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  • Hi Guy's
    OH MY GOD.....I am in total disbelief right now.....words cannot describe how I feel....I received my aneros 2 days ago and tried it 2-3 times....and it felt like something was going to happen but did'nt, although it felt good....Then today, I had it in me for about 1 hour and I really cannot bring myself to words....I had an orgasm that was so beautiful....without touching my penis.....Generally I am skeptic to these devices claiming so much.....It was a feeling I will never forget and I know I will have plenty more....but I had to stop to go to work.....Oh My God....I would never beleive this and I'm sorry for sounding redondant but this is SOOOOOOO COOOOOL..... so very cool. I don't think it was the super O that i've heard about....this lasted an incredible 25 or so seconds at peak.....If you are on the fence about getting this....don't be.

    This forum is so great for guy's to open up to their experiences...It's rare that straight guy's and or gay talk on this open level....I look forward to sharing my experiences and I still cannot beleive a guy can have an anal orgasm...I love it.

    Bye for now,

  • Jason MJason M
    Posts: 24
    i to had a great feeling it was gonna become the super o but it subsided
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Sean (mentonesand) and Jason (Jason M)!! :D :D

    Welcome to the experiences and skill development opportunities of a lifetime, and to this great community, as you say Sean! It is wonderful and wonderfilling that you both have had powerful early responses. Nevertheless, patience and relaxed openness are the key always as you listen for whatever your body/mind might do with this awakening of your prostate.

    Have either of you had any previous anal experiences? Care to introduce your self; age, general location, partnered?, orientation, etc. No pressure, only as far as you feel comfortable.
    Be sure to explore all the resources here, including the Wiki, see Rumel's blog for a great introductory advice post, and try finding answers to your questions too using the site Search function. Join in on the Chats every other weekend too to ask questions and report interesting phenomena you are experiencing. All the best to you both as your individual unique journeys here unfold.

    all the best journeying, experiencing and celebrating all

  • GhettygreenGhettygreen
    Posts: 28
    lucky guy broski

    ive tried over 50 aneros sessions and invested over 300 hours into it but nothing yet =[
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Ghettygreen Grinder, join that group and follow the adventures and advice of those who do break through after months or years man!!!

    Await the Aneros 3G model.

    your friend