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Handsfree wet orgasm!!!
  • animerosanimeros
    Posts: 12
    Hello aneros friends, i have my MGX since November 2009 and have not achieved any Super-Os yet. In the past few months i have been experiencing great sensations, and building my own way to Super-O, i think im doing it better by the time. I dont know why, but i got 2 handsfree wet orgasms using my aneros. Both times, i discover my own belly full of cum, i was having wild involuntaries and getting pleasure then a second later i was cumming. I would like to know if someone there have experienced this, and if its normal or not...
    Thank you for your support and for this great forum, and sorry about my english, im trying to explain it good, but i dont know if i have done it, i hope yes, thank you again, see you!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Yes. HFO's (wet) do happen and I've had perhaps six. Since dry-O is the main objective in rewiring, these are a bit of a nuisance although last year I tried to generate them--succeeding twice. Finally I got the idea that I wasn't doing my journey any favors with the wet HFO so now try to avoid them. (I'm still not solidly rewired so the brain sometimes gets confused about where to send the messages.)

    Last one was during a great session when I tried some lip-stim with the seam of a pillowcase. Thought I was in a definite dry mini-O but had slowly oozed a full load of semen without any pulsing. Promptly fell into refractory and that was a session killer.
  • animerosanimeros
    Posts: 12
    Thank you for your reply rook, im happy to know that im not alone, but i have a doubt. How can i avoid those HFOs? Stopping contractions? Focusing on prostate sensations? When i got the HFOs i was focusing on prostate sensations, at least i was trying. How can i rewire myself? There is any metod to do it? or simply i have to focus and try?
    Thank you again and happy Os!
  • addictedaddicted
    Posts: 13
    I have the same problem. Usually after 10-15 minutes after insertion of the Helix, and a few contractions, my body starts to shake and after few seconds I start to ejaculate and that is the end of the session. :( Anybody please give me advice how to avoid this hands free ejaculations.
  • MaverickMaverick
    Posts: 2
    I had the same problem. I solved it by relaxing and stopping voluntary contractions when i feel very close. The session resumes afterward with no ejaculation and repeat as needed. Hope this helps.
  • steveg2611steveg2611
    Posts: 35
    Hi guys. Maverick is right. Take deep breaths. Try and relax as much as you can, back off on the voluntary contractions, but don't fight the involuntary ones. Give it some time. Your body is adjusting to something new and exciting. This in itself can be very intense and trigger uncontrollable orgasms and cumming. Also, who says you can't enjoy an orgasm with ejaculation? It takes time to rewire. Besides, you may want to cum and cum hard... feels good... and another time, hold back and let the waves build. No 2 guys are alike, so don't box yourself in expecting it to be right or wrong because of someone else's experiences... Make them yours and unique to you.