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Erection frequency
  • View Poll Results: Frequency of erection during use? Edit Voters: 454

    You may not vote on this poll

    100% of time 59 13.00%

    90-99% 19 4.19%

    70-89% 33 7.27%

    50-79% 48 10.57%

    30-49% 62 13.66%

    10-29% 66 14.54%

    UP to 10% 86 18.94%

    NEVER 81 17.84%

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    Posts: 0
    Some say they have erections throughout and others remain flaccid. What is your "normal" frequency of erection during use?
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i tend to be flacid and can find it difficult to get hard with device inserted
  • mclacjmclacj
    Posts: 12
    I voted 100% as i always have one or two erections regardless of achieving orgasm.
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    I went for "never". I suffer from ED but, even if I take a Viagra before I start I don't get hard with the Aneros.
  • Tends to vary. Some sessions I will remain flaccid or get a semi, others i'll get an erection at various times during the session.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Aneros Journey sessions: Good 'mood-builder' before the session usually starts me off with a good chubby which briefly comes to attention during insertion. As I build arousal, my prostate engorges and I wilt to flaccid (like there's only a limited amount of blood to go around). I checked the "up to 10%" box.

    Foreplay use (SGX): With advanced ED (some venous leakage from blood thinners), there's a Trimix syringe handy. During extended foreplay I vary from soft chubby to temporarily penetrable depending on what my mate and I are doing. I can " goose" myself with the SGX to get penetrable. I'm vulnerable to PE while in this mode so penetrate only briefly and usually wilt. Prior to extended penetration and thrusting, 15 units of Trimix will "lock me up" for a couple of hours of play and penetration. Being flaccid during heavy foreplay seemed strange at first but it's really neat. :)
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Good to see men beginning to respond more to ohmy06's pivotal question!! :D :D

    Great description of the general phenomenon rook, with your particular context conditions and treatments! As you said: "Being flaccid during heavy foreplay seemed strange at first but it's really neat. :)" The great thing is that if you and your partner can do the energies exchanging while in penile/vaginal contact, the flaccid to semi state can cycle and the energies, rather than any drive toward ejaculation, take over and both partners are deeply satisfied in a new and truly wonderful way.

    See my blogs' series of posts on "the joys of soft penis sex": Aneros

    I too have ED, mine induced by a whole class of cardiac drug that I must take. When I first started with Aneros, my MGX would have the same effect you get rook. Then, as my practice began to focus on the energies ahead of any penile response toward ejac, that effect gradually diminished to non-existent for me, and I didn't bother trying anymore.

    More recently, mrs. a and I have sought times of more flexibility than our favourite penile/vaginal position the Scissors, which is by far the best for having your female partner able to easily finger your prostate while having semi/soft/cycling penile intercourse. It has been during the last three years of this primary position that I found "the switch" to enable me to enjoy whatever desired flows of Super-Os in many forms, and then "intend" switch deliberately mentally to have my prostate go for the prostate-induced ejaculatory orgasm Super-T to hoot and holler finish of the session we both love so well! All of this with a semi to completely flaccid penis. Erections do not have to matter at all, even though I always enjoy it when I can.

    With this recent interest in more flexibility, we have either begun, or during a session, adding my Ice in! It has given us a new quickie, as well as holding on longer if desired. Sometimes that feels like a highly charged mental race to see when the ejac response will trigger, and/or, then become absolutely irresistible! :D

    all the joyous choice of sex and bioenergetic energies ecstasies separated as a skill then mixed and matched as your palate is pleased all

  • I have yet to produce a full erection. There has been some somewhat hardening and tingling (like it wants to) but, nothing yet. I'm still in the exploration portion of my journey so I don't have a lot of experience but wanted to reply anyway. Maybe it will encourage other newbies to participate in this forum

  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Im never hard during an aneros session, which to me makes sense since your not stimulating your penis in anyway. I guess fantasizing during a session could certainly rouse an erection but Ive never had it happen. At first I was worried, kinda of thought maybe you needed to be hard, but I soon found it wasn't important at all.
  • I'm a very visual person.. i let my imagination go.. I feel the aneros glide in.. the pressure on my Prostate gland... i take a deep breath and contract my deep pelvic floor.. and instantly i bone up hard... is that a good or bad thing?
  • For the vast majority of the time, my penis typically remains partially engorged, probably around 60-70% of a full erection.
  • I'd say I'm semi-erect most of the time. Occasionally I get hard, but that usually only lasts for a minute or two. The erections usually happen during Super O's.
  • I find it very difficult to get an erection with the Helix inserted. I am glad to see it's not just me. The sensations are great, just without an erection.
  • I can be hard but as soon as i insert i loose my erection , so i checked never. I am pleased to find out i am not the only one this happens to.
  • I am a newby and was surprises the first time I used it with my wife. I was fully erect and looking for a super time and then I noticed I could not keep a hard erection. Sort of threw me at first. I am glad I am not alone. Since then I have not used it when both of us are together. After reading in the Forum though, maybe there is more to explore.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I am only occasionally erect during Aneros sessions. The prostate experience has little to do with penile arousal. It is a different orgasmic experience entirely.
  • New user, only 6 sessions so far (hard to find private time....). "Best" I'm able to achieve is about 20% full erection. If I start with one, the Aneros kills it. If I start flaccid, then the semi-chubby is all I can get, for which I'm actually grateful; I find that concentrating on the penis overwhelms the more subtle prostate sensations. But, as I said, it's still *very* early in my personal journey.
  • This is weird seeing most people dont hold erections long , Im new to this have only had mine for a month, I seem to keep a fairly big erection for a lot of the time, I voted 50-69% but then again im still faily young only being 22 years old :)
  • ok so last night i experienced a few new things one being how much my prostate engorged itself which then lead to me being flacid most of the time lol makes a change :) was also light headed after the session for about 10 mintues wich was also different for me
  • js3802js3802
    Posts: 11
    I usually get erections when I ride. They come and go throughout the session. When I get one, my cock becomes SO engorged and hard that it almost hurts, but in a very good way! Love it!
  • For me they come and go.  Usually always at beginning, but the majority of the time I have a semi.  Doesn't seem to effect my level of precum whether I'm hard or soft.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 251
    At first not often, but now I often bone up rock solid to a point where it feels like I'm doing dry ejaculations from a supposed mini-o.

