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Uncontrolled Shivering
  • tallguytallguy
    Posts: 61
    Hey all

    I have been an MGX user for about a month now. I have gotten to the point where I can enjoy some moderate P-Waves (I think), which are pleasurable moments centered in the lower body brought on (almost by accident the first time) some nipple stimulation (new to me!) and accompanied by a brief, spontaneous and hands-free erection.

    I keep trying to figure out how to make a blog entry actually work (see other forum post) so that I could share journal entries about progress so far, and my experiments such as taking walks with the Aneros, etc. But wanted to post the latest:

    Because I have some issues with relaxing enough to take my mind completely off the Aneros and any expectations from my sessions, I decided a couple of nights ago to end a session of porn-viewing (some exciting new porn) and mild contraction practice by simply turning off the lights and going to sleep with the MGX in. Perhaps not surprisingly...

    ...I woke up two hours later with my body buzzing, my heart racing, and my prostate very much awake and full of sensation. (In previous sessions, I had only been vaguely aware of physical contact with, or sensations from, my prostate, so to have my prostate now completely on alert and in command, this was quite a surprise!)

    I made my way to the bathroom so that I could get rid of any urge to pee that might distract from what I was feeling, laid back down, and just started shivering uncontrollably. It was exactly as if I had a bad fever and was shivering continuously---or,as if I were laying some place really cold (and not the 72 deg F. that it was). This went on for 15 or 20 minutes and frankly I was a little scared, because my heart rate was quite elevated. I did try some deep breathing and nipple stimulation, along with gentle contractions, to see if that would move me off in another direction. I have to say that the prostate sensations were generally positive, and I did get one or two p-waves going. Finally I'd had enough of the shivering, so I laid on my back and put my arms and hands under my hips and butt and made a concerted effort of slowing down my breathing and heart rate. A few minutes of this did the trick. After I'd settled down, I then curled into a more comfortable position on my side, with a pillow to support the knee "on top," and tried to go back to sleep. I dozed on and off for a couple of hours, but my prostate never stopped buzzing mildly. The next day at work my prostate was buzzing in the background all day, telling me, "Let's get some stimulation going here again, Pal!"

    I did in fact essentially repeat this routine the following night. Porn was not quite as interesting; I was a bit distracted. I eventually turned off the light and went to sleep. This time, I did not awaken with the same buzzing and shivering. In the middle of the night I awoke to use the bathroom; went back to sleep; but about an hour later, awoke to find T-shirt and shorts damp! I had been sweating up a pretty good storm in my sleep, with nothing more than a light sheet on the bed (room about 72 again). I took off the shirt, adjusted the covers, went back to sleep, and had nothing else to remark. The following night, I went Aneros less and just had a fun time jerking off. As expected, sleeping with an Aneros and wetting my shorts with copious precum for two nights left little ejaculate; it was all white and thick, not thinner and more voluminous as it would be if I'd not done anything at all for a few nights.

    What was the uncontrolled shivering all about? I can't say it was particularly satisfying, but on the other hand I was left strangely wanting more. Am I on the path? Thanks for any comments and advice.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well congratulations tallguy!! :D :D

    On the path? In a word, YES! And very early too. I too hope that you can get your blog functioning soon. Your detailed reports are very helpful.

    So, how tall are you and what do you weigh? I too am tall (6'-4+3/4") and relatively slim. If you are anything like that, we have a significantly larger skin area to body mass and can shed heat faster than more compact builds. More sensitive to thermal changes, I get the shivers rather easily. Butt, that may have nothing much to do with your shivers.

    Or is tallguy all about your penis length: please specify? :D If so, immediately read Cockadoodle's Penis NOT! thread:

    What was the uncontrolled shivering all about? I can't say it was particularly satisfying, but on the other hand I was left strangely wanting more. Am I on the path?

    The path you may be on, IMHO, I am neither a doctor nor a Tao master, is one that many here find themselves on unexpectedly, that of being awakened, through your prostate awakening, to the full body/spirit energies spectrum that is recognized in centuries of Taoist practices: JING(Orgasmic)>>>CHI/QI(Life-Force)>>>SHEN(Spiritual). Again, IMHO, the shivering you were experiencing was a general full body blooming of those energies at a general level of some form of Chi, with Orgasmic potential overtones. I too have had similar experiences. Getting it under control by putting your arms and hands under your back and buttocks, was actually shifting that energy into storage in your upper legs. It is no wonder that you were "left strangely wanting more." Details in my blog: Aneros

    The feelings of Butt Buzz around your prostate while at work the next day is a Day-After Effect or Echo Effect and another great early high sensitivity indicator. Check out and post your story in the Community Poll: Ditto copious pre-cum as the effectiveness of the prostate massaging you are getting from your MGX! Do you sense any involuntary contractions? Slightest minute pumping of the MGX by your anal/PC/pelvic basin musculature? Certainly you have the productive symptoms!!! :D

    Try using the site Search box at the upper right of the pages for term like "heart racing" or "racing pulse" and the like to find threads where these categories of sensation you are getting may be discussed. Take a look at the Glossary in the Wiki here too. So, your experienced sensations are all good indicators shared by others. BTW, have you prior experience with anal play or specific prostate massage by fingering or dildos?

