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It's not for me.
  • GhettygreenGhettygreen
    Posts: 28
    After spending hundres of hours with this piece of plastic shoved up my ass i've decided to call it quits.

    Over 2 months of basically every day use i have gotten no where.

    If i want a great orgasm i guess ill fuck my fleshlight.

    I think maybe i was born with a fucked up prostate or something because it has zero feeling at all when i touch it. =[

    Oh well. One good thing about the aneros is that it gave me something to look forward to. Ive been injured and laid off from work for like 4 months now and i just sit around home bored as fuck so aneros kinda gave me hope something good would come.

    I wanna thank you all for trying to help me along the way.

    And i wish all of you some awesome orgasms in your future!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey Gg! :O!

    After all that "every day use" you are right to take a vacation!!! It is too easy to numb the prostate during early awakening. The body, IMHO, does much better rewiring given a day or two off between sessions. "Zero feeling" while being touched is common with some men for weeks or months before the right very light unassisted aneros type light gentle massage may start to evoke the first subtle feelings there.

    Check the heroic Grinders Group here. Several are in the midst of breakthroughs after many months or years. So by all means give yourself, your frustrations and your prostate a quiet vacation. Months if you like...

    Butt, NEVER GIVE UP, in the wise words of ArcticWolves! Maybe take up a form of deep meditation, or gentle yoga and relaxation techniques. At some point, with all other factors in your life, your prostate ecstasies time too will cum...

    Transformations like the Aneros Experience don't necessarily cum right out of the box for all; they are whole life, whole body/mind reintegrative life changing events. They need a number of your life factors to align. You can get there when that is possible.

    all the very best to you through this onging process called life all

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Ghetty, I've used the aneros on and off for almost two years now. Sometimes a month between uses. This last month I am finally starting to progress. I agree with Artform, it's time you took an aneros vacation! :)
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Absolutely right, brothers Artform and Bishop.

    Man Gg, you do need break. Put your Aneros away for a week or two. Then give it a go again. Remember, trying too hard is an absolute no-win deal. You cannot force this little gismo to work.

    Second, you don't tell us which model you're using. If it's been an MGX all this time, I can imagine why its not working for you. Purchase a Helix or Maximus for yourself. A change in length, shape and girth may be all you need. Seriously.

    Good luck,and don't give up. It's worth it. FWIW, your two months is simply not enough time. As many here will attest, it often takes a long time...much longer than we'd rewire yourself. Don't give up. Don't give up.

  • ArcticWolvesArcticWolves
    Posts: 286
    Hey Ghetty, sorry to hear about your frustrations. Believe it or not you have gone through a TON of changes they just are not as noticeable as one would like. You have opened your mind up to the possibility of this whole phenomena. That in and of itself is a remarkable jump from other new users who try to "achieve results." In all honesty, you definitely deserve to take this break from the aneros. I myself would not even consider using my aneros everyday. As artform has said it just numbs the prostate because you are not giving yourself enough time to rest in between sessions. It is very easy to get caught up into reading everything and trying all those suggestions out but this can lead to the dark side.

    :P hahaha i just had to say that :D - USE THE FORCE!! lmfao (someone has been watching a little too much star wars) :P :D

    Seriously, give yourself a well needed break and come back when you are ready to take the journey to ecstasy again. :) You have done the hardest part though of opening your mind up and that deserves a GREAT JOB!!!

    Now take that open mind and see how much it has changed your inner being and self in your everyday life. Not only has the aneros helped you in opening your mind up to the many possibilities of pleasure it provides but it has helped you in the recovering process of your injury. It has taught you how to NEVER GIVE UP!

    The thing that is so nice about the aneros is you can take a break whenever you like and it will be waiting for you if and when you decide to come back. The same is with this community. We will all be here awaiting your return. Happy Vacations!! :)
  • GhettygreenGhettygreen
    Posts: 28
    great posts guys. i will indeed take a break from it.

    i havent used it in a few days, should i give it a week?

    and can you feel the effects of the aneros if you masturbated the previous day or do you wanna hold off for a few days before using aneros?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I agree with everything that has been said by all the Senior Members above. Note that they have accumulated tons of experience and wisdom over the years.

    It's my belief that a good Aneros session requires a degree of anticipation and a build up of sexual tension.

    For that to occur, I would suggest you abstain from all kinds of sexual activity for a while. We don't know your age or what your normal level of libido is, but my bet would be that you should not touch the Aneros for at least a couple of weeks, and try to leave your dick alone as well for a week if you can, during the second week of your Aneros abstinence.

    Good luck!

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    And I agree with the wise words of Senior Member Pommie above!! :D :D

    Pommie, the wisdom of your posts is much appreciated. Great to see you more active in the Forum!

    Gg, I would give yourself more time off, at least a month, given your recent history, and do not masturbate or even casual penile stim for at least four days before any aneros session. In addition don't masturbate finishing a session. That was the hardest thing for me! (Certainly not my cock [ED]!) And further do not masturbate in the two days following a dry aneros session! Unless you are Mr. Natural at this, this last element can make a very important difference. Tough sentence I know buddy, butt you want results, right!

    Once your body can separate the orgasmic from the ejaculatory, then you can mix and match as you like. Apropos your second comment Pommie, about " up of sexual tension", certainly that is normally and initially the case. However, apropos ArcticWolves sly jest about "USE THE FORCE", as I have commented in earlier threads, nothing in this practice can be forced, and attempting force is the surest way to failure. Period!

    Nevertheless, once one can sense and befriend these orgasmic energies, one can then gently intend whenever one wants to call them up respectfully: one of the great delightful ironies of this extended energies focus with this multiple male orgasms practice. Thanks AW!! :D :D

    may the energies be with you all

  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    got to agree every day is way too much i would say once a week in the beggining also minimum two hours its just like traditional masturbation do it too much and it loses its appeal abstain for a while and its fireworks plus even if it does not give you super-o's it will build up your pc muscles which can improve penis rigidity and i noticed a slight increase in lengh and girth no bs then you might get a surprize one day with a super-o
  • Free-RideFree-Ride
    Posts: 4
    hi ghett green, not sure if youve still given up on the idea but just to say, i bought this a year ago and thought id be a quick learner. I was pretty open to the idea and didnt really have any pre concieved hang ups. just keen to try. well Ive been using it on and off for about 9 months and its only now that im kinda understanding the whole idea. So yeah im not there yet but at the same time im def onto something. Read the blog "penis Not" which sums things up really well. Ive realised a major thing is that you have to build on what sexual tension you have , and that basicly means not ejaculating at the end of a session. if you can avoid this then you maintain the sexual tension you have and take it to the next time. Then using that tension without becoming impatient> easier said than done. I guess the main point is that probably like me you thought it was gonna be out the packet then wham, but its not. ... The first 4/5/6 months for me where pretty dull but once you realise the importance of you mind and you guide things, then it seems you start making progress. Anyway good luck !! Read the penis not blog.... !!!!