    I think it's actually a distraction, and steals a lot of the sensations away from the body. I'm trying to practice on breathing technique to overcome boner overload.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    For me, the getting erect bit is the best. Every little muscle twitch causes more erection which in turn creates more twitching until I'm hard. Then I have numerous pulsing twitches which go on for a few minutes. I loose concentration for a few minutes and I loose the erection. So I begin again. I do get a small amount of precum but very little indeed. To me that is a measure of the intensity of the feelings. When I'm really hard, I feel as if I am in an orgasmic trance for a few minutes.
  • I voted 90-99%.My erection starts when I lube up and can last 1-2 hours.

    Once in a while I will lose it after a long session where there was lots of pre cum.My penis gets longer and harder than it had ever been before I started using Aneros.

  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    There might be a problem?

    I have mentioned erections before and I just love this aspect of my Aneros sessions. The sense of dry orgasm going on and on for minutes at a time with each "squirt" feeling as if I am coming and coming is too good to be true.
    But it is.?
    There could be a problem here for me in that if this is my goal each time, I may be putting off the experience of Super Os. I feel that my rewiring may have stopped there. There must be another level but I can't seem to know which way to turn. Should I try to forget erections ( so hard to resist) and head on without that much desired pleasure and strive to seek another path? Or is it possible that these dry orgasms will sometime lead to the elusive Super O.? I would welcome anyone's experience of this. Thanks.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @tomasheen are they dry now? Coming from someone whose best experience is a p-wave, I would image if its not a wet orgasm, you are on the right path? As long as you aren't feeling the refractory period I thought you were doing good!
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Thank you MMO RPGS. No they are dry. A tiny amount of precum at the end but that's it. My worry is about the possibility of coming to a stop in the rewiring process and going off in the wrong direction. You mentioned your p -waves. Well I was there too but as time went by, I moved on to bigger and better p-waves to mini orgasms etc. I think you are on the right path. Many more joyous sessions may you have . I hope you keep getting higher and higher in your quest for this wonderful pleasurable sense of wellbeing
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @tomasheen I'm just a little confused why you think your dry-o's wouldn't be on the same path as the super-o. Either way! Keep enjoying the orgasms we already have!;)
  • Newbie user but so far (after about 6 weeks of exploring I tend to be on the flaccid side going in. Once in my wife has learned how to "play" it and me. A slow grow that ends up very engorged.  We haven't done any measuring but she claims it's bigger than she's seen before. Pleasantly surprised is all I can say.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I go super hard as my first O hits and then as subsequent O's come (I usually have about 10 or so over about a 25 minute period of time at which point they subside and my session ends) I harden with the O's and soften during the interval in between, with degree of hardness becoming gradually less with each subsequent O until toward the end the O's come while almost fully flaccid.
  • sublevelsublevel
    Posts: 14
    got something similar to that, i taught i was gonna explode, big orgasm coming, when i look , i was flacid but it felt i was  very erect and excitted (penis excitemenent)
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Strange business this! It's all to do with the rewiring. It takes time but it does happen. My sessions are so different from when I started four and a half years ago. Sometimes as you have said, you think you are hard and about to have a big orgasm but actually you are just flaccid. I think that the penis is not the be all and end all of the sensations. It responds to the sensations from the prostate and in turn, touching the penis can stimulate the prostate. One other fascinating observation for me is that the aneros use has brought many sensations back from the dead. My glans is now fully recovered in its ability to stoke up the must intense erection sensations , edging has become a delightful renewal and my whole genital region is stirred by even thinking about them. Even when I am driving, if I begin to ponder on my prostate, I start to erect and have to watch out! I'm so pleased I met the Aneros people and the wonderful invention.
  • J2_0J2_0
    Posts: 23
    As I posted regarding "Woman's question about flacid penis during aneros use"

    Regarding a flaccid penis during Aneros use and pegging; it stands to reason with all of the blood flow directed to the prostate, it is understandable that there would not be enough blood pressure to support an erection. The Pro-Dom I have played with says that is correct based on her experience, and frankly I trust her experience. She also said unless you manually stimulate the penis typically, not always the guy will be flaccid.
  • ltgltg
    Posts: 36

    I often get a quick erection when I insert my Helix, but flaccid most of the remaining time.

    But I often get a hard erection usually the first time I go into an intense Dry/Super-O, especially when I have deep thrusting feelings.  After the first time, it's 50%-50%, and I've had all the same intense feelings while totally flaccid (which still amazes me by the way.)