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a couple weeks of fun
  • waveseekerwaveseeker
    Posts: 17
    I've had an mgx for a couple weeks now. I have read several posts that mention to give at least one day breaks between sessions. Is there any harm in doing a session every day? I haven't had any fall-of-my-bed O's yet, but I've definately awakened my prostate, and it never shuts up!! I enjoy how easily I can have small waves of pleasure, even with no toy in, and this is after just 8 sessions. I love this toy! I have had other anal toys, and dildos, but this little MGX just rocks me. I cannot imagine what the big one will feel like, but I would like to be trying for it every night.
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Ive been every other day I guess so far.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    waveseeker & Vinestal,

    "...I've definately awakened my prostate, and it never shuts up!!" :) That's funny (and true!)

    The questions about how long and how often an Anerosession should be has been asked numerous times before. Please see the Polls How long to ride the Aneros?, How much is too much? and Frequency of use.

    While I fully understand and appreciate the urge to indulge in frequent use of these little devices, especially when they induce such pleasure, IMHO, there are several reasons to space out your sessions.

    1.) When one is first starting out, it takes some time to awaken the prostate, have the brain assimilate/associate the sensations involved and integrate those feelings with pleasure. The time interval between sessioins needs to be sufficient for this assimilation to take place. The time period for learning and absorbing these intermediate lessons leading to ones 'rewiring' varies but I think at least 48 hours is needed.
    2.) Avoiding overstimulation - Intense and/or continuous stimulation of areas of the body can lead to a form of nerve fatigue wherein the nerves stop reacting because their neurotransmitting chemicals have been depleted. This will be perceived as a numbing or "deadening" effect. When this sets in one may be tempted to apply manual pressure or excessive movement to their Aneros in an attempt to reignite or heighten the sensations, this, in turn, could lead to injury or damage of the fragile internal structure of the prostate/bladder/urethral organs.
    3.) Building arousal - Increasing the time period between sessions increases the sense of anticipation, sexual tension and arousal. High arousal levels are generally necessary to cross-over to the Super-O. Avoiding ejaculations for a few days before a session will also likely increase arousal levels.
    4.) Reducing pain/soreness - While good lubrication will go a long way to prevent irritation discomfort, too frequent use of your massager may still induce occasional soreness in the anus or perineum area. Allowing the body rest for recuperation assures your next Anerosession will have the best chance for taking you into Super-O territory.
  • waveseekerwaveseeker
    Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info rumel, I wouldn't want to harm anything. This is gonna be tough, kinda like stranding an AA member on an island with nothing to drink but booze, but I'll try to use it as little as possible. I'm in awe of what it does to me, and I've used it enough to know it gets better with every use.