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Question from a Newbie Gay Male
  • Newbie here, getting ready to order my first Aneros. I've read many of the posts at the forums, have researched the website, and visited the WIKI site. I have a question for other gay males here.
    I am a versatile/bottom, monogamously partnered. My partner is somewhat above average in size, so I am no stranger to anal pleasure and can accommodate his size with no problem. Therefore, I'm thinking that perhaps one of the larger sized Aneros may be more appropriate for me, but I'm interested in hearing of experiences from other gay males, and specifically bottoms, if there are any here. I do understand and acknowledge that there are some differences to be encountered, the Aneros versus anal sex, and even though my partner hits my g-spot frequently, I'm looking to see what the experience will be like with the Aneros. Was thinking of ordering the Progasm or Maximus, but also realise that with the Aneros, size may not matter :-) . Any thoughts from other gay guys?
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    [QUOTE=midnightvoice;88725]Any thoughts from other gay guys?

    I've no comments on the size. I've got an MGX but as my partner and I aren't into anal sex I can't really use it as a comparison. The big thing that I've found with the Aneros is that it is good when I am with my partner. Although I am the only one to use it we both enjoy it and I enjoy his ministrations far more when I've got the Aneros in. Whatever you finally decide to buy have fun with it :)
  • carjockcarjock
    Posts: 14
    Welcome to the group. I am like your self. Partnered, versatile bottom. I size has never been an issue. I own a MGX and a Progasm. Its only been a couple of months on my journey. I am forcing myself to learn and rewire using the MGX. I have noticed over the past couple of weeks I am getting better results with the MGX. I want to learn the subtle pleasures of the smaller device before moving on the Progasm.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi midnightvoice and Welcome to this community!! :D :D And Hi again mrkpnh and carjock!!!

    My past 50 years of solo prostate massage and anal stimulation included a full homosexual exploration relationship over more than two years with close male friend in my late teens. In that, due to his uncertainties, I was the versatile/bottom, since I had been practising the anal prostate massages for about four year before we began. During my solo massaging after that exploratory relationship ended, I tried many different objects and a variety of sizes. I was essentially masturbating, butt with periods of no penile stim, focusing on prostate stim, then ending with both stims going to fantastic Super-T conclusions!! :D

    Over time I found that I developed a preference due to better results with smaller diameter, and shorter objects, actually all very close to finger (mine are longer than most) or Aneros length sizes. Perhaps that explains why Eupho is far and away my favourite model. Far and away to Super-Os of all sorts and Above and Beyond!!!

    Although my Progasm Ice is next most favoured, it is more like my earlier practice and often throws the switch for an ejaculatory orgasm, with a clutch of Super-Os before that if I keep relaxed. I am now very close to hands-free wet orgasms. For a new practioner, this could be a distraction and delaying the rewiring we all here want to achieve the dry multiple Super-Os and Beyond.

    Carjock, IMHO, you are very wise taking the path of the smaller Aneros models like the venerable and guaranteed MGX. That was my exclusive model for my first nine months of Aneros journeying. Sorry, as a straight-bi to butt in! I do have versatile/bottom (although flip-flop was my actual preference then) way back on my resumé, as well as Aneros adept over the last two of three plus years here.

    Midnightvoice, you can find more bottom males who have posted in the Male Sexual Orientation Here Poll:

    You might want to send those a PM with your question too for further possible responses. All the best with your journey here!

    all the best rewiring opportunities for the sought after dry multiples and all the other possibilities once you have that fully embodied within all

  • Hey mrkpnh, carjock, and artform...thanks for your replies, and especially artform for your insight. I'm still reading the posts here, the various discussions, and polls and have decided that the MGX will probably be my first purchase, seems like that's a good starting point.