    Relax. Forget my encouraging comments and maintain NO EXPECTATIONS. So far you are into rapid introduction mode. We all experience plateaux where we seem to wait for longer periods of time between advances; some days or weeks, some months or years. All the very best on your journey here tallguy!

    all best earliest natural unforced openings all

  • tallguytallguy
    Posts: 61
    Hey artform

    Thanks for your very generous reply...generous in the time you took but even more so in spirit.

    Some answers to your questions...Tallguy is not about the penis thing, it's about me...74" inches, and 180 lbs. Like you, I've always gotten the shivers fairly easily when cold, so when at play with the Aneros have been sure to keep the room warm and even to wear socks + T-shirt, and/or keep a top sheet on, so that I can relax as much as possible.

    Thanks so much for pointing out the various resources. Indeed, almost immediately after this session I searched for "shivering" and did find some corroboration of my symptoms, making me feel more at ease. I also found the Wiki entry on Day-After or Echo effects to help explain the non-stop prostate and butt-buzzing.

    Re:, don't everyone rush to judgment here, my first few sessions, I found I could INSTANTLY generate involuntaries by lightly stroking my penis! Of course, in my quest to rewire I stopped doing this. Since then, I have noticed tiny hints of invo's, and am patiently waiting to see if more develop. I find that if I let a long contraction slowly "degrade," it breaks up into a series of little flutters beyond my control, so I think of this as a stepping stone to involuntaries. I am also still working on proper levels of lubrication which will facilitate invo's. Against the advice here I tried Vaseline one time, and as it really lasted through a long session, I noticed the best movement yet of the MGX. I will work at using larger amounts of KY jelly in an attempt to "keep it loose."

    Regarding my prior experience, yes, I've had some experiences with anal play earlier in life. The earliest I remember...When I was around 20, and had too much time on my hands, I got hold of my girlfriend's vibrator and really decided to see what it could do for my prostate. It was pretty intense. The ensuing ejaculation became one of the two or three times in my life when, after periods of intense stimulation (one of them was purely mental stimulation), I had most unusual ejaculations consisting of ridiculously large amounts of clear, thin fluid. Maybe one's Cowpers Glands can only do that twice in life! In any case, I have always produced quite a lot of precum. The Aneros certainly keeps it going, meaning I have to use a towel during sessions. I did not find it surprising that, after long sessions where I decided to play with "my buddy," there was not much left to ejaculate.

    Lastly, trust that I will try to ignore the encouragement of you and all others (as well as the firehose of well-intended advice in the Wiki and Blogs) and try to let this journey unfold at its own pace. My sessions are spaced out quite a bit, as they occur mostly during business travels whose frequency drives some of the pace. As I mentioned in this thread, the first time that I used sleep as a means to drop or minimize expectations and distracting, conscious thought about the Aneros and had my first "big" experience. I'm still not sure where in the glossary of terms it might was more than the p-waves I'd experienced before, for sure...much more intense. But not "orgasmic" from what I can tell.

    Thanks again. If I could make the Blog work, I'd be posting more of my history on the journey...still can't get it to go.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi tallguy,
    Congrats on the progress! A few miscellaneous thoughts:
    -- During my first dry mini-Os I experienced both a 'warm' path and 'cold' path to orgasm. At first, more were cold than warm and the cold ones grew from a 'stormy' feeling in my DanTien rather than a warm-cuddly feeling. Early on, I shared your difficulty in really relaxing and de-stressing. It took about six months for me to attain a satisfactory state of relaxation. Looking back, I tend to think that the "cold" orgasms were the result of building stimulation and arousal before a sufficient state of relaxation had been attained. Those all featured some violent muscle action. I've found that when arousal starts gradually from a deep relaxation it always goes "warm" with a deep sense of self-love.
    -- Sounds like you're on the right track regarding lube and tool movement. Several guys here use a base coat of Vaseline on the tool and inject a water based pre-lube. I figure my relaxation and lube quality is sufficient when the Aneros will move to just my breathing without any anal contraction.
    -- Precum. Several of us have noted that the MGX triggers the heaviest flow of pre-cum when compared to the other models. I think that results from more bulk in the tool's lower mid-body. Helix and Eupho are more slim and aren't as heavy on my Cowpers. That said, my own precum quantity is also a matter of mental activity. I'm not into porn but anticipation of sex or an Aneros session can cause me to "drool." I've probably produced more pre-cum in my year of Aneros action that I did in the many decades that preceeded this.
    -- Sox. There was a post several weeks ago noting that 80% of sox wearers orgasm with ease while bare footed folk have a lower batting average. T-shirt is also a good deal as it gives you two options for nip-play (direct contact and a more cushioned touch through the fabric. I tend to switch back and forth frequently.) Agree, warm is better than chilled.
    -- Generating Involuntaries. Generally, let them come to you. But if you 'need' one, go with what works while avoiding mental paths to trad-ejac. I like to find sensitive points on body extremities (usually near an acupressure point) and use those to trigger an anal, rectal or general pelvic contraction when I need it. Distant points tend to help expand or pull the pleasure waves over a broader range of my bod.

    Enjoy and cherish all the sensations along the path, be patient, remember to breathe. :)

    Welcome again tallguy and I'll be looking forward to your blog.