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Going to give peridise a try
  • I own the sgx, and helix. After a period of no luck, I have started having some pleasure in my sessions. It seems that the main problem is the p-tab. It is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I can be having a good session only to have it come to an end because of the discomfort from the p-tab. So I bought the peridise.

    Has anyone else had problems with the p-tab and went to find success with the peridise?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Not a Peridise user so can't vouch for how it might do what you wish.

    A good goal is to build muscle in the pelvic floor to the point where the p-tab doesn't dig quite as deeply as you experience. Kegel exercises are the best bet.

    Eventually you'll want to work with an unpadded p-tab; but, meanwhile, for your SGX and Helix sessions, pad the p-tab. Easiest is to cover it with the rubber bulb from a medicine dropper. Second choice is a gauze pad folded over (a couple of times. ) see the following link in the Wiki for tips on this. -- Getting Started - Aneros Wiki --

    After some weeks of 'muscling up' look for sessions to start with a distinct 'cradling' of your prostate between the p-tab and the belly/head of the Helix. As the session progresses and your arousal causes the prostate to engorge, you might experience the Helix tab just vanish as the whole area (prostate, p-tab and aneros body) blending into one sensuous entity. hth rook
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    You can't go wrong with the Peridise. For me, I can get to Super-O just as easily as with any of the other products I"ve used (MGX, Helix, Prograsm). In fact, these are often my favorites. As a beginner, they offer more stealth for practicing in a recliner without the tail or p-tab issues. I would purchase the full set if given the opportunity. If not, I would buy the expert pair which are smaller then the beginner pair. Good luck!
  • Soreness caused by the p-tab should subside somewhat as you have more sessions. Also learning to control the anal muscles smoothly will make the massager move more softly, reducing the jabbing the tab might be doing.

    I have the Peridise advanced set, and in my opinion's it's by far the most hassle free of the models. As the model's body is symmetric and there's no tab, you don't have stress yourself with placing/keeping the massager's position once inserted as much. It's also what I'd call a low initial impact model, meaning that it doesn't produce an immediate sense of contact after insertion. But once you relax and let it move reflexively, it packs some serious sensations.
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42

    I would like to concur with Rod of Plastic, I too was distracted by the pain the P-tab caused, in the very beginning. I tried padding and found some relief. As Rod said, with time the discomfort has completely gone. I now find I enjoy the extra contact, when my MGX decides to dig in deeper. Most of the time now there is only a light contact. I think I was trying to seat my MGX to deep in the beginning. Now I let it do its own thing. I was considering the Peridise and now I will get a set when I can afford it.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi AnerosNoobie!! :D :D and Welcome to the Journey and this forum community of great guys like rook, Red_Man, Rod of Plastic, and churney!!!!

    Remember when going for the Peridise models that they operate on your anus, not your prostate. See the discussion in burtwad's thread:

    Anus and prostate are two of the astounding highly sensitive sense organs of our South Face!! :D :D They all connect to our Second Brain as well as our First/Triune Brain via Vagus et al.

    enjoy all the possibilities and potential realized along your unique journeys through all your senses all

  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    During my early days with the GMX I experiences similar pain but soon found that this was due to too much muscle contraction. Your prostate is a very sensitive gland and only requires gently massage. Be gently to yourself.

    I prefer the Peridise device for long time use and keep my GMX for special occasions. Remember the Peridise device is not supposed to be a Prostate massager it stimulates the millions of nerve endings within the anus which subsequently can generates an anal orgasm. However, I experience a very pleasant tingling and throbbing deep within my anus which is transmitted to my prostate causing it in turn to throb.

    After a long session I sometimes experience a dull ache deep within which I assume is my prostate telling me that it has had enough.

    I can use this device sitting in my comfee chair without anyone else being aware of what is going on however, my mind does wander and I cannot hold a sensible conversation during these sessions.