    I understand that was passed more than 1 hour because the first cd finished. And I found myself feeling a little bit unconfortable for the pressing of the p-tab. I still thinking that the aneros sgx, even if this is start to work on me, is short for my body: what do you think about this thing? I will try to softening the p-tab in some way to avoid the disconfort.

    So i decide to relax a little bit and to finish my session.
    Probably this evening I will take a stop.

    That's all. I wait your reply and comments.

    Posts: 41
    [QUOTE=l17days;89398]Hello to Everybody...
    The only strange thing that I'm thinking about is that when it slide in, the perineum tab presses my skin even if i don't contract my muscle. So my question is: do you think that sgx is too short for my body, or this is normal?

    I'm about 6' and the P tab on all the models I have (I don't have an SGX) remains in contact even with the muscles relaxed. From my experience I'd say what you describe is normal. Let's see what others have to say.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    From your description of events, I would say you are making remarkably quick progress. You have already experienced Cowper's gland emissions, full body mini-orgasm, entered an altered state of consciousness and hit a few of the Milestones in the journey. That's pretty impressive after only three sessions.

    It is pretty normal for new Aneros users to feel some initial discomfort from the P-tab, most likely this would occur with any of the Aneros models. As you get more experienced, the P-tap discomfort will abate as you become inured to its action. In fact, in time, I suspect you will look forward to that perineum acupressure point being massaged. In the meantime you can do a workaround by Softening the P-tab as noted in the WIKI.

    I am very happy to hear you are being aided by "HypnAerosession", that IS what it was intended to do, help you get relaxed and into the optimum frame of mind.
  • l17daysl17days
    Posts: 18

    Thanks to all who read my "journal" of progress.

    I Just finish my fourth session: I must admit, I can't wait a day for using again my aneros device.
    This time I focused much more to internal and anal sensation.

    I will not explain this time all I did just told you in the past. I must say that I never found me moaning in this mode: I got a couple of orgasm, strange and dry orgasm, with my penis become erect during the period and then relaxed after.

    And this time the p-tab was just a little bit more confortable... you are right rumel :)

    To all of you, thanks and Happy "O"

    >> Update after the night <<

    I Would like to do an update to this post because this morning I found my muscle, in particular in the legs, very tired. I Think I "MUST" do a stop for a couple of days. In fact yesterday evening I was seeking for new sensation and the expectation was more than what I finally realised.

    The Important thing that I found yesterday is:

    • The amount of Lubrification should be greater than the past I put on the device. This allow the aneros to slide in and out easily also after 30/40 minutes of session.
    • I found the right balance between anal and pc muscle contraction. This was really pleasant because "I Feel" the prostate touched by the aneros.
    • I reach a couple of time a sort of "internal" orgasm. It's a sensation the give me a thrill expanding from inside my dick to the whole body. My dick in this phase expand and become erect.

    Probably, for reasons regarding my muscle writed up, I don't have legs or low waist involuntary shaking.

    Another strange thing that happend this morning is that I feel a tingling and hot sensation in my pelvic area, with a slight sense of arousal. :)

    >> End of the Update <<


  • l17daysl17days
    Posts: 18
    Hello Everybody...

    I Decide to stop a little from aneros and 2 evening ago I decide to do my 5th Journey.
    I Used the CD and the whole session was 2 hour lenght (or just a little bit more).

    I reach some small orgasm during the relaxation phase, i found my ano's and pelvic muscles contracting involountary: some small contraction with some very pleasant sensation that build my cock to rigid for 4-5 times: during this phase I felt my belly with hot and pulsating sensation.

    I never start to have legs shaking, but all of this smooth sensation was very good to me.

    I move myself from a back to left and right side a couple of time and reach orgasm with voice moaning another couple of time.

    At the end I was tired and i decide to relax just a little bit before removing the aneros. So I decide to gently massage my ball and cock and.... I got legs shivering, whole anal and pelvic contraction and moaning, feeling my cock more rigid than ever, reaching 5-6 continuos orgasm and finishing with a long one big ejaculation. I didn't do a rush masturbation but only a couple of shaking and the I only rest my hand on it. Everything come from inside... was fantastic.

