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Helix vs. Progasm
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30

    I've been aware of the existence of the Aneros for quite some time. Initially, I dismissed it as just another weird looking toy aimed at the male market. A year or so later, I was reading about prostate health and the article sang the Aneros' praises. After some research, I discovered a lot of people were having some pretty intense experiences, so I thought I'd give one a try.

    My first few experiences were less than spectacular, which, as my knowledge of the device grows, is pretty normal. I won't go into details, but I will try to describe the experience I had last night. I put it in with a lot of lube and laid on my bed. I basically try to let it do it's own thing, but eventually it stops and I feel compelled to start consciously moving it with a combination of voluntary and involuntary movements. This was the case last night.

    I ended up falling asleep with it in, and woke up about 2 hours later. So, I removed it and started looking at some porn and decided to put it back in. I was kneeling in front of my computer and contracting while watching some videos. Then I leaned back and held myself up with my arms, and began thrusting my hips forward, contracting each time. The sensations I felt were much more intense than any other time that I had used it. Each thrust and contraction created a feeling similar to what you feel just before having an orgasm, each one more intense than the last.

    It began getting uncomfortable, but I realized that I was having a bowl movement, so I removed it and went to the bathroom. When I returned to my room and reinserted it, I was unable to reproduce the feeling. Now, some testimonials I've read on the Progasm have been quite spectacular, with such claims as, "the best Aneros model yet."

    Does anyone think that the presence of more matter in my colon had an influence on the sensations being generated, and if so, would the Progasm be a better avenue for me?

    I seriously believe that if I were to have continued the way I was going, I would have had an intense, non-ejaculatory orgasm, and with that belief, I'm curious to see if the Progasm would bring me closer to that goal. Although, I would like to hear peoples' opinions first.

  • cmfcmf
    Posts: 10
    I had bought a cheaper ( and smaller) knock off of the Aneros. It didn't have directions, I didn't even realize I had it upside down. Geeze. Even when I flipped it the right way, I didn't feel like it was hitting the right angle. This was all new to me, and never had done this before. But I figured everyone is built differently. Anyhow, I got the courage and ordered the Progasm, figuring it might hit the spot. I tried it the 1st night I got it. It definitely has a full feeling. It was weird at 1st. I tried it a 2nd time. The feelings were getting better. But no Super O, yet. I was only using KY and nothing else. I read up on some older posts here, and took the advice to try this from another user. So for my 3rd try, I put a layer of petroleum jelly all over the Progasm. Then I put a layer of KY on top of it. I decided to take my shower and do the prep. I had a couple of drinks to relax me. I put some ocean wave background sounds on, I relaxed and put the Progasm in. I did the breathing exercises for 15 minutes. Make sure to deep breathe from your stomach. Picture in your mind all the stuff that turns you on too, this helps. I developed a technique where I contract 5 full contractions, Then 5 medium ones. Then 5 semi small contractions. Then finally 5 more full contractions and holding the contraction for 10 seconds on the last 5 reps. (Total of 20 contractions.) I relax and repeat the breathing again. Start doing the contractions again. Play with the tempo, speed, and intensity. Then the involuntaries should start. By my 3rd set of contractions, I didn't even reach 10 before I was flopping and convulsing in my bed. My head was thrashing back in forth as well. It is like your on a wave like they say. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster of orgasmic bliss. My body literally moved like I was riding my skate board on a half pipe. It would slow down. I would relax and breathe again. I started the contractions again, And with little effort, The waves of orgasms started again. I kid you not I felt like I was in an altered state. Heart rate up, Sweating and breathing like crazy. It is almost surreal. There were times I would roll and land upside down on my head in my bed, the orgasms were so intense. I was even thrusting and convulsing so much, that I didn't even mind my head banging against the headboard. It does get that good. Keep trying. I think the drinks helped to relax me alot. I also think the petroleum jelly and KY added together, made the Progasm work so much better! Try it dude and see. Good luck man!
  • bbarlowbbarlow
    Posts: 30
    Has anyone else had better experiences with the Progasm than with the Helix?

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi bbarlow and cmf!!! :D :D :D

    Welcome to you both to the Aneros journey and to this great exploratory community. Congratulations cmf!! Sounds like you are a natural and one of the lucky guys whose body/mind just takes to this naturally right on the bat! Your prostate must be quite awake. Have you had previous anal experience? The more contextual information you post, the more your posts can help others. And that sharing, and the mutual respect and gratitude is what makes this community so fantastic. You write well with very descriptive passages. Maybe you would like to blog your experiences here in the Blogs section!?! I would caution about using alcohol regularly, since it is fundamentally a depressant and not helpful in the rewiring you really really want.

