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sleeping with the aneros brought about wild dreams
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I am once again sitting on one of the many plateaus that are on the journey to my super O. Over the years I seem to get to a stage and then sit there for several sessions before taking the next baby step along the way. While I am happy to take the next step and to be there for a while, eventually I get a bit frustrated in waiting for the next step to happen.
    Last night I had an interesting experience that I don't really consider a step forward, but none the less it was a different experience for me.
    I was using the peridise while having sex with my wife. when we were done, I just fell asleep without taking the peridise out. sometimes I do that and sometimes I don't. I have never really had any big deal happen to me while sleeping with the aneros inserted, and I have tried it several times with all models, even the progasm.
    Sometime during the night, I had a major contraction while dreaming I was having a rather exotic sexual romp with some hot chick. It woke me up with a start and I know I moaned out loud. THis went on for a couple minutes and then it was gone.
    I just wonder if the aneros is what brought about the dream or did the dream kick start the aneros?
    I don't expect any insightful response to this but just wanted to share a fun experience for me and something different along my journey
  • OptimusOptimus
    Posts: 25
    It seems obvious from reading aneros users' experiences, that getting into a different brainwave state (e.g. meditation, sleep) can trigger these sorts of things. I'm only at the start of the experience (9 sessions) and haven't had any amazing experiences yet, but ... I did notice that when I feel asleep for a short time with the aneros in, I awoke with an amazing feeling of pleasure waves radiating outward from my anus. Didn't recall a specific dream associated with this, though. I'm thinking that I should try more deliberate attempts to meditate, or fall into light sleep, while aneros is in, to see what happens.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    I agree with Optimus. I think you had a mini-O. You were totally relaxed in a dream state and had some erotic thoughts. This triggered the aneros and your body took over and it started to contract involuntarily. When the pleasure became too intense you woke up while the aneros was working on you. Once you were awake you possibility tried to analyze what you were feeling or tensed up or contracted trying to keep the sensations going and the feeling floated away. I think this is progress! :)