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Helix or Progasm ?
  • I got my Progasm today and all I could think was, it's quite large! But I cant wait to give it a try. My question is
    should I start with the Progasm and then switch to my Helix or the other way around? Or just pick one for the whole session?
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    Given your reaction of "it's quite large", I'd suggest for the first session try warming up with the Helix and then switch to the Progasm. That should make the insertion a little easier.

    Once you're used to it try either way and see what works best for you.
  • RJT
    Thanks! I went for the Progasm first, I realy had to take time and ease into it. after the first inch or so the Progasm took it apon it's self to do the rest! After a while I switched over to the Helix and it was quite a great feeling. I will have to try the other way next.