    BB, I am one of those that has had better experiences with my Progasm Ice, than with my Helix. It takes having my butt up on my Liberator Wedge and my legs up in the air above to enable my Helix to move well. Otherwise, I am much better getting off with my Ice. The Ice is much smoother and more mobile than the standard Progasm. Progasms give you a much fuller feeling indeed. Often that is easier to accommodate at first if you have had previous anal play experience. Butt if you can, it is a unique and highly erotic experience that can really send you, IMHO. It is the ultimate contrast, but my Eupho is by far my first choice Aneros model, yet the Ice is my second favourite. I started with and exclusively used my MGX for the first 9-10 months of my practice, and it too is an excellent starting model choice. Eventually you will want them all.

    All the best journeying and explorations here for the both of you!!

    all the best finding the models that do the most for you most naturally all

  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I have three models: Helix, Progasm Ice, and Eupho. The Progasm has never done much for me, but I simply love the other two. Everyone is different, and just like we like different kinds of beer and breakfast cereal, we like different kinds of Aneros models. Only you can decide which is best for you.
  • Now that I've had more considerable mileage with both models, I have to side with Helix - although Progasm might offer more intense initial sensations, Helix is more versatile in the long run. Obviously there's a variety of parameters in play, like the size of the anal cavity and the strength/reactivity of the local muscles, but I've come to conclude that the size of the massager definitely isn't everything - on the contrary the smaller models appear to give your muscles more room to maneuver and contract.

    There was another thread on the topic I think last year, and even as I had a more balanced opinion about the two models back then, I still recommended the Helix as I thought it to be the more universally fit model.
  • carjockcarjock
    Posts: 14
    I have to agree with Rod of Plastic. I have the MGX and the Progasm. Recently I have been focusing my sessions on the MGX. I thought in the past the larger one would produce results quicker. so far I get the best ride out of my MGX. Everyone id different. I would really like to see a shorter version of the Progasm.
  • cmfcmf
    Posts: 10
    Hey Artform.

    Thank you. I like to write! I feel the more descriptive one can be, the more helpful and captivating you get your reader into the story. I will write some more onto the blogs and get involved with the community. Been busy with college finals and work the last couple of weeks. The stories and sharing is what took my notice. It is good that the company has this for their customers, unlike any of those other brands.
    I am actually a newbie to this. When I was younger you here your buddies or the other guys talk about this kind of play. Some of the girls like to get into this action when going down too. I for some reason was scared to do anything like this. But as time goes on, attitudes have changed, and so much information is out there now through health magazines for men and the internet. I read about the "men's g-spot" in a health magazine for men, a few years ago. So I tried the "external" form of messaging when I was in the shower, and "Holy Cow!", it felt so damn good. I for some reason just never liked the idea of "internal mode" of p-spot message. I think maybe some of us grow up with the stereo types of "taboos" as I did, and just couldn't do it. Then one day...., I had been having some health issues and was looking up prostate health on the computer. By some universal force, the Aneros website popped up. At first I was like, "What the heck?" For some reason, I kept reading on and on, testimony after testimony. I found alot of commonality with many of the guys on here. My fear subsided. As I mentioned, stupid me bought the generic one first. But it was a learning tool so to speak. I am glad my mistake and frustration with the generic brand led me to buy the Progasm. I try to use the Progasm at least a couple times a week. I think maybe, in the beginning I was apprehensive @ 1st. That is why I drank a couple of drinks to relax me. But I am glad to say, I have been having a good time without the drinks lately. Thank you for the advice. I believe in what you told me too. I try to eat well, take protein supplements, and go to the gym.. I think your physical health as well as mental health all come into play when using the Aneros and its success. This all is vital in the re-wiring process. I have had the most intense "O's" and "Super O's", during sexual activity or just with the Progasm itself. I will write about these too, soon. I also want to try the Eupho and Helix soon as well. I will write on those experiences too.

    Thanks for the feedback! That makes us Newbies to the community feel welcome and part of the site. I appreciate it. I will keep you posted about the above.
  • sunnysunny
    Posts: 3
    At the moment the progasm is favourite - sending me to orgasmic pleasures never experienced before.

    Having said that, once the helix or the eupho get going - wow

    Not only is the progasm fuller in circumfrance it reaches a bit deeper and I modded the K Tab it now bends down about 45 degrees instead of 90
  • RaygolfRaygolf
    Posts: 4
    Well on my side I bought them all !

    I just change once and a while. My oreference are for maximus, progasm, mgx, eupho, helix

    Seems to me that my anatomy ask for a slightly longer tool.

    could be in my perception also...
  • buttfunbuttfun
    Posts: 60
    [QUOTE=bbarlow;88706]Has anyone else had better experiences with the Progasm than with the Helix?


    I've had good experiences with it, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was "better", just different. I switch it up between a few models depending on my mood.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again cmf and sunny!!

    cmf, you are most welcome and further congratulations on your progress!!

    sunny, great hearing about your model preferences!

    Welcome both and buttfun to this great community and the Aneros journey!!! :D :D :D

    RT, je suis aussi un Canuck! Where are you? Montréal? All the models, WOW!! When did you begin your Aneros journey? Where are you on that trail now? You like the bigger models. Have you enjoyed previous anal play?

    BF, you too seem quite experienced. How would you answer the above questions?

    all the best aneros journeying all and in all answers to all of the above all