    The day after (yesterday) I wake up with my legs and buttocks muscles tired just like after a session in the gym.

    Yesterday evening I did a stop again, and this evening I will take my 6th Journey.

    Keep in touch and wait for your comments to my journey.
  • Hello to all of you.

    It's a lot of time that I don't read this forum but during this 2 years I continue to use my SGX with no particular  or significant effects, till last week.

    During the last 2 years I started doing Yoga, so I learned how to relax myself and combine it with breath and movements/poses. So last week I decided to give it a chance and I combine relaxation techniques and yogic breath.

    One of the thing that I read on Aneros Forum is to completely relax and do nothing (thanks for all the things B Mayfield wrotes), so I lay down on my bed and left me completely relaxed, without incurring any muscle and letting my aneros would fit until it disappears from my anus.

    After 30 minutes (or more) I start to feel a glowing and warm sensation that comes from inside of my belly and expand to the perineum area. I let it go on and this went and come back a lot of time like a glowing ball. Another sensation overlapping the first one was that this pulsating energy also rotate inside of me producing a total feeling of well-being. All of this sensation was concentrated inside the pelvic and belly area.

    I did nothing by myself: I only focused on the sensation, trying to breathe in them an at that time i had lost the sense of time. All these sensation aroused me a lot, making my dick just a little bit hard but really wet of precum.

    Now I make a little contraction but not in the anus area. I try to figure out if i could contract inside of me, producing some effects on the SGX and something happend. I feel just like the Aneros was moving producing an amplification of all the sensation I describe above. My dick start pulsating and became harder and I feel it completly wet. The sensation and the feelings was the same like I'm ejaculating but I wasn't: I was only wet. I closed my eyes and rest on it then I relax. I could feel my earthbeat increasing in speed, my whole face seems warmer and I found myself with hand pouch closed (I do not remember having done so voluntarily).

    All these things were repeated three times more amplified and intense then I woke up. Was 2:30 am in the night: 3 hours of play. I felt completly satisfied and ready to sleep. I removed my Aneros and I went to bed.

    All these feelings have been with me the next day.

    I don't think to have reach a super-o but, wow. What a great experience !!!

    Now I'm waiting a week to try it again. I do not want to insist too much on my prostate and muscles and at the same time raise the excitement.

    Hope to read soon some reply to my latest experience.



  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Sounds like a mini or dry-O. And after two years of nothing, congratulations! This is only the beginning. :)
  • Thanks to Love_is. Hope so it is only the beginning...

    Now I wait for the next session. I want to be in the right mood for and also need all the time free to enjoy it.

    At the same time a read a lot and my curiosity stop on the Syn. How much is it different from my SGX? Is it really a great improvement or should I continue with SGX and wait for it?


  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @l17days - The Syn is quite different from the SGX. I don't own the Syn, but it is closely based on the Helix which I do own. And I find the Helix and my MGX (which is a longer version of your SGX) are very different indeed. There is no hard and fast rules about when you should buy a new model. That's entirely up to you. Technically, any user should be able to eventually achieve super-O's from any of the Aneros prostate massager models. But inevitably our human nature steps in and tends to like variety and wonder if other models will help them achieve more incredible states of pleasure. I like owning several Aneros models because I've found over the years that one particular model that worked really well and was the favorite for a long time at some point stops working so well. And another model takes it's place.

    If you want some guidelines, I'd say give yourself three to six months on your SGX before buying a different model. Or do whatever feels right to you. :)
  • That's the right answer to my question: now that I reach a positive goal (even if it is very little after more than 2 years), I will give it some more time to let my body test it. Then I will buy a new one (probably the Helix SYN).
  • fun1fun1
    Posts: 9
    How exciting,  and interesting.  It pays to be patient.   And by the way,  I love your English.