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Question about Aneros and taller people
  • jkrossjkross
    Posts: 1
    hi, i've had the aneros for almost a year now. I've been using it and trying different positions etc to try and get some results. The only way i was even remotely able to get the contrattions to become semi-auto matic was when i sat down on the toilet with it in. Even then it took quite some time to acheaive that. My question is this, would a person who's over 6' tall have problems with the MGX Classic actually hitting the right spot? I've read all the techniques and ideas on here and trust me, i've tried them all and am starting to become annoyed and wondering if i wasted my money. I purchased it from the web site, but its been so long i doubt i will be able to return it for a refund. I was really trying to give it my all out best efforts.

    Has anyone any input or ideas that have worked for them? I read somewhere about people cutting the handle off of the Aneros, and that this greatly improved their experience. Just looking for some feedback and ideas. I will check back here as often as i can, but feel free to contact me/reply via email at [email][/email]

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Also meant to say, that im wondering if in taller people this may be too short, or hell, i dont know, maybe its too long, to hit the right spot? I know each persons anatomy isnt going to be exactly the same, so im just wondering if anyone else has wondered the same or maybe come to a conclusion/solution. I really dont want to give up, but i mean its been almost a year to the day now and im pretty frustrated lol.

    Thanks again,
  • Alex GAlex G
    Posts: 12
    Hi I'm a pretty tall guy, about 6 foot 9. I initially had the same concerns you have, but have stuck with it and am now able to have really good sessions. I feel like every time I get a bit closer to going over the edge, but am able to finish with a very nice traditional orgasm after an hour and a half or so. I don't believe your height affects the prostate location at all.

    One thing I've found really helps me is to read erotica or watch porn. Nowadays I prefer to just read on my Palm. It helps keep your mind focused and not wander into non-sexual areas. :)